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Perhaps you have a favorite restaurant. Perhaps you have a favorite butcher, meat market, or carnicería. Perhaps you have a favorite kosher deli. Perhaps you have a favorite coffee & tea house. Perhaps you have a favorite bar. Perhaps you have a favorite donut shop. You may have all of these already set in your mind, but perhaps you did not know that there is a mecca where you can find ALL of these in one place. That place is the legendary UMAMIcatessen.

The Umami series of restaurants is renowned in Southern California. Umami Burgers are plentiful throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Umami is fine dining at affordable prices, because there is no competition for their offerings. Nothing can compare to what Umami serves. I can honestly say that Umami holds the #1 spot in many of my Top X lists because it is THAT good. However, this post is not about all the Umami restaurants – this post is about what UMAMIcatessen carries, and that is the Foie Gras & Jelly (FG&J) Donut.

The FG&J Donut resembles a filled donut. The donut is filled with Foie Gras mousse & forest berry jame, and topped with powdered sugar & peanuts (yeast). The filling is not mixed together – one side will have the jelly, while the other side will have the foie gras. Many people I know who have ordered this mouthwatering dessert start from the jelly side. I urge you not to start from the jelly side – ALWAYS start from the foie gras side. You want that instant rush of foie to hit your palette like a ton of bricks. Once you savor the foie gras mousse all over your mouth, then you can get to the jame (I really do not know why it is spelled that way on the menu) and other parts of the donut.

If you are reading this while foie gras can still be served, you can splurge on this donut at UMAMIcatessen for just $8. But why stop there? There is a wide expanse of delights to devour at UMAMIcatessen, so even with foie gras gone, your choices will remain abundant.

Pirate Invasion of Belmont Pier
10:00 am – 9:00 pm, June 30
10:00 am – 6:00 pm, July 1
Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, Long Beach

Come see and act like pirates at the beach! Visitors may choose to dress as a pirate or arrive in normal clothes. Many others will be fully dressed up to play their parts. There will be pirate shows, vendors, music, a (mock) ship fight, and cannons being fired at the pier. This event is FREE To attend and runs on Saturday & Sunday starting at 10 am both days. If you plan to stay for a while, note that this is entirely outdoors, so have sunscreen available.

Battle of the Tribute Bands
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, June 30
Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach

Come cheer on the Iron Maidens (Iron Maiden tribute), Debaser (Pixies tribute), the Petty Breakers (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers tribute), the Joshua Tree (U2 tribute) and Hard Day’s Night (Beatles tribute) as they duke it out for the crown of best tribute band.
This is event is FREE and ALL-AGES, so bring the family for a good time. There is plenty of shade and seating available.

Agent Orange w/ The Hitchhikers, Memphis Murder Men, Thee Indigents, and The Hellers
9:00 pm – 1:00 am, June 30
The Juke Joint, Anaheim

Punk Rock legends Agent Orange headline this show at The Juke Joint in Anaheim. $12 cover, ages 21+ only.

Umami Burger Anaheim Grand Opening
11:00 am, July 1
Umami Burger, Anaheim (same location as Anaheim Brewery)

My favorite burger restaurant is completing its trilogy of Orange County locations with the grand opening of its third Umami Burger right where Anaheim Brewery is. The doors are planned to open at 11 am, but if this grand opening will be anything like the last two (Costa Mesa and Laguna Beach), you will want to start lining up before the sun rises. Believe me, there literally were people camping overnight for the Costa Mesa grand opening. There is a reason this is my favorite burger – if you want to know what that reason is, then head to Umami Burger Anaheim this Sunday (or sometime soon after).