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LBC Tweet Up Brunch

The first event of my weekend was the #LBCTweetUp brunch at Tavern On 2 on Saturday morning. I did not get an official head count, but it was nice to see Long Beach tweeps again, especially since it had been about a year since I attended one of these tweet ups.

USC Alumni Club of Long Beach’s Baywatch Brunch at Panama Joe’s

This occurred at the same time as the Tweet Up and was next door, so I decided to visit following the brunch. I did not stay too long, only long enough to say Hi to those I knew. Eventually, a random woman unrelated to the group passed out in the corner near us, and paramedics and a firetruck had to stop in front of the venue. At that point, I made a hasty exit.

Manhattan Beach Beer Fest

This beer fest was my next destination. I have already reviewed this event – please click the above link to view it.

Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo & Car Show and The Factory’s Beer Garden

Immediately after the last beer fest, I hightailed it to this car show and beer fest. You can view my pictures and review by clicking the above link.

Revisiting Tavern On 2

My original plan was to go see Avenue Q, as highlighted in last week’s Upcoming Events post. However, I finished my business at The Factory too late, so I decided to return to Tavern On 2 to cap off my night.

Las Vegas: One-Night Stay

On Sunday morning, I drove out to Las Vegas to stay a night, as I had business to take care of Monday morning there. Las Vegas was going through some funky thunderstorms and cloudiness that day, so that limited my time at the pool at Rio. However, I still had time to lay out by the pool for a bit.

Afterwards, we decided to walk through Chinatown for a bit, just to see how different it is from Southern California.

Next, we went to some Asian Buffet restaurant that was way far away from The Strip. If not for the long line to get in, the buffet itself was only $15 per person, quite a steal.

Needing to go on a walk after that buffet, we drove to Downtown Las Vegas to check out the Fremont Street Experience.

I did not remember the flightlines being there last time I came to Las Vegas, so that was something neat to see. At $20 per ride, I felt that my money was better off at the casino. Speaking of which, after a good half-hour walk, we drove down to The Strip to see the sights before heading back to the hotel to crash for the night.

Monday morning, we took care of our work, and left Vegas around 1pm. Driving back after the state line, I was slightly surprised to see water on both sides of the freeway following the storms of the previous days.

So that is the extent of this weekend. I hope to make next weekend crazier than this one, since the only direction to go from here is up.