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Renegade LA took place this past weekend at LA State Historic Park. This completely FREE (parking & entry) event featured numerous artists and vendors not just from California, but out of state, and some out of the country. Some food trucks also were available to serve food: Front Porch Pops, Brasil Kiss, Crispy Truck, Los Lobos Truck, Ludo Truck, and India Jones.

Unlike a typical arts & crafts fair, Renegade focuses on the alternative side of creativity – art that is not typical or does not follow norms. If you have been to Patchwork Fest, Renegade will feel very similar. Where Patchwork mixes traditional with alternative, Renegade highlights those who not just think outside of the box, but rip & smash that box into pieces.

This one is from a vendor called Drywell:

The first vendor that caught my eye was Robu Roku. I appreciate their quirky style using puns and modern lingo. I do hope to see them again, as I will likely become a customer of theirs soon.

The next vendor to hook my attention was Sebastien Millon. His use of cartoony drawings with ironic yet funny statements is something I recommend everyone take a look at. The jokes do not poke fun at any individual group, so these jokes are tasteful for everyone. Some of these were so funny that I had to purchase some of his material.

For anyone into arts & crafts, I highly recommend you check out Renegade, which will return to Los Angeles in December. If you want a grander experience, many vendors informed me that Renegade San Francisco is the largest of its kind. That one occurred last week – to stay updated with the next series of fairs that should occur around November and December, follow Renegade on Twitter.