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Asian food is stereotypically deemed as America’s go-to to-go food. Nothing goes down for the least amount of money than Instant Noodles, something everyone who went to college is very familiar with. Add to that Chinese fast food all over America that is not even really authentic Asian, much like how Taco Bell is not authentic Mexican. Orange Chicken? Chinese citizens have never heard of it. Because of this old trend, and the trend to revitalize stereotypically bad foods, chefs are slowly introducing real authentic Asian foods into the mainstream culture. Much like the gourmet food truck trend that started in early 2009, authentic Asian food is coming back slowly. Many foodies are starting to see Asian food as a hipster thing now. These overzealous foodies think that anyone eating real Asian food now is simply following a trend that started a few months ago.

To them I say, just shut up and enjoy the food. We have no room for opinions at this table.

Capital Seafood is a REAL authentic Chinese restaurant that aims to show us all how people dine in the Far East. What started as one restaurant by founder Eric Soukaphay has branched off to a chain of restaurants in California, Nevada, and China. Dining in Capital Seafood is reminiscent of dining at a Chinese family’s home: each person has an individual plate, but the food is placed in the middle of the table for communal eating. Larger groups may sit at a table with a Lazy Susan to better facilitate sharing of the food. As a result, dining solo is not recommended, as most entrées serve at least two.

Dim Sum is also served at Capital Seafood on weekend mornings. I strongly encourage anyone who has never had Dim Sum to try it from Capital Seafood. At most traditional Dim Sum restaurants, the servers do not speak English well, so either you cannot easily order what you want, or the server cannot accurately describe the food to you. At Capital Seafood (at least the Irvine locations), all servers are required to speak English, so they will be able to describe what all the food is before serving it to your table.

To sum up what Dim Sum is, the food can be seen as Asian-style tapas – food served in small baskets or small individual portions. Instead of ordering from a menu, there is a stamp-paper on your table, and servers wheel around carts with the food on them. When they arrive at your table, you can see what they have to offer, and you pick the food from their cart that you want to eat. After choosing, they stamp on your paper what you obtained from their cart, and they continue their route to the next table. All servers have a predetermined route such that you should see every different food cart at least once before seeing a repeated cart again. This means that, depending on when you sit, you may be able to eat the moment your party sits down.

When I dine at Capital Seafood, I have a go-to dish that I ALWAYS order, no questions asked. This dish, the best of its kind that I have ever tried, is their House Special Scallops:

Sweet, salty, meaty, spicy, juicy, crispy… This is a masterpiece of a dish. If you are here for dinner, you must try this dish.

Here are some more of their dinner items that you can order:

Blue Cheese Wontons

Mussels w/ Fish Eggs

Hot Soup

BBQ Beef Skewers

Peking Duck

Lettuce Wraps

Garlic Lobster

Eggplant Stuffed Shrimp

Steamed Chicken

House Special Green Beans

Seafood Fried Rice

Winter Melon Soup

House Special Lobster

Chef’s Special Chilean Seabass

Kung Pao Chicken

Baked Almond Souffle

Authentic Chinese food is what Capital Seafood does best. You will not find Orange Chicken here – after all, that is American food, not Chinese. To immerse yourself in Chinese cuisine, make your way to Capital Seafood. Out of all their locations, I recommend starting at the Irvine Spectrum. That location not only has a full bar, but all servers are fluent in English there, whereas other locations may not have servers that can clearly speak English, and may not have a full bar. Treat yourself and your friends & family to some REAL Chinese food, or come on weekend mornings to experience Dim Sum the way it is meant to be experienced.

Capital Seafood
Multiple locations, first-timers should start with:
85 Fortune Dr, Suite #329
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 788-9218
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