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Legendary hardcore punk band MDC currently tours throughout the US and Australia, and that tour came through Southern California this past weekend, and will return again next week. As one of the most influential hardcore punk bands from the early 1980’s, MDC helped pave the way for today’s hardcore punk, thrash, and metal bands. Not only has their lineup changed drastically since inception, but the MDC acronym has changed throughout time too. You can bet that their ability to rock has not changed, as they show no signs that age will get them down with this intense and barbaric show in a tiny venue.

Local punk band Vindictive opened the night to an already packed house. For most of their set, their vocalist sounded muffled through the mic, so I could not hear them at their clearest. This did not stop the pit from already starting. As an all-ages show, the kids came out in full force this early, starting the pit and dragging the crowd into it with them. Vindictive’s hardcore sound fueled the pit’s momentum quite nicely, setting a positive pace for the rest of the night.

LA thrash punk band SMD joined us on stage next. Now with the real heavy music starting to settle in, the crowd all gathered as tightly as possible around the stage. Does anyone know what SMD stands for? They never revealed it that night, but true fans may know its true meaning. They may even follow the MDC model by altering the acronym over time. With the night turning into more of a metal show with each band, the crowd would eventually shift towards the metal side, with all the punk kids gradually leaving and the metalhead adults coming forward.

For an out-of-town band, Worthless Eaters sure put up a good show. This grindcore band from Portland, Oregon truly delivered a typical death metal sound, with the altered screaming and incessant instrumentals. As the punk kids dispersed from the pit, Worthless Eaters tested the true wherewithal of the crowd to see if they can handle the physicality of a metal pit. Although I give props to the regular people in the pit, they did not stand a chance against bigger guys. This weeding out of the weak from the strong benefited everyone by forming a tougher pit wall of people.

Another out-of-town band, Wartorn, got more involved with the crowd by performing practically in the pit. This hardcore crust punk band from Wisconsin utilized two different vocals for layers of lyrics. Combining styles from Poison The Well and Curl Up And Die, the lead vocalist provided the audible lyrics, while a guitarist at the back provided the death metal voice. Wartorn does a stellar job at blending different styles of music to create their own sound, so check them out while they still tour. And yes, they do have a female bassist.

The death metal sound would start to calm down once Opposition Rising set up on stage. Comprised of former members of hardcore punk band Toxic Narcotic, Opposition Rising badly wanted the entire room to rise up and destroy everything. By sending the pit to the back of the room, they aimed to generate a venue-wide pit, rather than the small area in front of the stage. Whether or not the crowd jumped into the pit, Opposition Rising still delivered a killer set with their politically charged messages and furious bouts of anger. They set the room up perfectly for the headlining band coming up next.

Leaving nothing behind, MDC stomped onto the stage to a tense and eager crowd. Famously known as Millions of Dead Cops, MDC now runs under the acronym Multi-Death Corporation, as MDC changes the acronym’s meaning with every new album release. Instead of dealing with greetings and introductions, MDC preferred to jump straight into the music, as they brought a long set list to go through. MDC did not even follow the set list straight through – they jumped around the set list, leaving everyone guessing the next song. MDC also managed to finish what Opposition Rising started with a venue-wide mosh pit. As a punk show with lots of metalheads, this pit lies far from the average punk show pit, as this pit involved lots of fists and elbows. One guy left halfway through the set with a blood-covered face. He eventually returned to the pit, as he simply did not want to miss out on the legend known as MDC.

Miss this MDC show? You can catch them again next week at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach. Pay close attention to Alex’s Bar next week, as they have three consecutive days of punk rock there.