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Everybody eats out of necessity, and not always just for the luxury. Basic meals come and go, as they simply provide fuel to make it to the next meal. But do most people simply consume their food and continue with their day, or do they stop to enjoy the sweeter things in life? Ask yourself this: do you eat to live, or live to eat? Nobody can honestly consider after-meal desserts a necessity in life, even if they possess a sweet tooth. Despite this, nature causes all creatures to prefer sweets over anything else. Should you have dessert with every meal? Not always. Can you have dessert any time you want, regardless of other factors like time and weather? Of course! Despite the increasingly cold weather approaching, one should never sacrifice desserts for uncontrollable reasons. By that notion, continue reading to see five warm desserts in the Greater Los Angeles area that I highly recommend consuming to warm up this fall.

5. The Pie Hole‘s Chocolate Crostada

When someone from across the world has heard of it, you can bet it has a huge following. Some businesses can take a while to gain momentum from the day they open. Others can really take off due to the people they know. When you know the right people, they spread the word, and you gain instant fame overnight. Leave it to The Pie Hole to gain so much notoriety that people from the eastern hemisphere have heard of it and travel to Los Angeles for the sole purpose of visiting them. Okay well perhaps people come to Los Angeles for other reasons too such as In N Out, but when out-of-towners have heard of The Pie Hole while locals have not, you can bet they have the goods. As their name suggests, The Pie Hole specializes in pies, both the sweet and savory kinds. While they also have beverages to accompany the pies such as coffee and tea, the people routinely come back for the pies, such as the Chocolate Crostada. For $5 a slice, you can get chocolate wasted with this decadent chocolate pie topped with sea salt and caramel. As a bonus, ask your server for a heated slice instead of right out of the cooler for a softer, heartier treat. When heated, it goes from a firm fudge texture to a soft cheesecake texture. Think your taste buds can handle this much chocolate? If so, continue reading…

4. Scott’s Restaurant & Bar‘s Chocolate Soufflé

An unwritten rule about Orange County exists: the further south you go, the richer the people appear. Orange County has no shortage of upscale pricey restaurants and other businesses, but as long as people remember the word “moderation,” then anyone can afford to dine at any of these fancy restaurants. If the occasion calls for it, go enjoy that fancy dinner with family, friends, or a significant other at a place like Scott’s Restaurant & Bar in Costa Mesa. Located across the street from the South Coast Plaza shopping center, Scott’s Restaurant represents the typical upscale American steak & seafood restaurant. With a menu stocked with various meats and seafood, Scott’s Restaurant presents succulent dishes with fresh local ingredients delivered daily. In addition to all the wonderful food found at Scott’s Restaurant, they have their own pastry chef that delicately crafts the dessert menu to include meal closers such as their Chocolate Soufflé. While this does not do anything different from the typical Chocolate Soufflé, this one does take a long time to slow bake, so order this early in the meal to give the kitchen ample time to prepare it. If you do so, you will discover the true joys of a properly prepared Chocolate Soufflé complete with hot chocolate sauce. The slow preparation of it gives it a warm and soft melt-in-your-mouth texture sure to give you a comforting feeling as you coat your tastebuds with all that chocolate goodness. Anyone dining at Scott’s Restaurant simply must make room for a Chocolate Soufflé at the end of the meal.

3. K.C. Branaghans‘ Bread Pudding

While people around the world recognize the concept of food, regional differences will cause certain foods and drinks to taste differently from one person to another. For example, something as simple as water can taste different to someone from the west coast compared to someone from the east coast. Areas with warmer climates may prefer cooler, refreshing treats such as ice cream, iced beverages, or citrus flavors. Areas with cooler climates may prefer warmer, heartier treats such as baked pastries, hot beverages, or “dark” flavors such as cocoa. The climate of Ireland represents a cooler climate, so we can expect warmer, heartier cuisines from them, something that K.C. Branaghan’s does well. For over seven years now, K.C. Branaghan’s has delighted both locals and travelers with their family-friendly Irish pub on Naples Island in Long Beach. Their menu offers Irish faire with an American twist, and they have customer favorites as well, such as their Bread Pudding. Very gooey, very moist, and very warm, this bread pudding has all the sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture that one would expect of any bread pudding. This bread pudding does not have raisins, allowing you to savor the soft bread pudding without having to worry about chewing or choking on raisins. Enjoy in moderation or share this with someone, because its richness cannot do much wonders for your belly.

2. The Olde Ship‘s Sticky Toffee Pudding

Cooler climates lend well to warm treats. When the weather outside gets chilly, people head indoors and seek out something warm to eat or drink to help their body warm up. Traditionally, people drank hot beverages like hot chocolate or tea, or ate hot foods like soups, stews, or warm desserts. As a country further north from the equator than the United States, England’s cool climate means that foreigners often consume warm food and drinks more often to acclimate to the temperature difference, while locals have already gotten used to the climate. This probably has little to do with the cuisine of England, but luckily England does have some delicious and unique foods, which you can find at The Olde Ship. This British pub brings a taste of the motherland to the west with their interior pub-like design, British menu, and traditional British spirits. Visitors love the food at The Olde Ship such as the Fish & Chips, Bangers, Corned Beef, and various pies. However, nearly all visitors cap off their meals with some Sticky Toffee Pudding. The photo does not do this dessert justice because of the vanilla custard cover. A steamed piece of a very moist sponge cake gets drizzled with toffee sauce, then smothered with vanilla custard. The consistency will then resemble American pudding because of how the cake absorbs the custard. You might end up devouring this so quickly that you will want to order a second. Refrain from ordering more, as one of these can fill you up really quick!

1. Peter’s Gourmade Grill‘s Sweet Potato Gooey’s

How do you get the word out about your business if you do not do any marketing? You have to deliver something so good that the customers will spread the word about you. In this modern time of internet marketing and social media, all business owners need to utilize all available tools to get the word out about their businesses. Consider that many of these marketing tools have no cost to using them other than time to set up the information. Once set up, the people will do the work as long as you provide something that the people will want to come back for, such as the memorable food at Peter’s Gourmade Grill in Tustin. As a hole-in-the-wall that many people can easily drive by without ever noticing it, Peter’s Gourmade Grill only focuses on what they do best: grilling up foods with a twist, and each twist varies between each menu item. Perhaps the people continually return to Peter’s for these twists, since not many other places have the same combinations that Peter’s offers. Take, for example, their Sweet Potato Gooey’s. Originally intended as a shared dessert, this massive pile of sweet potato fries gets dressed up with brown sugar, maple syrup, and toasted marshmallows. Has anyone else ever thought of this combination? Perhaps so, but definitely nowhere else in Southern California can you find something like this. At $7.25, this can treat an entire family, as I cannot conceive any sole person devouring an entire order in one sitting.


2013 came and went, and with it came dozens of new food trends that surfaced around the world. This year, people around the world saw a resurgence of traditional foods resurrected in another form, in one way or another. For example, the cronut fad (croissant doughnut) got everyone talking about this hybrid of a pastry, and soon social media networks like Instagram exploded with tons of posts featuring said pastry. This year, we also saw the revival of ramen, both traditionally and modernized. Ramen places like Shin-Sen-Gumi sees lines of people for hours, while any place daring enough to craft the infamous ramen burger will see lines for days. Some past food trends have managed to persist up until now, such as breakfast any time of the day, juice cleanses, food trucks, locally sourced ingredients, “housemade” foods, and especially kale. In any case, just like time itself, tastes and flavors constantly progress, leading to the progress of menus at many different restaurants. People go out to eat all the time, but sometimes certain foods really stick in their heads. Observe below five eats from Southern California that really stuck in my head this year.

5. The Griddle Café‘s Red Velvet PanCAKE

People truly cannot get enough of their breakfast foods. The world does not tote breakfast as the most important meal of the day for no reason. Breakfast provides the necessary jump-start of nutritional fuel humans need to tackle the day. The nutrients in a person’s breakfast dictate how that person may feel the rest of the day. Eat a protein & vitamin-packed breakfast, and go on with the energy of a race car. Sometimes, one just wants to indulge for breakfast. In that case, look no further than The Griddle Café in Hollywood. This iconic breakfast spot always has lines out their doors for hours, and not merely for breakfast. The Griddle Café looks at traditional breakfast items, and takes them to a brand new level. For example, their Red Velvet PanCAKE combines horizontal progression with vertical progression. Not only do you get the charm, visual appearance, and flavor of red velvet in a pancake, but it comes out thick like a cake. Just for the thrill of it, they top it off with swirls of cream cheese icing and powdered sugar. Not surprisingly, diners may not orders this for take-out. How could anyone attempt to carry this thing out? Freshness should mean something to anyone dining out, and Griddle Café does not skimp out on freshness. For the best breakfast in town, give yourself some time to wait for The Griddle Café.

4. Lazy Ox Canteen‘s Pig Ear Chicharrones

When reading a menu, the product description does more than paint a picture of the item. In some basic cases, the name of the item sufficiently states the nature of the item. For all other times, consumers require an accurate product description to understand the item. In rare cases, the name could potentially turn off some customers. In a classical “do not judge a book by its cover” moment, we take a look at a particular dish from Lazy Ox Canteen in Downtown Los Angeles. Not to knock on Lazy Ox – as one of my favorite restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles, they bring some of the most amazing dishes to the table that I have ever seen. One time, I brought my sister here, and the moment we saw Pig Ear Chicharrones on the menu, I immediately ordered it, while she turned away. No one should feel disgusted by seeing the word “ear” in the name, as the dish tastes like pork, not ears. These fried goodies come with tomatillo salsa and harissa sauce. For as thin as they appear, these chicharrones pack quite a bit of meat in every bite. Better yet, anyone can score these chicharrones for 50% off during Happy Hour. Do not let the name fool you – pork still tastes like pork, but the way Lazy Ox prepares it, your taste buds will thank you for this delicacy.

3. Scott’s Restaurant‘s Calamari

Ever come across something so butchered across America that people immediately draw a picture in their minds when they hear the word? For example, when people hear “burgers,” they usually picture the small dinky burgers from fast food chains, not the gourmet burgers from some restaurants. When people hear “pizza,” they picture large pepperoni pizzas, not the individual-size Neapolitan pizza found at Italian eateries. When people hear “calamari,” they picture small onion rings. We must teach ourselves to shed these preconceived notions and open up our minds to new visions while dropping our expectations. Now in 2013, we should expect to drop all of our expectations, and observe food the way it should taste, not how it appears. When you find yourself in Scott’s Restaurant, expect to receive a fantastic meal unlike what typical restaurants may serve you. The level of quality behind Scott’s exceeds that of conventional “steak & seafood” restaurants with their use of ingredients direct from local farms. As such, their prices match the effort they go to serve you such tasty meals. For a tasting that will not break your bank, check out their appetizer menu, which lists a handful of seafood appetizers like their Calamari. Whereas regular restaurants serve calamari plainly fried, Scott’s gives you a plate of calamari lightly fried, but dressed with lemon, garlic, shallots, and a spicy provencal sauce. This creates a combination of tastes that require no additional dipping sauces, as all the flavor you need comes right there on that plate. Feel free to have a seat on the bar/lounge side to order this and a drink, as you receive the same service there, but at a quicker response rate.

2. Spring Street Smoke House‘s Burnt Ends

Certain regional dishes often get imitated, but never successfully duplicated. For example, the Philly Cheesesteak does not gets its name simply from its origin – only the real thing comes from Philadelphia, and nowhere else in the world can anyone obtain an authentic cheesesteak other than Philadelphia. Many other types of food receive some attention from places far from its origin, but sadly cannot compete with the original. Many people believe they understand true southern-style BBQ, which, in the United States, originated on the east coast. Sadly, tons of “southern BBQ” restaurants exist in California that come nowhere close to the real thing found in the originating regions like Memphis, Carolina, or even the midwest. Once in a while, a true gem shines out of the pack, such as Spring Street Smoke House in Downtown Los Angeles. As one of the few BBQ restaurants in Southern California doing BBQ right, Spring Street Smoke House takes what we love about southern-style BBQ and applies it to a Southern California setting, complete with a fine selection of local craft beers on tap. Among the menu of smoked meats like pulled pork and brisket, Spring Street Smoke House features specials like their Burnt Ends plate. Diners may choose a 1/2 pound or full pound of these crispy trimmings from the ends of their smoked brisket, and these come smothered in BBQ sauce along with a pickle and a choice of two sides. In one dish alone, anyone ordering this will experience crispy, meaty, tangy, smokey, salty, crunchy, and lots of other words that can describe the perfect BBQ plate. Head on in to Spring Street Smoke House soon and order this baby up, along with a nice cold pint of your favorite local craft beer.

1. Crazee Burger‘s Muddy Pig

Places with the craziest ideas often receive labels from the public. Depending on how unconventional things appear to the public, the public may embrace it or question it. As long as a strange concept gets marketed properly, the public generally will keep an open mind to it. When Slater’s 50/50 first described their concept of a burger made of half bacon and half beef, the public initially started skeptical, but soon came to embrace it. Other fads like cronuts and ramen burgers relied on the internet to virally market those concepts. The right marketing can quickly turn the tide for any business, regardless of how much effort the marketing receives. If the locals love it, the locals equate to free marketing, and locals love Crazee Burger. This small burger shack in North Park, San Diego has garnered quite a following of fans that has stretched across the nation with their penchant for exotic, unconventional burgers. They embrace their given name of Crazee with the odd quirks found only here, such as a Happy Hour that runs from 2:23 to 6:19, instead of the traditional “on the hour” start and end times. Even more crazy lies in their menu of over 20 burgers, which features odd combinations and exotic meats. So far, the craziest burger I have tried, the Muddy Pig, comes with Nutella, bacon, and caramelized plantains. Breakfast burgers definitely exist, but none have come close to this sweet deal of a meal. Unfortunately, Crazee Burger currently does not list the Muddy Pig on their menu anymore, so if you seek this burger, I suggest calling them to see if they can still create it. Even if they no longer make this burger, the rest of their menu contains plenty of other great choices, so pop on in soon, especially during Happy Hour, and order up a burger and beer, and experience Crazee for yourself.