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The hot summer days lend perfectly to grilling weather. As an American tradition, people officially start the grilling season on Memorial Day weekend, as that signifies many things. First off, on that weekend, Americans celebrate an important federal holiday to celebrate and honor the lives of those lost while serving for the United States Armed Forces. The weather starts to significantly heat up by this weekend, following the inconsistent weather of April and much of May. As a result of the warmer weather, Americans take advantage of a holiday weekend off of work until the next federal holiday, Independence Day, to gather some friends & family for a party involving grilling. When thinking about grilling for a group of people, what food exactly comes to mind? All sorts of foods can cook on a grill, from meat to vegetables and more. However, across all people who utilize their grill, barbecue meats rank as the top favorite food to cook on the grill. While beef burgers get consumed the most, other forms of beef also see grill time, such as ribs, tri-tip, and brisket. For enhanced flavor, use a fatty meat since much of the fat will drip out in the grill, so you will want meat higher in fat to preserve its moisture. For the perfect example of moist, juicy meat, look no further than Smoke City Market.

Out in the San Fernando Valley, the people love their BBQ meats. Plenty of BBQ restaurants exist in the San Fernando Valley, and it takes a while to visit them all to evaluate their meat. If you seek a great spot to start, check out Smoke City Market in Sherman Oaks. Smoke City Market serves up traditional Texas-style BBQ with full attention and care to highlighting the natural flavor of the meat. As a BBQ restaurant, they carry a typical lineup of meat types: ribs, brisket, chicken, pulled pork, sausages, plus a few extras such as pastrami and turkey. Sides include the typical coleslaw, beans, chili, mac & cheese, and more. Their care to the natural quality of the meat comes out the best in their Beef Brisket (Moist). Unlike their Brisket (Lean) that removes the fat, the moist brisket uses the meat’s natural fat for flavoring. This preserves the texture of the meat so that each bite carries a rigid bite, where every nook & cranny holds a pocket of… fat, for lack of better words. Also if you arrive at Smoke City Market early enough, you may receive the end cuts of the brisket that holds the most flavor. If you manage to acquire the brisket ends, you may never want brisket from another restaurant ever again.

Got a hankering for delicious beef brisket? Make an appointment to visit Smoke City Market to savor it, and consider bringing friends & family along too. For more media on Smoke City Market, like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for news about menu items and upcoming events. Additionally, download their mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices, to preview their menu on the go and make preorders.