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Prohibition represented a dark time in American history. The government taking away something that the people desire only sounds like a plot one would hear of in a movie or television series. During that time, underground/hidden bars cropped up known as speakeasies, representing bars stealthily hidden from the public view, known only to people with connections. When Prohibition got repealed, the need for speakeasies diminished. However, the concept of speakeasies persisted, and patrons who appreciated the theme kept them intact. Nowadays, speakeasies have no reason to exist aside from nostalgia and theming, so places that resembles them receive praise for keeping an old tradition alive, such as Speakeasy Ales & Lagers.

As they approach their 18th anniversary, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers keeps the old speakeasy tradition alive by sticking with the theme. Based in San Francisco, locals revere this brewery for not only standing the test of time, but for delivering quality goods to our hands and mouths. Speakeasy has an amazing lineup of brews, all complete with their own art and theme with a story, such as their Payback Porter. Fans of dark beer will love this robust porter, which sits at 7.5% abv. American hops and dark imported malts give this brew its robust strength. Additional flavors in this brew come from English chocolate malts and rolled oats, which yield a dark brown color, roasted malt aroma, strong coffee flavor, and a smooth finish. A solid brew like this drinks well on its own, but for those enjoying Payback Porter with food, it pairs well with sweet flavors, such as barbecue, caramelized onions, or chocolate.

If you cannot make it to their 18th anniversary celebration this weekend, honor them by enjoying a cold Speakeasy brew at home. You can acquire their beers at your local bottle shop, such as Total Wine & More. See what they have in store for the craft beer community by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.