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Ever participate in a flash mob? No, not the kind of flash mob where everyone breaks out in dance. I speak of the infamous pillow fight flash mob. World Pillow Fight Day takes place every year on the first Saturday of April, where communities around the world gather to unleash a fray of feather-fueled frenzy on unsuspecting combatants. Due to the unorganized nature of a flash mob, no one can control what occurs, so anyone can join in, yet anything goes. One will encounter solo pillow fighters, pillow fighter parties, and specific pillow fighter “targets” dressed in costume. Throughout the melee, someone may call out a target, prompting anyone nearby to all focus on that particular pillow fighter. While many people brought cotton pillows, the few that brought feather pillows made the pillow fight much more interesting. Of course, this also caused some breathing issues as the air filled with dust and feathers. Regardless, everyone had a great time, and despite the location, the event did not see any troublemakers.