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Two months into 2014 have come and gone, meaning that by now, the majority of people who resolved on New Year’s to get fit have already dropped their resolution. Stories about losing weight fast typically derive from get-rich-quick scams, because no known trick exists for rapidly losing weight. For those who have stuck with their resolutions and have lost some weight, kudos to you. For those who have dropped that resolution, or never made a resolution in the first place, you have free will to indulge yourself in the wonders of the world. Of course, over-indulgence can lead to severe health problems or, in the worst-case scenario, death. The word moderation comes into play here, as any human should always do and consume everything in moderation. Unfortunately for that notion, we live in America. We live in a country that boasts about size. Regardless of what the silent majority says, size matters, and Leadbelly’s Barbecue also believes that size matters.

Leading the way for BBQ so close to the Cal State Fullerton campus, Leadbelly’s Barbecue satisfies that BBQ craving that locals tend to not tend to. Now in the space of the former Shortstop BBQ, Leadbelly’s claims to serve up traditional Southern-style BBQ. While many people will picture meat with BBQ sauce, Leadbelly’s differs by emphasizing meat portions rather than sauce. In most of their dishes, the absence of sauce feels unknown to most palates. The absence of sauce allows customers to better taste the meat’s true flavors. For example, their Loaded Pork Garlic Fries comes with the sauce on the side by default. This massive mountain of fries gets smothered with minced garlic, pulled pork, chopped bacon, sliced pork belly, Parmesan & pepper jack cheeses, and chives. White gravy comes on the side, although customers may request the gravy on the fries. However, you should always take some bites at the start without the sauce. This pork attack contains enough meaty goodness that adding the sauce may muddle the flavors of the meat. Bear in mind that Leadbelly’s serves craft beer, so for a beer pairing for this monstrosity, you cannot go wrong with an IPA to cut through all that pork.

This dish can easily serve four and costs just $10. Pull up to Leadbelly’s Barbecue in Fullerton just off the 57 and 91 freeways, and enjoy large portions in a small space.

All good things must come to an end eventually. Although nothing can last forever, some things can persist in many circumstances. For example, did you know that honey, a naturally-occurring ingredient, never spoils? Other than that, everything moves around in seasons based on the time of year. Much like how fashion varies depending on the season, so too does food vary with the seasons. Different fruits and vegetables grow during different times of the year. As we now move into late fall and early winter, people around the world can enjoy the bountiful harvest of truffles during this truffle season. Chefs the world over seek this rare delicacy for its immense flavor profile that gives nearly any dish a major boost in umami flavor, and when the season comes around, many chefs come up with ways to utilize the truffles. If you want to get in on the season’s harvest, head over to Eden Burger Bar in Glendale to check out their limited-time specials.

Eden Burger Bar observes the traditional take on an American Burger Bar or Gastrobar, and narrows down the focus. In other words, instead of creating many bland dishes, they focus on a limited amount of dishes, but care greatly for the quality and presentation. With a solid selection of craft beer from around the world, the folks at Eden Burger Bar can surely pair the right beer with your meal. Speaking of meals, Eden Burger Bar jumped into truffle season quite early year this, having started in October. Last month, they featured their Black Label Burger as the burger-of-the-month for October. This heavyweight burger comes with roasted garlic aioli, onion confit, black truffles, black truffle cheese, & crispy potatoes. If you want to overload your senses further, add in some Parmesan Truffle Onion Rings – onion rings dusted with Parmesan cheese and drizzled with truffle oil. No ordinary human should ever consume this much truffle in one sitting, as the sensory overload of all that truffle can cause involuntary Truffle Shuffling. Should you decide to brave the truffle elements, I suggest pairing this meal with a nice, refreshing IPA – Eden Burger Bar currently pours Uinta Brewing‘s Hop Notch IPA, and I would choose no other beer than that.

Get on over to Eden Burger Bar quick and order these before the season ends! Eden Burger Bar plans to remove these items within the next two weeks, so go and order it today or tomorrow. You will not want to miss this final opportunity to taste truffles used in such an exquisite preparation.