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The craft beer scene in Downtown Santa Ana has grown substantially from almost nothing to booming the past year. At the start of 2014, places like The Playground, C4 Deli, The Copper Door, and Chapter One existed that served local craft beer; however, most of Southern California’s craft beer enthusiasts never truly regarded Santa Ana as a craft beer destination. This all turned around in 2014 with the introduction of places like The Good Beer Company and Native Son Alehouse, which essentially got the snowball rolling to transform Downtown Santa Ana into a bustling scene where millennials can rampage all they want. Despite these changes, Downtown Santa Ana’s craft beer scene remained largely overlooked as we entered 2015. The folks behind Beers In Paradise attempted to reverse that last week with their event Single Hop.

Last Friday night, Beers In Paradise in conjunction with The Good Beer Company held a self-guided pub crawl in Downtown Santa Ana called Single Hop. Consisting of five locations in Downtown Santa Ana, visitors started at The Good Beer Company, and from there could move on to C4 Deli, The Copper Door, 4th Street Market, and Native Son Alehouse in any order. The Good Beer Company had just released five variations of their Bravo line of IPA beers, and tapped a keg of each at each of the five locations. The $20 fee provided visitors with a full pour of Mosaic Bravo at The Good Beer Company, followed with a 4oz taster of the other four Bravo beers (Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, and Simcoe) at the four other locations.

As for the other four locations, they each basically operated under standard business procedures with their kitchens running normally and staff serving normally. Single hop participants could simply approach the bar and request the Bravo pour by showing proof of attendance.

Along with Savor Santa Ana and the 4th Street Market grand opening, Single Hop aimed to promote the growing local businesses of Downtown Santa Ana to the rest of Southern California. Downtown Santa Ana may still have its shady areas like other majors cities (especially Long Beach), but the new boom of businesses may help to curb that away. Bring your friends and family down to Downtown Santa Ana soon and experience the new wave of trendy modern businesses to get your eating and drinking on. P.S. You can park in Downtown Santa Ana for FREE on Sundays!