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For the longest time, Vietnamese cuisine never truly had its own spotlight. When thinking about Vietnamese cuisine, we typically envision small mom & pop shops serving noodle bowls and cold vegetables. The evolution of cuisine over the past decade has shifted towards fusion, or the combination of two separate types of cuisines. One of the more popular fusion combinations involves Latin with Asian cultures; however, this mostly meant Korean and Mexican with the pork belly tacos or short rib burritos. Eventually, millennials started to spread out and discover other cultures and cuisines out there. Soon enough, people started to give a good look at Vietnamese cuisine. At first, people went crazy for phô and searched for ways to modify this noodle soup. Then, people started getting modern with the Bánh mì sandwich, and turned that into things like Bánh mì tacos or grilled pork belly Bánh mì sandwiches. Soon enough, creative minds began to cover all of the Vietnamese foods, and thus Vietnamese food had once again regained popularity with today’s youth. One such place called Nudo Nudo hopes to bring Vietnamese food back to the spotlight to contend with the popularity of Korean and Japanese food.

Located in the dense Vietnamese area of Little Saigon in Westminster, Nudo Nudo hopes to bring the concept of traditional Vietnamese restaurants forward to the present away from the old days of those restaurants. Traditional Vietnamese restaurants often had servers who did not speak English well, if at all, and those servers did not interact with customers like servers of American restaurants since, in the Asian culture, servers got a flat pay to work and did not rely on tips. Over at Nudo Nudo, the people here hope to have a more inviting atmosphere to potential customers with friendlier staff, popular music, and food that speaks to today’s contemporary soul. At the core, Nudo Nudo still serves traditional phô and other Vietnamese appetizers, but presented in a more approachable way. However, customers definitely rave about Nudo Nudo’s Oxtail Fries. Costing less than $4, this appetizer that eats like a meal starts with shoestring fries, then gets topped with generous oxtail meat, hoisin sauce, spicy mayo, cilantro, green onions, and pickled white onions. Sure this may represent a safe option for those less familiar with Vietnamese cuisine, but it sure tastes amazing!

Look forward to greater things from Nudo Nudo as they get the ball rolling following their grand opening in mid November of 2015. Check out Nudo Nudo on Facebook and Twitter for updates on what they will have in store.