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Thanks to the internet, anyone can find virtually anything on the internet, whether obtained legitimately or pirated. As time passes, security of content authenticity strengthens, diminishing the abundance of pirated content. Once a person leaves digital footprints, their digital tracks can be picked up maliciously by others for their own self-gain. This occurs in every industry – business or personal. Big businesses can capitalize on closed or small businesses by absorbing or out-marketing them. The same thing can happen personally, which is what this post will discuss.

This all started on the afternoon of Friday, August 3rd, 2012. During my lunch break, I spotted a long series of tweets from Emma Ink. She tends to have moments where she sends multiple tweets on a subject in a short amount of time, but this time the series began with a retweet from Paige Paine that I recall spotting the night prior. A website called Viola Girls had been selling Emma’s content without her permission, and Emma began to rant against the guy behind the website. The guy had previously insulted Paige whom he has stolen content from, and then when confronted by Emma, instead of handling this ordeal professionally, he blocked Emma. Within minutes, many of Emma’s followers began to join the feud against him, which caused him to shut down his website and Twitter, while he retreated to his personal Twitter. Paige eventually found him, and Emma took the fight directly to him, where he attempted to blackmail Emma by claiming to have her address. A bit more research from Emma showed that the guy is now trying to liquidate all of the stolen content to other sites. By now, numerous others had seen and joined in this clash thanks to others who support the claim that this guy is selling content without the providers’ permissions.

Tl;dr – Some scumbag opened a site to sell other people’s content, closed the site, never paid any of the content providers, and recently attempted to sell the content to other sites.

It may be one thing to sell contracted providers’ content without their permission or without paying them, but doing so to independent providers causes serious damage. Contracted adult entertainment providers have already been paid the larger part of their income for their on-camera work, and continually get paid residuals from promotions and sales. Independent adult entertainment providers like Emma and Paige only get paid based on what they sell. This is why pirating or purchasing stolen content harms the independents more than the contracted.
This point has been brought to you by Emma.

People close to me know how much I love and support small businesses. Like other webcam models, I view Emma as a small business owner. I do not know Emma personally, but from following her for a year now, I can tell that she should not be underestimated. Unlike most other amateurs who tend to only talk about their act, Emma keeps it real and shows support for many fellow independent adult entertainment providers. I admit that I am not a customer to any of them, but I still want everyone to succeed in what they enjoy doing, and if they discover that this industry is not the right place for them, then I wish them the best in whatever industry they choose to enter.

What can you do after reading all this? The main point is to try to buy as close to the source, if not the actual source, as possible. This applies to virtually every product and service. For example, when buying food, consider obtaining ingredients from a farmers’ market. When buying beer, obtain it from the brewery or their storefront. When looking for adult content, go directly to the person’s website. In other words, try to cut out the middleman to prevent supporting potential scammers, or to not pay upcharges that every middleman creates. When you buy from the source, the source provider benefits more from your dollar than a middleman would.

To read the full story, click on Emma’s post:

Emma Ink

If that photo did not indicate otherwise, Adult Con took place at the LA Convention Center this past weekend. All forms of adult entertainment could be found here: porn stars, amateurs, models, strippers, webcam models, and much more, all in one of the convention center’s halls. Contrary to common belief, there is no live nudity at these expos – in fact, besides the merchandise, these expos are quite PG. No model or star ever reveal anything in person, so attendees wanting to see more are limited to looking at merchandise or monitors/screens around the room showing the videos.

Having gone to the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) earlier this year, I was vastly underwhelmed at the turnout for Adult Con. AEE took place in two ballrooms, and was so crowded that you had to elbow your way through the crowd to get anywhere. Adult Con was only in one convention hall, but attendance was so minimal for being in one of the largest cities in the US. I had a chance to speak with a few people regarding the turnout – the main source for the declining attendance over the past few years derives from the measure to require the use of condoms during the shooting of adult films. The measure also requires posting a public health permit & notice to performers about to engage in such acts. I find it disturbing that this is more important to the LA City Council than more pressing issues, such as the staggering unemployment rate, which is now over 10% in LA. Apparently, monthly testing of all performers is not enough to satisfy politicians. Regardless, this measure will get voted on in LA this November during the presidential elections.

Anyways, I do have more pictures to show. If you want to learn more about the measure that will affect the adult entertainment industry in LA, click on the link above.

With Sara Brinsfield

Since I did not know much about the actual convention, I immediately searched for familiar ground, which I discovered at the MyFreeCams booth. Sure enough, I found gals that I recognize there, so I made my way around to say hi to all of them.

The first gal I had to see was Camryn Grace (in back of first photo in purple dress). After all, that day was her birthday, so she was having a fantastic day with everyone wishing her a happy birthday. After saying hi to her, I noticed Lucky Starr beside her. I had not seen her since AEE, so naturally I had to reminisce with her.

Soon after, Cassie Ramone arrived with a few more gals. Cassie is known to continually change her hair color, but I still recognized her the moment she arrived. She sure is a wild child, but in the end she is super fun to be around.

I started chatting with another gal for a while, but the entire time I did not know who she was. After asking for her name, I find out that I had been chatting with Charming Gemma the entire time. I never knew Gemma prior, but I had seen her name before through the other gals I know. I am glad to have spoken with her, because she is an awesome gal and very fun, just like Cassie. Apparently she has a quirk that she does not smile in pictures. This may be a bluff, because I have seen her smile in a few pictures. But asking her to smile after she says no is not the best idea.

I spent some time chatting with Sacha (in jeans), who is more a consumer than provider (she rarely cams – she is usually in other gals’ rooms). If you spoke with Sacha, you would not expect her to be a cam model. Technically, she is not one, since she rarely cams, and when she does, she remains clothed. At one point, I heard moans under the table beside us – turned out that Lucky Starr was holding a private session. Once I realized what was going on, I walked away from the table for a few minutes just to shake those images and sounds out of my head.

Other gals in the pictures that I did not interact with: Crystal Jewels (in the back beside Camryn), Sexi Lexi 420 (brunette in white shorts), and Lavender 420 (purple hair in white shorts).

In the few hours I was there, I got to talk with lots of different people. Seeing the declining attendance leaves me worried that an expo like this may not come back to LA for a while, especially if the measure passes, which will likely drive all of the business out of LA. If that happens, then we are left with AEE and eXXXotica as the premier expos, which are all not in California. If all else remains constant, eXXXotica is looking to be the one that everyone, provider & consumer, will want to attend, since AEE is once a year, while eXXXotica occurs more frequently.

And remember – they are human too.