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The Los Angeles Dragon Boat Races & Festival moved to the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale this past Saturday. For those who may have missed the Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival last month, this iteration will seem familiar, if not in the same format. In addition to the races, various tradition Chinese performers entertained spectators between races, mainly consisting of Lion Dance acts and music. People ask what makes a dragon boat race so spectacular, to which I respond with what makes (fill in the blank) race so spectacular? Much like how many attend NASCAR or horse-racing events, dragon boat racing thrills and shakes the heart. Besides visually watching the race, you have to keep your ears open for the pounding of the drums and the chanting of the paddlers. Combining your senses allows for a full-body experience at a dragon boat race.


The Alhambra Moon Festival on Main took place this past weekend. Free to attend for all ages, this mini street fair took place on 2nd Street, closing it to through-traffic during the weekend. This event featured a handful of local vendors along the street selling cultural items.

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Since the beginning of time, civilization has always asked what came first. While the public can typically attribute tangible items with an origin, everything else requires documentation to pinpoint an origin, unless generally accepted. For example, the gourmet food truck trend started in early 2009 with Kogi BBQ, which everyone will say started it all. When you look at expos for comic books, all fans will tell you that the San Diego one started it all. But with the San Diego Comic Con selling out in seconds every year, what else can fans do? Sure they can shell out the cash for super inflated after-market passes, but why not travel up the coast two hours to Los Angeles County? LA County hosts a handful of comics events and cons, some of which can appear as large as the San Diego one, such as Nerdbot-Con.

Nerdbot-Con 2017 returned to the Pasadena Convention Center this past Saturday to a massive crowd easily in the thousands. For as large a turnout that appeared, this expo consumed the entirety of the conference center, the entire east building, to hold that many fans. Taking place in all rooms of the conference center, dozens of comic book writers and artists traveled here to exhibit their merchandise, art, books, toys, and more. In addition to the expo on the show floor, various workshops and seminars took place in the surrounding meeting rooms for those who registered ahead of time. Throughout the day, various activities took place on the show floor to keep attendees entertained, such as live bands, scene reenactments, karaoke, dancing, and more.

Even to those not interested in comics, everyone should attend a comic expo/con just to see everyone dressing up in costume. At any expo involving comics, video games, anime, manga, and more, any attendee cannot avoid seeing another guest participating in the inevitable cosplay for the duration of the event. Cosplay has turned into a staple for any sort of expo in this industry, and the fans proudly donned their best gear for this expo. Watch in amazement the best of the best of this year’s Nerdbot-Con.

Missed out on Nerdbot-Con? Keep an eye out for other similar expos, such as Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con in late October, BlizzCon in early November, and Anime Los Angeles in late January. You have plenty of time to work up that unique and amazing DIY costume that everyone will want to take a picture of.

United Pacific Industries brought back their annual car & truck show this past Saturday afternoon at their parking lot in Long Beach. Free to attend for all ages, this car show featured custom rigs and rods on display, including custom and special semi-trucks. In addition to all the vehicles on display, the event featured a live music stage, gourmet food trucks, and a handful of local vendors selling accessories and trinkets. The event also hosted a small beer garden for the adults to enjoy, and some games on the other side of the parking lot for little ones to stay occupied. Check out more from the car show on their Facebook page.

They say that variety adds to the spice of life. One can live life completely routinely and habitually day by day, but that leads to a dull and predictable life. These type of people live by the motto, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In other words, why change something if it already works just fine? I would argue about how boring that sounds, but another would argue “Better safe than sorry.” While you may not successfully convince the stubborn people, many others accept variety in their lives. Trying something different makes life much more interesting, especially when it already changes on a set schedule. In this case, I refer to things that change monthly, such as a monthly pint nite, bottle share, or food specials menu. Speaking of the latter, you can find a terrific monthly specials menu at Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern.

Dedicated to the heart of true craft, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern (JFAT) understands that cooking requires more than simply skill – cooking requires HEART. Sure their menu contains plenty of amazing dishes that you will want to come back for over and over again in order to try everything. But did you know that JFAT carries a monthly specials menu? In addition to continually updating their menu and adding new items, all JFAT locations now offer a limited-time monthly menu with seasonal eats. This month, I got to try three items from their current specials menu:

  • Grilled Prosciutto-wrapped Figs with Arugula, Goat Cheese, Pine Nuts and Balsamic Syrup – Four halved fresh figs, wrapped with prosciutto, lightly grilled, served around arugula lightly dressed with sherry vinaigrette, and sprinkled with crumbled goat cheese & toasted pine nuts. Figs come drizzled lightly with balsamic syrup
  • Grilled Zucchini, Corn, Red Pepper, Ricotta and Squash Blossom Flatbread – Flatbread topped with Fontina, Ricotta, Parmesan, grilled zucchini, roasted corn, red peppers, and zucchini squash blossoms
  • Pasta with Clams, Andouille Sausage, Corn and Tomatoes – Thick-cut pappardelle pasta tossed with Manila clams, spicy Andouille style sausage, white wine, garlic, tomatoes. and corn

Enjoy something unique at any Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern location while the season lingers! Check out JFAT’s Facebook and Twitter pages to see what else they have that you may like your taste buds to tango with.

The city of Downey celebrated their annual International Food & Music Festival this past Saturday evening on the streets of Downtown Downey. Free to attend for all ages, this street fair contained all sorts of activities and entertainment for the family. Visitors would find multiple stages for music and entertainment at the ends of streets, which contained dozens of food vendors, from booths of local businesses to gourmet food trucks. At another end of the event, rides and games awaited children and anyone else wanting to play with something. This event represents a good way to discover the local food of Downey aside from having the locally famous Porto’s Bakery right there.

The Montebello Art Walk returned for its fourth year running this past Saturday at Montebello City Park. This free and all-ages event brought out local artists, vendors, food trucks, live art demos, raffles, music, and more. Live music occurred at the center stage, while dozens of local vendors lined the area around the stage. Visitors would surely find great items and trinkets that work great as gifts here. Montebello represents an underrated city of LA County with a growing amount of local businesses that attract a younger crowd, and events such as this art walk help with bringing out not only the younger crowd, but adults who enjoy the local culture as well.

Weekend in Polynesia returned for its 14th year running this past weekend. Taking place at Recreation Park North in Long Beach, this free and all-ages event showcased various cultures of the Pacific Islands with food, dance, music, vendors, and more. Since this festival required no admission, anyone could walk up and begin enjoying the sights and sounds right away. Dozens of themed vendor booths lined the circle of booths surrounding the main stage, selling apparel, accessories, trinkets, home goods, food, and more. However, the main attraction of the festival lie in the center of the area at the main stage. Dozens of guests flocked to the stage to gain a view of the main stage, where all the music and dancing resonated in everyone’s bodies. Every performance contained traditional music accompanied by dance performances, appealing to the eyes and ears. The hot sun did not keep guests away, for the performers kept the action even hotter.

The South Coast Corsa Corvair Club brought back their annual Corvair Cruise-In this past Saturday. This free and all-ages car show took place at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo and featured dozens of local corsas (small cars) and corvairs on display on the street. Visitors could check out all the cars on display, as well as check out the live music, raffles, museum, and more. While it may not contain as many cars as other Southern California car shows, this show focused on specific types of vehicles, so anyone interested in these types of vehicles would surely love to check out the selection here.

The Saint Maurice Coptic Orthodox Church in Pomona celebrated their 12th Annual Festival this past weekend. Free to attend for all ages, this event represented a treat for not only the churchgoers but the locals as well. Visitors would find food from Egyptian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cultures, as well as live entertainment, games, and more. It may not provide too much to do for people not involved with the community, but it brought about some chances to try food not otherwise available anywhere nearby.