Preview: AdultCon #27 in Downtown Los Angeles

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Events, Hot Women, Los Angeles
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The semi-annual AdultCon returns for its 27th run at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend. Taking place twice a year here, visitors to this expo will find all forms of adult entertainment here, from professional stars to amateurs to aspiring models to strippers to webcam models and much more. This expo allows guests to purchase adult entertainment paraphernalia, meet & take photos with porn stars, browse accessories, and more. For those less interested in the adult entertainment industry, AdultCon also features vendors and speakers geared towards couples and sexuality, as to not make this an event that only men would attend. New for this weekend, AdultCon will start on Friday evening, meaning that this weekend’s event will last three days instead of two like in the past. Contrary to common belief, live nudity does not occur at these types of expos – in fact, besides the merchandise, I would rate these expos as PG. No model or star ever reveals anything in person, so attendees wanting to see anything explicit can only look at merchandise or monitors/screens around the expo hall showing videos.

Having attended similar expos in the past, such as the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) that took place earlier this year in Las Vegas, I can provide some comments about AdultCon. As far as simlar expos go, AdultCon exists as one of the smaller ones. The adult entertainment industry has all but left Southern California ever since the passing of Measure B in 2012 that required the use of condoms during the shooting of adult films, including amateur/home videos. The state of California almost dug itself a deeper hole this past November when it almost passed Prop 60 that would basically extend Measure B to the entire state. Each measure would also require posting a public health permit & notice to performers about to engage in such acts. Apparently, monthly testing of all performers does not satisfy politicians enough that they would need these propositions/measures passed. With California’s hostility towards the industry, other states have more than welcomed the larger expos, such as eXXXotica and the aforementioned AEE.

Anyways, I know why most of you guys visited this page: gratuitous photos! However, as I lack photos from AdultCon, enjoy these photos from AEE instead.


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