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The last quarter of the year always makes for the busiest time of the year for just about anyone. Retail workers start working mandatory overtime, food industry workers start working additional weekends & nights, and most other workers have to work increased hours to meet quota by the year’s end. At the same time, many events start taking place, such as holiday parties, football parties, or lots of family events, such as holiday parades. Why would all of this take place at the same time when most people lack time management skills? Luckily, some events can work around your schedule, and work with you to brighten up your holiday season. For those looking for a holiday party venue that works with your needs, look no further than Lucky Strike in Orange.

A bar & restaurant can only provide so much entertainment for parties, and Lucky Strike Orange has that plus bowling. Most visitors to Lucky Strike will find a menu with familiar American cuisine, as well as a full bar carrying all the essentials. However, most visitors may not immediately encounter Lucky Strike’s event/catering offerings. Upon entering the venue, guests can discover a smaller room to the left complete with its own set of bowling lanes. This represents the private party side, and Lucky Strike has recently revealed their holiday events menu. For Lucky Strike’s holiday menu, they offer a more unique selection of food than what they offer in the regular dining area. In addition to the food and drinks provided by Lucky Strike, Lucky Strike can bring in vendors to help with the party, such as a candy counter, photo booth, nitrogen ice cream bar, live DJ, and magician.

If your group or company has not yet decided on a venue for booking a holiday party, check out Lucky Strike at The Outlets at Orange. Explore Lucky Strike’s offerings on their Facebook and Twitter pages as well.