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More or less a last-minute decision, I had heard of a show at the VLHS Warehouse in Pomona. I searched online for music by the listed bands, and found some music from the headliner, Night Birds. I liked what I heard, so I decided to go to this venue to check it out.

The venue itself is quite hidden, and one would have to know what to look for to find its location. VLHS (Vince Lombardi High School) is literally a garage in an industrial block. The venue is VERY small and intimate, since it is meant to hold one vehicle. I knew approaching the building that I had found the right place because of all the people standing outside. Based on this first impression, I could tell this was a locals’ hangout spot. Throughout the night, many patrons seemed to know each other, which made me wonder if it truly is a locals’ spot or if they just roll as one large group. But anyways, let us go over the bands performing.

The opening band was Vultures United. A nice hard punk sound similar to The Adolescents, Vultures United delivered a solid performance. If any of them look familiar, it is probably because their drummer plays for another local band.

Up next was Aukerman. This YOUNG band plays exactly as they would if they were rehearsing in a garage. Imagine a band of young punks playing in a garage – that is exactly how they sounded like. Not bad for a young band, but they have a long way to go.

Following Aukerman, the room started getting fuller, as The Shrine took the little stage. Picture a hair metal band from the 80’s, then mix it with modern-day bands like The Black Keys. I did not quite understand it, as this band felt more metal to me than punk rock, but they got the crowd going.

The precursor to the headliner was Toys That Kill. Again, I did not understand this band, as there was too much head-bopping and bouncing going on in the crowd. Their sound reminds me of Interpol, but faster.

At last, the moment we had all been waiting for, the headliner, Night Birds, took the stage. They did literally fly in from New Jersey just to play shows here in Southern California, and I am amazed they chose this tiny venue. I had first heard their song The Other Side Of Darkness, and it was this song alone that sold me into going to this show. Strange that I had never heard of them, because they drew a large crowd, despite going on after 1 AM.

For its lack of size, VLHS can draw big crowds and bigger bands. This show was only $6 and open to all ages. They also did not restrict patrons from bringing their own drinks inside. You can almost consider this going to a show at someone’s garage because of the lack of rules. If this is something that appeals to you, check out their schedule, linked above. I saw that Joey Briggs of The Briggs will be playing here on Friday, August 10, so that is something to look into.