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When you go to a restaurant that serves one particular type of cuisine, one will expect to find some familiar items on the menu. For example, when going to an American restaurant, one would expect to see foods like steak, a chicken dish, perhaps some burgers or sandwiches, salads, and more. This occurs thanks to familiarity of that cuisine that the general public has. The more often the general public sees it, the more often they will accept seeing it. When a food item gets overdone, the public can sometimes forget how good it can taste. Fast-food and sit-down restaurants tend to drown their food in sauces and seasonings, preventing customers from tasting the true ingredient – the meat. Very few places highlight the meat rather than the add-ons correctly, but thankfully Nate’s Garden Grill understands not to drench food in sauces and seasonings.

Considered a hidden gem of San Diego County, Nate’s Garden Grill understands that one does not need to saturate a dish in flavorings to make it stand out. Tucked away on the side of the road in the City Heights neighborhood, Nate’s Garden Grill follows the local & sustainable trend with their ingredients, and they want you to taste the local flavor as it should taste. Contrary to the name, Nate’s Garden Grill does not specialize in salads, nor do they only possess a vegetarian or vegan menu. Nate’s Garden Grill carries a good variety of items on their menu that contain plenty of meat dishes, such as their Pulled Pork Sandwich. This customer favorite contains a generous mound of pulled pork smoked in-house and lightly sauced, along with organic kale slaw in a pretzel bun. For just a dollar more, you can add freshly sliced avocado to the sandwich, which completely changes the dynamic of the sandwich. The meat does not contain much sauce, so you get just enough to taste the barbecue sauce, but a light amount enough that you can appreciate the smoked nature of the pork. The body of the avocado helps to bring it all together, as well as provide a high number of nutrients in one serving.

If you seek an amazing, original, and local meal while in San Diego, take a detour towards City Heights and visit Nate’s Garden Grill. You can sink your teeth into the Pulled Pork Sandwich here for $11.75, plus $1 when you add avocado. To see what else Nate’s Garden Grill has grilling up back there, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for photos, updates, and a live music schedule.

Who can say No to tender meat? Meat eaters vastly agree that tender meat always hits the spot. Whether it comes in the form of a medium rare filet mignon to fall-off-the-bone ribs to juicy brisket to flaky short rib, a tender cut of meat always leaves us satisfied. Sometimes this comes to us as an entrée, while other times it comes in something else, such as a sandwich. For example, take a look at the 38 Degrees Ale House menu, and you will discover a section reserved for Exotic burgers/sandwiches. Of particular note, the Pork Cheek Sandwich stands out the most with its braised pork cheek, grilled onions, poached quince, mesclun, and herbed aioli. The combination of the onions and quince give this a sweet and slightly tart topping to go with this amazing tender pork cheek. One bite, and you can just imagine sinking your teeth into a perfectly braised short rib sandwich, except this contains pork cheek.

As this sandwich resides in the Exotic section, the Pork Cheek Sandwich does not have permanent residency on 38 Degrees Ale House’s menu. Head on over to 38 Degrees soon and savor this sandwich for $15, which comes with house fries that you can upgrade to sweet potato fries for $2. While dining, check out their extensive craft beer selection!

For the longest time ever, humans have this unexplainable fascination with bacon. Vegans and vegetarians love to get mad at people for consuming it, while those that do consume it praise it as the almighty food among foods. Even now, those who do not eat meat can have their bacon with Coconut Bacon. We all must remember that times change, so while bacon continues to reign in its popularity, other foods have risen to compete with bacon. Short rib has garnered some attention in the past few years, as have pork belly. Pork belly basically represents unsliced whole bacon, and everyone who loves bacon would definitely love pork belly. Pork belly has started to appear in many more restaurants, such as at PUBlic 74 in San Juan Capistrano.

Having just opened their doors to the public earlier this year, PUBlic 74 has come to Orange County to deliver their take on the modern gastropub. With roots in Temecula, the folks over at PUBlic 74 boast industry experience, and hope to translate that over to this new spot in San Juan Capistrano. PUBlic 74 has all the fixin’s of a typical gastropub: craft beer, spirits, and fancy food. Their menu changes quite often, so their current menu may not appear on their website. For example, their current menu features a sandwich called The Fallin BL No T “Spanglish” that represents a modified version of the BLT that appears on their website. This sandwich contains hand-cut wood-smoked pork belly, cheesy sautéed spinach, a fried egg, and whole-grain mustard vin. Anyone ordering this will certainly get their hands messy while devouring this melty sandwich. I rarely advise this, but cutting this sandwich may help to contain the ingredients in this sandwich. The pork belly by itself tastes amazing, but some bites may contain more spinach that will overpower the pork belly. I suggest trying to spread out the spinach to prevent clumps of it, in order to maintain a consistent flavor throughout the sandwich. Oh, and this sandwich comes with fries that they season with what I can best describe as a barbecue rub. The fries alone also make this a worthy dish to order.

Feeling hungry while driving through San Juan Capistrano? Stop by PUBlic 74 and savor this meat for $14.50. Enjoy one of their signature drinks, or pair this nicely with an IPA to balance the flavor.

More than ever, the 21st century marks the age of a true melting pot of worldwide cultures. During the previous century, cultures and regions across the world remained fairly to themselves with regards to maintaining tradition and their own culture as opposed to integration of other external societies. Due to regions and communities remaining somewhat isolated, people around the world rarely saw any sort of fusion or mixed things, such as food or music. Now in the 21st century, we start to see many aspects of society start to integrate other cultures. For example, the band Dengue Fever mixes western style psychedelic rock with a vocalist who sings almost entirely in Khmer (Cambodian). In the culinary world, we now see fusion foods like sushi burritos, bánh mì tacos, or other dishes that combine two unrelated ingredients or preparations. Nowadays, one can find restaurants everywhere serving up worldly cuisine, or otherwise serving up some sort of fusion food to lesser degrees. If you seek a restaurant doling out fusion food to excessive degrees, turn on your GPS and transit down to the nearest Slater’s 50/50.

Pushing the limits as if trying to break into another dimension, Slater’s 50/50 continuously impresses all of its fans with their monthly creations of epic proportions. As one of Southern California’s most recognizable brands, Slater’s 50/50 always looks forward to new and bigger things. They continue to expand into new areas, such as with the latest opening of their Rancho Cucamonga location, and they continue to pump out new dishes to add to their menu or feature as the special(s) of the month. Slater’s 50/50 recently started a new marketing campaign entitled Excesstasy, which they define as the overwhelming excitement felt when indulging in the Slater’s 50/50 experience. By actively engaging their fans, Slater’s 50/50 pleases not only taste buds, but the full extrasensory scope. This allows fans to look forward to their visit to Slater’s 50/50, where they may indulge in something like the March burger-of-the-month, the Asian BBQ Pork Belly Burger. More of a sandwich than a burger because it does not involve any ground meat, this mammoth meal consists of a half pound slab of pork belly topped with a fried egg and Asian BBQ sauce, sitting on a bed of fried wontons and vegetable chop suey, all within a brioche bun. I mean, sure it does not fit in with the theme of March typically, but it sure does tie in with the Excesstacy line. Strangers to Asian cuisine will love the meatiness of the pork belly, plus all the pork fat that traditional pork belly carries. The fried egg adds heartiness to the burger, while the Asian BBQ sauce resembles teriyaki sauce with its sweet flavor with a hint of spice. Aim to savor the pork belly, as pork belly alone carries so much savory flavor that adding much more would muddle the meat.

Does your appetite request you to pound one of these burgers? You can score your own Asian BBQ Pork Belly Burger for just $12.95 at all Slater’s 50/50 locations for the month of March. Feeling even more daring? Ask about their March dessert of the month. If you order and can successfully devour both in one sitting, I guarantee you will feel the full effects of Excesstacy.

Much discussion has arisen over the nutritional value behind white meat and red meat. The general consensus tells us that the lighter the meat, the greater the ratio between nutrition and fat. For example, fish & seafood contain more protein and omega 3’s for its portion, whereas red meat from terrestrial animals may contain more fat. While clear categorization exists for most types, a grey area always exists, where we question how to categorize a particular item. Society accepts that chicken, turkey, duck, and other poultry fall in the white meat category, while beef, lamb, and bison fall in the red meat category. An age-old debate circulates the world regarding pork, however. While science tells us that pork should fall in the red meat category, practicality tells us otherwise. How does pork appear white despite deriving from a terrestrial animal? Despite scientific claims, society generally accepts pork as white meat, a claim sure to please anyone that finds themselves dining at Porko Rico BBQ.

Currently in their second month of operation, Porko Rico BBQ has carved out a solid following in such a little time. Their clever fusion of traditional Southern-style BBQ meats and Caribbean preparation techniques does not narrow their audience – it covers both grounds. Fans of BBQ will enjoy the variations that Porko Rico BBQ places on their dishes, while fans of Caribbean cuisine will enjoy hearty portions of meat in their items. For example, you will get a lot of meat in The Brig, a rather manly sandwich. This sandwich comes with pork three ways: pulled pork, ham, and bacon. These three meats get topped with pepper jack cheese and Porko Rico BBQ’s jerk sauce, which tastes similar to a sweeter, lighter BBQ, but with a light spice kick to it. In the end, you end up with a sandwich sure to please the carnivorous side in you. For maximum flavor enjoyment, place the top bun on the sandwich, flip it over, then remove the bottom bun. Doing so should keep all the meat in place, and you have half as much bread since bread tends to dilute flavors, allowing you to savor the meats’ true taste. Although it appears small, this sandwich will definitely fill you up, even if you remove the bottom bun as previously instructed.

Craving some meat? Once you hunt down Porko Rico BBQ, you can slam your own order of The Brig for $9. White meat or red meat, no one can deny – we all love us some pork, however we can get our hands around it.

With a cold winter approaching, what do we as humans seek out to escape those unfavorable conditions? Usually a blanket or a nice warm bed will do the trick, but most people cannot just carry a bed around everywhere. When the cold weather has people down, they seek warm, comforting food and drinks to warm out the body. A hot drink such as coffee or tea may make you feel warm, while something heavier like soup or noodles will retain the heat better. When people think of warm and comforting food, they will likely think of comfort food – food that we enjoyed while younger that made us feel good. Grilled cheese and tomato soup make for great examples of comfort food. In today’s culinary world, every chef and cook has placed their own spin on classics, bringing traditional comfort food to the table using exquisite ingredients or preparation styles. One can find a grilled cheese around every nook and cranny, or just wander around Orange County until Porko Rico BBQ comes into sight.

After an exciting first month in business, the Porko Rico BBQ food truck has not only acquired a generous following, but has launched a few new items for their current menu. Currently roaming in Orange County, Porko Rico BBQ specializes in Southern-style BBQ with a Caribbean spin. The overall vibe of Porko Rico BBQ has changed over the past month, now that not only does the menu fit the theme, but the staff fit the theme as well. Their Pulled Pork Sandwich that I reviewed last month now goes by the name Pillager Pulled Pork. They have introduced some new items to their menu as well, such as their Shipwreck Grilled Cheese. This meaty sandwich comes with tender brisket, fire-roasted tomatoes, coconut pesto, and muenster cheese, all on buttered & grilled toast. At first bite, you can immediately taste the beef, accompanied by the pesto. The brisket just oozes out natural meat juices, exhibiting its freshness. The pesto stands out with its use of coconut in the ingredients, meshing well with the fire-roasted tomatoes for a balance of flavors to highlight the beef.

You can crush your own Shipwreck Grilled Cheese for just $9 from this Orange County food truck. Why look anywhere else for a great grilled cheese sandwich? Stick around for a bit, and Porko Rico BBQ will eventually come to an area in Orange County near you.

For all of our lives, we have always heard about the importance of breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Whenever told about this, have we received an explanation about the origin of that? The statement exists as more than just a phrase – breakfast truly does monitor and control your mind and body for the rest of the day. What humans consume within an hour of waking up ultimately determines how a person will feel the rest of the day. A person that eats a breakfast full of vitamins and protein will take on the day with superior energy than someone who has something less nutritious for breakfast, such as pancakes with just butter and syrup. While a breakfast such as that will provide a heavy dosage of carbohydrates necessary for burning energy, a human body requires protein and vitamins in order to strengthen and grow the body. For this reason, nutritionists recommend eggs for breakfast, as eggs provide an abundant amount of protein in a small package. Many restaurants that serve breakfast will serve eggs in some fashion. For those that crave breakfast done right, seek out a local spot that specializes in quality ingredients, such as Roots Gourmet.

With a penchant for the best in local, organic, and sustainable ingredients, Roots Gourmet has quickly cemented itself as a popular choice for conscientious eaters. Co-founder Dalet Hamby believes that good things happen as a result of living a healthy lifestyle. She leads a vegan and gluten-free life, which provides her with a steady stream of energy & vibrancy, and wishes to share her brilliance through food at Roots Gourmet. Featuring a menu of items using local, organic, and sustainable ingredients, Roots Gourmet caters to eaters of all backgrounds, and not just for vegans and gluten-free people. Particularly, locals love Roots Gourmet for their breakfast selection, which not only features an omelet bar, but their famous Braised Skirt Steak & Egg Sandwich. Built atop your choice of bread (I recommend the whole wheat baguette), this breakfast sandwich carries a generous portion of tender 10-hour braised arrachera-style skirt steak, a sunny-side up egg, arugula, and hollandaise sauce. In essence, you could call this an Arrachera Benedict Sandwich, as long as you feel comfortable with a fried egg substituting a poached egg. Like all of their sandwiches, this entrée comes with a side of fruit, or another choice of sides, such as beet chips. Words cannot accurately describe the tenderness of the skirt steak. It may not carry the same marinated flavor of traditional carne asada, but the skirt steak retains its meaty beefy flavor, allowing you to savor the true nature of this grass-fed beef along with the egg which will likely ooze out the yolk all over the steak. You can score this sandwich during breakfast hours for just $9.

If you ever find yourself between Long Beach and Seal Beach in the morning, guide yourself over to Roots Gourmet and check out their breakfast menu. Their vast selection will leave you wanting to come back over and over to try everything on their menu, especially all of their fair-trade coffee and teas. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to learn about their weekly specials as well.

Ask anyone about the three most important things about a particular place, and he or she will answer Location, Location, and Location. The location of any establishment ultimately determines the fate of the tenant. A location’s desirability takes into account more than just foot or vehicle traffic. Some places will see thousands of cars and pedestrians pass by daily, yet rarely see actual customers. For example, one of my favorite local establishments Shortnin’ Bread closed earlier this year, and in the span of just five months, that location has changed ownership twice. No matter how much love fans and locals will throw at a place, if said establishment exists in an inauspicious spot, the place may eventually fall. When we discover great businesses in less than desirable places, we naturally spread the word to friends and family about the place in hopes of driving business to the place to keep them in business. When I first discovered Beer Belly Deli tucked away behind an already popular restaurant, I knew I had to get the word out about this place.

Located at the back of a small strip mall behind the locally popular Eureka Burger, Beer Belly Deli takes a deli, a sports bar, a restaurant, and a gastropub, and mixes them all into one to form this modern deli restaurant. Like a deli, Beer Belly Deli serves the typical cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more, but with some modified ingredients to give this menu a more unique feel than standard delis. Guests can either order at the counter, or receive full service with a host and server. Beer Belly Deli also features a bar that not only has some televisions on the wall for the guests’ viewing pleasures, but stocks a grand selection of craft beer and wines. Servers here will not shy away from attempting to pair a craft beer with your meal, depending on what meal you order. For example, if you order the Double Whammy, a server may pair it with a pale ale. The Double Whammy sandwich costs $11.95, and consists simply of a heaping scoop of slow-roasted pulled pork & sliced mild Italian sausages, smothered with tangy BBQ sauce. All sandwiches, burgers, and wraps come with a side, which include chili, baked beans, sweet potato tots, and more.

If you seek comfort food in Claremont at its freshest, look no further than Beer Belly Deli. Remember to enter the building via the hall in the middle, and walk towards the back of Eureka Burger on the right. Although Beer Belly Deli serves beer and wine, guests of all ages may dine here, and Beer Belly Deli even has a kids’ menu, where every item costs $6.95. Beer Belly Deli may have landed an awkward location, but its wide dining area allows for private parties and for local musicians to play here. Check out Beer Belly Deli, and discover what small-town charm can do.

Welcome to 2013, a time of progress and innovation. In this day and age, society now accepts and rejects different things than last decade. For example, society now accepts same-sex couples instead of deeming them taboo. The prevalence of social media has allowed for instantaneous spread of information, a tool that existed last decade, albeit underdeveloped. We can expect that expectations will change over time, and the rate of change differs from year to year. As another example, the gourmet food truck craze really took off in 2009, and peaked largely in 2011. Since then, the trend has wavered off, mostly due to the sheer number of bandwagon people that did not live up to expectations, but simply started a food truck as a means of capitalizing on a fad. Not all food trucks start off equal – some start off with good footing, led by experienced people. When experience counts, you will want to seek out Porko Rico BBQ.

From the creative masterminds behind The Viking Truck comes Porko Rico BBQ, a food truck that specializes in southern-style BBQ with a Caribbean twist. Having just launched their grand opening this past weekend, they currently operate with a limited menu, as they test out their kitchen’s creations on the streets and parking lots of Orange County. The current offerings feature traditional southern-style BBQ dishes, such as pulled pork and brisket, but prepared with the tropical flavors of the Caribbean. For example, their Pulled Pork Sandwich features a generous scoop of their citrus-infused pulled pork, topped with mango slaw, and drizzled with citrus BBQ sauce. All sandwiches come with a side choice of coconut creamed corn, pineapple baked beans, or pulled pork fries. Pro tip: do not eat the top bun – eat the sandwich open-faced for maximum flavor. Why interfere with the flavor by adding more bread that would otherwise take away from the meat?

Expect to see new menu items rolling out in the upcoming weeks, as they fine-tune their menu and add more scrumptious dishes. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to always know where to locate Porko Rico BBQ.

The dictionary defines relocation simply as movement to another location. Without a broad picture to place relocation into context, the relocation can refer to the movement of anything, tangible or not, from one spot to another. The general populace regards relocation as moving something of a greater scale, such as moving an incredibly large object, businesses moving to another building, or citizens moving to another building. Without this generally accepted definition, relocation can apply to other concepts not normally conceived in that way. As a traditional example, following this year, the X Games will relocate to Austin, Texas. As far as non-conventional means go, take a look at the movie The Hangover. This movie’s initial success incited a sequel, which essentially consisted of the relocation of the first movie’s plot to another country. The second movie met a lot of criticism for rehashing the first movie’s plot, just in a different setting. As a result, the entertainment industry refers to this act of relocating a major element to another location and executing that same element as pulling a hangover. Luckily in the food industry, we rarely have to worry about anyone pulling a hangover, as relocating generally equates expansions. Speaking of hangovers, you can order this namesake food from The Sandwich Smith in Downtown Los Angeles.

Nestled at the corner of Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles, The Sandwich Smith crafts customized sandwiches utilizing local and sustainable ingredients. Guests of The Sandwich Smith will find a list of all the ingredients as they enter the dining area, which they can fill out and create a sandwich to their taste. For those guests not wanting to think about building their own sandwich, The Sandwich Smith also prints their specialty sandwiches out on another menu, so guests can select a sandwich from that menu that already has ingredients selected. This menu contains a little bit of everything that The Sandwich Smith offers in different combinations. One such example combines two of their more unique ingredients, and they dub this sandwich The Hangover. The Hangover starts with a sliced doughnut bun. Unlike the conventional circular donut with a hole in the middle, this doughnut bun resembles more of an Asian style doughnut – a full round piece of a spiral bun. The folks at The Sandwich Smith then lather on a generous scoop of Dr. Pepper Braised Pulled Pork. The Dr. Pepper give the pork the sweet and slightly fruity taste that comes from the Dr. Pepper, but as the pork absorbs the liquid, the pork’s natural fat caramelizes with the Dr. Pepper during the braising process, leading to a uniquely sweet and savory flavor in the pork. The sandwich gets completed with pickles, arugula, creamy coleslaw, and pepper jack cheese. Not going anywhere for a while? The Sandwich Smith carries craft beer, with a few on tap as well. Pair this sandwich with an IPA for best results – they usually carry Stone IPA. Feeling bold? Create your own sandwich based on The Hangover! I personally like to stick with the doughnut bun and Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork, but I top my sandwich with garlic aioli, swiss cheese, bacon coleslaw, pickled red onions, and spinach or arugula.

For those visiting The Sandwich Smith for the first time, make an important note that they only open for lunch until 4:30pm! After that, this space converts to Fickle Restaurant for dinner nightly. If you want to get your sandwich fixing for dinner or later, you will have to settle for the ever-changing menu of Fickle in the meantime. Do not get me wrong – I love Fickle for what they do by changing the menu constantly! But if you want to munch on a pork and doughnut sandwich, you will have to visit The Sandwich Smith during the afternoon.