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Natural selection tells us that size matters. Among virtually all organisms, size determines the viability of any particular living thing, especially in males. Animals like fiddler crabs, lions, deer, and peafowl all sport an exceptionally large body part in order to attract females. In other species and cultures, size does more than flaunt a male’s viability to females – size determines strength and/or rank. This particular practice translates to human cultures, where men display size to broadcast their rank or strength. In ancient cultures, Vikings wore horns, with the higher-ranking Vikings wearing larger horns than the followers. In today’s world, this practice exists even in the kitchen, where the height of the chef hat determines the seniority of each staff member. What happens when you throw a Viking into a modern-day kitchen? You get the next chapter of The Viking Truck going brick & mortar.

The owners of The Viking Truck and Garlic Scapes truck have teamed up to open their own restaurant in Placentia called Meat Up BBQ. Over at Meat Up BBQ, they serve West Coast barbecue with southern influences, plus each chef’s own spin on barbecue. With multiple different backgrounds converging into one location, the menu will likely see many rotations as each chef adds his own influence not only from the respective food truck, but from their culinary background as well. For example, we have already seen certain food truck items make their way into the menu at Meat Up BBQ. Some new menu items also have a story to tell behind them, such as the Rotten Richard burger. I cannot tell you the story behind the naming convention, as I will likely butcher the story. However, I can tell you what I know about this dangerously serious burger. The burger consists of a half-pound beef patty, which they top with a heaping mound of pulled pork chili verde & melted sharp cheddar, then they sit that all on a fried panko-crumbled garlic mashed potato patty. If this burger sound hearty and warming, just try ordering it on a cold night, and you will feel nice and cozy. The pork gives off hints of carnitas with salsa verde, but the cheese and potato patty take this to a brand new level. Left alone, the chili verde will slowly ooze down the sides of the burger, and when they reach the potato patty underneath the beef patty, you end up with a mountain of meaty happiness.

Although Meat Up BBQ claimed to soft open last month, I have yet to hear if they have already officially kicked off their grand opening. They open for business almost every day of the week, so if you find yourself in the Placentia/Yorba Linda/Brea area, roll on over to Meat Up BBQ and slam the Rotten Richard for $11, which comes with your choice of side. While dining there, check out their rotating list of amazing craft beers, plus the rest of their great menu.