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Despite the turn of the season, Southern California’s heat wave rages on. Temperatures had hit record highs in the past few weeks, causing many people to desire something cold to cool down. Of course, some people may not have a sweet tooth like I do, but you have to treat yourself occasionally. Sometimes, your body just craves it – when you feel hot, your body tells you to go find something cold to eat or drink. If you plan on powering through this heat wave, I now bring to you five cold treats in the Los Angeles area to get you through this hot fall season.

5. Top Round Roast Beef‘s Frozen Custard Milkshakes

Everyone loves ice cream, whether they will admit it or not. The creamy texture plus the sweet sensation brings comfort and joy to anyone munching through it. But have you heard of ice cream’s cousin that walks in ice cream’s shadow? Some places may have already heard of it, but frozen custard has risen as a popular choice for cold treats, a feat that Top Round Roast Beef has capitalized on. Ice cream contains a lot of air in it, which lends to its preservation of sitting in a freezer for a long time. On the other hand, frozen custard contains a greater ratio of eggs and milk compared to ice cream, giving the frozen custard a denser feel with less air. Since the folks at Top Round churn their frozen custard daily without ever freezing it for storage, it will never have ice crystals in it, lending to its smooth, velvety texture. This small diner in Mid-Wilshire near La Brea may have claimed fame with their signature roast beef, but actually their Frozen Custard Milkshakes keep the locals returning back. Every cold treat has a certain coldness factor to it, and boy can this milkshake really cool you down on a hot day. These milkshakes come in four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio. For the adventurous, I highly suggest the pistachio for a one-of-a-kind treat rarely found elsewhere. But honestly, you cannot go wrong with any flavor, even plain vanilla (pictured above). At just $5 a cup, you get more than your money’s worth here.

4. Shave It‘s Hawaii 5-Oh

Have you ever heard of the classic song (These Are A Few Of) My Favorite Things? This song lists a handful of things, tangible or not, that fill a person with joy despite bad times. Though the singer lists individual things in the song, why not skip the hassle and combine some of those things? Whenever I can have one of my favorite things, I eagerly look forward to it. Whenever I can have more than one of my favorite things at the same time, my heart fills with glee. Enter Shave It, the brilliant business capturing the hearts of many with their approach to combining two individual items together to form something even better. As their name suggests, Shave It does the shave ice thing, and yes – pronunciation makes a huge difference. Shaved ice with a D typically refers to ground ice, like that of a snow cone. Shave ice without the D refers to how native Hawaiians see it – finely sliced ice so smooth that it feels like ice cream. Upon hearing that comparison, the folks behind Shave It decided to mash the two up by serving up cups of shave ice WITH ice cream – a match made in heaven I tell you! The list of combinations stretches all the way around their store, since any customer can mix and match ice cream and shave ice flavors, such as with the Hawaii 5-Oh. This homage to the television show of the same name contains what the name would suggest – coconut ice cream with Hawaiian Punch shave ice. The fruitiness of the shave ice combined with the creaminess of the ice cream almost gives it a strawberry milk effect, something that any kid can enjoy. For less than $5, you too can experience the childhood joys of combining two of your favorite things into one cup.

3. Fluff Ice‘s Coffee Cake

Recently, a new study discovered that a person’s genes strongly determine how that person’s body reacts to coffee. Common perceptions make us believe that drinking coffee nearly daily helps to build a tolerance to coffee. While this may hold validity in those with the genes to build such a tolerance, those without this set of genes may approach coffee differently. A few individuals may forever fully absorb all coffee for life, while others may never react to coffee at all. The abundance of coffee shops today all gauge the strength of coffee based on what the customer desires. More often than not, customers simply seek the flavor of coffee, not the energy boost that it provides, which Fluff Ice satisfies quite well. One of Los Angeles’ original shaved snow shops, Fluff Ice has generated quite a Southern California empire as of this upcoming weekend. From storefronts to food trucks, Fluff Ice has a mission to deliver authentic shaved snow to the people of Southern California and, sometime in the near future, the rest of the world. The truck’s menu generally carries a condensed version of what the stores offer; after all, they primarily use the truck as means to promote the stores rather than make pure profit from mobile sales. If you visit one of their stores, you may discover their Coffee Cake combination of coffee shaved snow, crushed graham crackers, crushed Oreos (pictured without it above), and choice of condensed milk or chocolate syrup. If you know you cannot consume caffeine, worry not, as a $4 medium serving of this contains less than five grams of caffeine, indicating that Fluff Ice utilizes decaf coffee for the flavor base. After all, the sugar already gives kids their sugar rush, so why add fuel to the fire?

2. Tierra Mia Coffee‘s Mexican Chocolate Frappe

People all over the world love their coffee. Many people consume coffee for its caffeine content. Many others consume coffee for its flavor. Some drink coffee as means of socializing. Some drink coffee just to keep occupied. Regardless of why any sole individual would consume coffee, we can now find a coffee shop in almost any given square mile in any urban area. Many joke that you can cross the street from a Starbucks only to find another Starbucks, but honestly this only happens in Seattle, home of the first Starbucks. Here in Los Angeles, many other brands exist that occupy many street corners, such as Tierra Mia Coffee. Imagine a Southern California version of Starbucks with Southwestern influences, and you have Tierra Mia. Anyone walking into a Tierra Mia shop for the first time with no prior knowledge of the business would assume a Mexican version of Starbucks, which holds absolutely no truth to the matter. Tierra Mia gains their unique advantage by giving back to local communities and providing a space for starving artists to display their work. That aside, their menu contains many foods & beverage flavors unique to them. While you may have familiarity with a Frappuccino, Tierra Mia also serves their own lineup of Frappes, such as their Mexican Chocolate Frappe. If you love chocolate milkshakes, then you will love this blended beverage that tastes like a dark chocolate smoothie with hints of coffee. You gain more of a chocolate taste from this than the coffee in it, and the use of Mexican chocolate gives this beverage a bolder, richer chocolate flavor. The Mexican chocolate also lends to the antioxidant content in this blended beverage, so not only can you satisfy your sweet tooth and cool yourself down for under $5, but you can slightly improve your health by consuming some polyphenols.

1. The Iron Press‘ Cap’n Crunch Berries & Milk Waffle

How many cereal mascots can you name? As a child, television and supermarkets exposed us to countless cartoon characters that represented cereal brands. From Toucan Sam to Count Chocula to Flintstones to Snap/Crackle/Pop to Tony the Tiger to the Trix Rabbit, big companies used whatever cute characters they could muster in order to entice kids into eating their cereal. On a side note, no female cereal mascots exist – you only have male mascots for cereal. Anyways, no other mascot resonates within the memory more than Cap’n Crunch. Oh yes, this creepy midget sailor appears on everyone’s minds when they think about cereal because of the way he stares into your soul through your eyes. Those hollow eyes can capture any soul with a gesture as simple as eye contact, a fact that the people at The Iron Press can testify to. The Cap’n loves more than just cereal – he loves waffles, he loves beer, and swiggity swooty, he loves pirate booty. Nothing grabs tail better than waffles with the open seas and a pint of Windansea Wheat in hand, and the Cap’n sure loves to dip his hands wherever he can fit them, such as in the Cap’n Crunch Berries & Milk Waffle. The waffle contains actual Crunch Berries cereal in it, which gets further dusted with crushed Crunch Berries, then drizzled with a milk glaze, followed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Have you followed a diet? The Cap’n cares not about said diets. Bring forth your empty gut and devour this mound of sugar and carbs for $7, lest you fear the inevitable belly swell. So grab yourself a nice pint of wheat ale and raise it in the air. Knock them up, slap them down, and never want to care. After that, order another one for me. Down it quick, and allow your inhibitions to roam free!

Summer has undoubtedly arrived, what with the heat wave and all. The weather does not seem that it will lose some degrees in the next month or two, so cool off with a nice cold treat. Some people may not have a sweet tooth like I do, but they have to treat themselves occasionally. Sometimes, your body just craves it – when you feel hot, your body tells you to go find something cold to eat or drink. If you plan on powering through this heat wave, I have some suggestions on how to cool yourself off in Southern California.

5. Café Lucca‘s Daily Gelato

Who can resist ice cream? I generally avoid temptation unless I cannot resist it. When presented with fresh gelato made daily, then my heart melts and gives in to the temptation to order it. Walking into Café Lucca in Orange, you immediately stumble upon a wealth of Gelato that they make daily. Flavors vary from traditional stracciatella or lemon to far-out combinations like the Melvis (pictured above) – banana gelato with peanut butter swirls, honey, and bacon bits. No matter what flavor you prefer, you will surely find a gelato that you would love to share, but will probably finish on your own. Small, medium, and large sizes cost $4, $5, and $6, respectively.

4. Capital Seafood‘s “Egg Pudding”

Making food taste good represents a primary challenge to all chefs and cooks, as every single person in the world has a unique palate. One particular food that a person likes may not resonate so well with the next person. In the end, everyone agrees that food that looks visually appealing will taste better than something merely thrown onto the plate. Capital Seafood understands this concept well, as they carefully administer the finest designers for all of their dishes. While Capital Seafood specializes in family-style servings, they can get intimate with some items, especially dessert. As a special treat, Capital Seafood has their own rendition of “Egg Pudding” unlike traditional egg pudding that looks like flan. The tops of brown eggs shells get carefully carved out to allow just enough room to insert a spoon, and those hollow egg shells get filled with a variety of special custard-like puddings. The list of flavors contains a strong amount of choices, such as strawberry, vanilla bean, green tea, and sesame. So far, I have only spotted this at the Irvine Spectrum location of Capital Seafood. Call ahead of time to ensure that they have this egg-cellent dessert available.

3. Flurries Shaved Snow Bar‘s Tropical Colada

Tropical flavors typically resonate well with people seeking a refreshing treat to cool off from the hot weather. Tropical treats exist virtually anywhere, but Flurries Shaved Snow Bar in Cypress does a great job at incorporating not only light refreshing flavors, but also richer and unique combinations. One cannot easily describe what shaved snow looks and tastes like. I describe shaved snow as shaved sorbet or gelato, but even that does not truly describe Flurries. To see for yourself, head on in and order the Tropical Colada, which contains pineapple snow, pineapple syrup, oranges, and coconut shavings. Keep in mind that each cup comes with two layers – snow at the bottom, toppings in the middle, more snow over that, and more toppings on top. One may immediately ponder that two layers means sharing. Allow me the pleasure of suggesting that you order your own, because you will not want to share upon your first bite.

2. Bruxie Waffles‘ Dulce De Leche Shake

When thinking about refreshing treats during the summer, people tend to stay away from heavy and/or rich treats. A piña colada will occupy more hands at a beach than a chocolate milkshake. Once in a while, you just get that craving that you must satisfy your sweet tooth, despite the weather. Luckily, you can both satisfy your sweet tooth and refresh yourself at your local Bruxie Waffles. Bruxie may have a solid lineup of waffle eats, but they also hand-craft their own drinks, such as their Dulce De Leche Shake. Caramel milkshakes exist all over the place, but this one has a more icy feel to it than a thick feel, resulting it a crisper, colder drink with just as much of a caramel burst. Add some zing to your meal by ordering this baby the next time you visit Bruxie Waffles for one of their yummy waffle sandwiches. This milkshake will bring YOU to the yard.

1. Tropical Shave Ice‘s Hawaiian Shave Ice

How can you go wrong with a classic? A large difference exists between shave ice and shaved ice. Shaved ice represents another term for a snow cone, simply ultra-crushed ice, resulting in a gritty crunchy feeling when eating the ice. Also, this ice does not absorb flavorings very well, such as syrups and cream. Shave ice represents ice shaved so finely resulting in a smooth and velvety texture, almost like eating ice cream. Tropical Shave Ice roams around Southern California providing authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice to the masses. Owners Rick & EJ come directly from Hawaii to show you not only the Aloha spirit, but shave ice so fine that you would swear upon eating ice cream. They make all syrups and flavorings at home using real cane sugar and natural flavors, without worry about preservatives or artificial ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup. A regular size costs $3.50, while a large costs $4.50. In the hot summer weather, prepare to eat this fast, because when this heats up, the shave ice loses its texture as it all melts together. For the best traditional shave ice, track this truck down!

The San Gabriel Valley’s favorite iced treat bar has finally set foot in Orange County! As a favorite treat among locals in Los Angeles County, Fluff Ice has come quite a long way with their spin on shave ice. Popularly referred to as shaved snow, Fluff Ice makes their Fluff Ice slightly different than the shaved snow shops you might spot around the world. Fluff Ice makes their product light as a feather, yet packed with the flavor of each kind. On hot summer days, you can expect constant lines at their shops in Monterey Park and Monrovia, ans also at their truck that roams Los Angeles County. Even during the cold seasons, Fluff Ice will continually see a steady stream of customers. Now Orange County residents can get their fill of fluffy goodness at their newest location in Costa Mesa!

The Fluff Ice shop in Costa Mesa just had their grand opening this past Saturday, and to celebrate, they gave out a free small Fluff Ice to the first 100 customers to the shop. In addition, the staff also revealed plans to open another shop at the Irvine Spectrum, as well as more potential locations based on availability of spaces. Those already familiar with Orange County’s Flurries Shaved Snow Bar and ShareMii will find something similar at Fluff Ice, but now with extra fluffiness! For its small size, this location still sells all the popular flavors of the other locations, such as Green Tea or Thai Tea. They did mention a nearby space in the same complex that contains only chairs and tables for their customers, but I did not spot it. Still, do not underestimate this Fluff Ice location based on its small appearance from the outside – what they lack on the outside, they pack on the inside. Check them out on the northwest corner of Harbor and Adams seven days a week. Like their page on Facebook to see what they may come up with next.