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The 2017 Los Angeles Reptile Super Show returns this weekend to the Fairplex in Pomona. As one of the nation’s largest expo for reptiles, amphibians, turtles, supplies, feed, cages, lights, supplements, educational workshops, and more, this show attracts reptile fans from across the nation to gaze at new potential pets and to stock up on supplies, feed, and other goods for their beloved pets. Open to all ages, visitors can browse through the countless booths and vendors around the expo hall, and potentially pick up some of the animals. None of the animals pose any serious threats to any of the visitors here – any animal that has venom do not have enough of it to injure a human. From the smallest of lizards to heavy snakes to the largest of tortoises and dragons, this expo has an animal to fit anyone’s lifestyle.

The show runs 10am-6pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday, and costs $14 for adults or $9 for children. Get $1 off with a printed coupon available from their website, linked above. Parking costs $10 per vehicle – guests must enter through blue gate 9, located on White Avenue south of Arrow Hwy. Check it out, and discover the joy of the company of these alternative pets.


Arcade Expo 3.0 returns to Banning this upcoming weekend. Taking place at their exclusive facility across from the Banning Municipal Airport, this hall of arcade machines houses hundreds of classic and modern video games for thousands of visitors of all ages to come and relive their childhood. Entertainment types vary from arcades to video game consoles to pinball machines and more. Admission grants all visitors full access to the expo hall for unlimited free play for the duration of the visit. In addition to all the free games available, visitors will find various movies, seminars, vendors, live music, tournaments, and more to keep them occupied. The building that houses the Arcade Expo has various rooms all with different types of arcades in them. The two main rooms represent the main halves of the expo: one half holds all the pinball machines, while the other half holds all the arcade games. The arcade half has hundreds of nostalgic video games, most of which resemble 8-bit games such as those found on the original Nintendo system. While most of the arcade games fall under the category of 8-bit to 16-bit, visitors can find a few modern games, such as Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Beyond the arcade room, visitors can walk outside to find the main stage, where live bands, DJ’s, and speakers set up.

Visitors can find Arcade Expo 3.0 at 700 South Hathaway St across the street from the Banning Municipal Airport. Early arrivals can park for free in the venue’s parking lot; otherwise, visitors should look for street parking nearby. The expo runs from 2:30pm to 12am on Friday, 11am to 2am on Saturday, and 11am to 7pm on Sunday. Adult general admission for Friday and Sunday costs $35. On Saturday, adult admission costs $55. Children admission costs $20 per day. A three-day pass costs $110 for adults or $55 for children. The venue has vending machines and a snack bar, plus they usually invite mobile food vendors and food trucks to keep visitors fed, so bring extra cash for food and drinks. The venue only has one set of restrooms, which almost always has a line. As such, I highly suggest eating and using the restroom prior to traveling to Arcade Expo – visitors can find food throughout Banning, or in Beaumont or Cabazon nearby. If traveling via 10 freeway eastbound, consider passing through Riverside or Redlands as they have lots of food options.

Last year, the bulk of the expo’s action took place in the pinball half of the building. This side contains hundreds of pinball machines, ranging from the traditional classic 2D machines to the modern machines with ramps and lighting effects. A pinball machines exists for virtually any theme in the world, and this expo has a pinball machine for it all. They even have some adult-themed pinball machines, one of which has actual nudity in it.

For more info direct from the source, check out Arcade Expo on Facebook and Twitter.

In India, citizens celebrate the arrival of Spring with the Holi Festival, a time where the people leave their worries & stresses at home to get happy with music and shower others with color. Traditionally, people celebrated with natural colors and traditional music, sometimes even including ritualistic effigy burnings. Today, the entire world has caught on with the Holi festival, and celebrate it 21st century style. Numerous 5K runs across the world incorporate color throws into their races, turning the intensity of a race into more of a “hurry to the next color” fun run. To partake in the shower of colors without the necessity of running, one must seek out an actual Holi celebration, and Southern Californians can find these festivals throughout the area.

This Saturday afternoon, the 2017 Riverside Holi Festival of Colors returns to the fields of Martha McLean Park in Riverside. People of all ages and nationalities will gather on this day to dance and socialize without worrying about mundane activities like work or school. In essence, this festival strongly resembles Woodstock because of the friendliness of all attendees and the entrancing pop music. Admission only costs $5 and comes with free parking, but all guests can only use colors purchased within the festival. The organizers will also invite a few food trucks to keep guests fed. Those not wanting to stand in the crowd of people and colors can opt to join in the communal yoga sessions.

If you do go to a Holi festival or any color run, keep in mind the nature of color throws. Unless you have access to industrial-strength laundry machines, wear old clothes and old shoes – albeit the colors wash off, they tend to remain in nooks & crannies, especially in shoes. If you have asthma or other breathing problems, consider donning a dust mask. If your eyes get irritated easily, either wear sunglasses or goggles. Check the weather too – you may need to apply sunscreen. An important tip to remember – bring spare towels and keep them in your car. Find more information about this weekend’s event and future ones by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. But most important of all – have fun and socialize with everyone. Holi comes once a year, so like New Year’s Eve, let loose and enjoy the day.

Some time after the frozen yogurt fad took off around 2004-2005, the cupcake trend emerged thanks to the opening of Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills. After their success, hundreds of pastry chefs across the nation followed that trend and soon opened up their own cupcakery. Many have tried, yet many have failed due to bad cupcakes. However, some cupcake stores have proven that they deserve to remain in the business. Some television shows have helped to keep cupcakes in the spotlight, such as Cupcake Wars. With cupcake stores all over the place, it takes some time and dedication to discover which ones truly stand out for the quality of their cupcakes. Throughout my travels, my sweet tooth has led me to a bunch of different dessert places, some classic and some inventive. While I always appreciate new and unique desserts, sometimes it helps to go back to the classics, which has led me to My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario.

For over seven years now, My Delight Cupcakery has doled out some of the best cupcakes this side of the Mississippi. During their early years, I recall that they only had their mobile food truck to serve their scrumptious cupcakes out of. Since I discovered My Delight, they have since opened as storefront in a corner of Ontario close to Upland and Montclair. My Delight utilizes organic and all-natural ingredients to give their cupcakes the texture, moisture, and sweetness that makes a cupcake worth it. Prominently, their frosting does not taste overwhelmingly of butter, which many other cupcakeries seem to not pay any attention to. This allows their cupcakes to portray more of the true flavors of the cupcakes rather than the richness found in most other frostings elsewhere. My Delight rotates the flavors of their cupcakes monthly, so while they will always carry their standard lineup of cupcakes, My Delight will also have a great assortment of seasonal flavors.

My Delight understands the art of baking, as evident in their little packages of goodness. Make a road trip to My Delight, and you will not regret it. Check out what My Delight has baking up by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

The Vandals performing Anarchy Burger at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare in Pomona, CA. Filmed on October 19, 2013.

The Vandals performing Urban Struggle at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare in Pomona, CA. Filmed on October 19, 2013.

Craft beer continues to grow in popularity and sales, despite big corporations trying to snuff out the local mom & pop shops. The big guys can do all they want to ensure that they hold a monopoly over the world, but true capitalism means that new breweries will pop up all the time. So many new breweries pop up that I cannot even keep track of them all, so I took it upon myself to explore one of the many clusters of new breweries to see what they have to offer. This past weekend, I ventured out to Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario to see just how far they have come in the local craft beer industry.

My day started at No Clue Craft Brewery in Rancho Cucamonga, where they had celebrated their second anniversary with an Oktoberfest-themed party. No Clue Brew had made their presence well-known in a lot of the local beer festivals, as well as many of Southern California’s craft beer establishments. Visiting for the first time, their menu looks like they brew a handful of Belgian beers in addition to the standard lineup of beer styles typical of most Southern California breweries. For their second anniversary event, they had beers pouring inside and outside, as well as a few food vendors for the day. As a result, they could not serve flights on this day, so I simply settled to sip on their second anniversary India Pale Saison. I could not accurately describe this in words, as I have never tasted a flavor like this. You combine an IPA with a Saison, and you basically have this brew.

Up next, I went around the corner to Hamilton Family Brewery, where they had released their Oktoberfest brew starting this weekend. Now normally when I visit a brewery for the first time, I start with a flight to sample as many of their beers as I can. However, with a special release, I thought I would give their new release a try. True to the style, I got an Oktoberfest beer, and it did remind me of attending an Oktoberfest party, albeit I have never gone to the real thing in Germany. I had known about Hamilton Family Brewery for the longest time when I first heard about their story. While I do not have all the specific details on hand, I do recall that a family sold their home and a lot of their assets in order to open this brewery. That takes guts, and I respect the folks at Hamilton Family Brewery for doing that, as it looks like this risk and investment has paid off.

Next, I went to a brewery that I had searched online for, but did not know anything about. My search brought me to Chino Valley Brewery. This small brewery appears as a place for the locals by the locals. I do not recall seeing them at beer festivals, nor do I recall seeing their brews at any restaurant or bar that I have visited. As such, Chino Valley Brewery represents small-town charm with friendly folks that choose quality over quantity. In fact, the folks here even tipped me off to a handful of other breweries in the area that my initial search did not yield. Thanks to their information, I adjusted my brewery tour from this point, and that brought me to the following locations.

When I receive a brewery suggestion that I never heard of, I make it a priority to visit them, which brought me over to Strum Brewing. Upon arrival, the place looked like a garage or tool shed. Indeed, walking in, I felt like I had entered a place where a bunch of dudes hang out. Still, they had adorned the place with the necessities of any small brewery. They had plenty of furniture out, a water dispenser, music, and games to play. Strum names their beers after generic music terms, since they cannot legally use proper names. They have a decent-sized back area that can house a food truck too. Despite the shoddy outside appearance, Strum actually manages to do a great job on the small brewery vibe.

Following up on another suggestion received at Chino Valley Brewery, I circled back towards No Clue Brew to find that I had just drove right past Kings Brewing Company earlier. Despite not appearing in my brewery search, Kings Brewing appears quite fancy when you walk in. They have a spacious, well-lit interior that looks very pristine and clean. All the monitors around the room help to create a family-friendly vibe, as well as the little bit of outdoor seating that they have. While they have a small brewing system, Kings Brewing has over 25 different beers on tap. For such a new and small brewery to have so many beers already, one would think they brew off-site. However, I got a chance to see their brewing equipment, and it turns out that they simply have multiple small fermenters. Kings looks like one of the top up & coming breweries in the area, and I highly recommend any craft beer fan to check out Kings.

My day in the Inland Empire ended with I & I Brewing in Chino. Named after Bob Marley, I & I has existed for quite some time by now, but I never had a chance to head out to Chino to check them out. After all, as a brewery, they kind of exist out in the middle of nowhere, with no other brewery near them for miles. Regardless, for them to remain in the industry for this long stands as a testament that they know their constituents, and understand the local craft beer market.

Knotty Brewing Grand Opening
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm, September 14
Knotty Brewing, San Diego

A new brewery opens their doors to the public this Wednesday evening in Downtown San Diego. Free to attend, they will have Happy Hour specials from 4pm to 7pm, then $3 pints afterwards.

Heart of Pacific Beach Restaurant Walk
4:00 pm – 9:00 pm, September 14
Downtown Pacific Beach

Take a stroll through Pacific Beach this Tuesday evening and sample on a variety of foods from the local participating restaurants. Admission costs $20 presale or $25 on the day of the event, and includes unlimited food samples while supplies last.

Subhumans: Live in Southern California
8:00 pm – 1:00 am, September 14, The Garage, Ventura
8:00 pm – 1:00 am, September 15, Brick By Brick, Linda Vista, San Diego
8:00 pm – 1:00 am, September 16, The Observatory, Santa Ana
8:00 pm – 1:00 am, September 17, Los Globos, Silverlake

Legendary punk rock band Subhumans currently tours across the west coast, and that tour swings through Southern California this week. Ticket prices and age limits vary with each show, so click on a show’s link for details.

2016 Taste of Downtown San Diego
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm, September 15
Rustic Root, San Diego

Take a stroll through Downtown San Diego as you enjoy food samples from restaurants throughout Downtown San Diego this Thursday evening. For $30 presale or $35 on the day of the event, enjoy food samples from over 40 restaurants in Downtown all serving their flagship foods.

3rd Annual SDBG Golf Tournament
10:00 am – 8:00 pm, September 16
Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Course, San Diego

Play golf and drink craft beer at this charity golf tournament this Friday in San Diego. Registration for this event filled up a while ago, so if this event looks interesting to you, bookmark it for next year!

6th Annual Los Angeles Green Festival Expo
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm, September 16
10:00 am – 6:00 pm, September 17-18
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles

Explore the future of sustainability at this expo in Downtown LA this weekend. Visitors will encounter hundreds of vendors from food to tools and more. Adult admission costs $12 for one day, $22 for Saturday & Sunday, or $35 for all three days. Children enter for free with paid adult admission.

18th Annual Sand Sports Super Show
4:00 pm – 10:00 pm, September 16
9:00 am – 7:00 pm, September 17
9:00 am – 4:00 pm, September 18
OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa

Satiate your adrenaline with the Sand Sports Super Show this weekend at the OC Fairgrounds. See hundreds of ATVs, monster trucks, and many other vehicles all in one space. Admission to this all-ages expo costs $15, while children 12 and under enter free with paid adult admission. Bring extra cash for parking which ranges from $5 to $10.

Savor Santa Ana
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm, September 16
East End, Downtown Santa Ana

Santa Ana gets their very own strolling tasting event this Thursday night! Folks who have attend any Belmont Shore Stroll & Savor will already know the drill. To participate, simply show up, buy a booklet of 12 tickets for $10, and redeem those tickets at participating restaurants in Downtown Santa Ana for yummy samples. In addition, the weekly Downtown Santa Ana farmer’s market will also take place, allowing visitors to browse those wares as well.

California Beer Festival – Ventura
5:30 pm – 9:30 pm, September 16
11:30 am – 5:00 pm, September 17
11:00 am – 6:00 pm, September 18
Mission Park, Downtown Ventura

The California Beer Festival invades Ventura this weekend with three separate events. On Friday, attend a food & beer pairing competition for $60 where five chefs and five brewers compete for the best beer & food pairing in show. Saturday represents their beer tasting event with unlimited beer tastings while supplies last. General admission to this costs $55 and starts at 12:30pm, while VIP admission costs $80 and starts at 11:30am. No one under 21 may attend on Saturday. On Sunday, admission costs $30 and provides access to a plethora of food and beer vendors along with live blues music all day. All attendees will have to pay for food and drinks separately on Sunday.

Bubbles & Botanicals
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, September 16
Fullerton Arboretum, Fullerton

$25 gets you in to the Fullerton Arboretum this Friday night with champagne and appetizers while supplies last. No one under 21 may attend.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden’s 35th Anniversary
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, September 16
Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, Long Beach

Enjoy an elegant evening in Long Beach this Friday complete with food stations, live music, a silent auction, and more. Admission costs $70.

Rebel Bingo
8:00 pm – 11:30 pm, September 16
333 Live, Los Angeles

If you think you know bingo, think again. This psychedelic interactive party takes bingo to extremes. Expect loud music, alcohol, dancing, intoxication, almost-naked people, and much more that you would not tell your grandparents about.

16th Annual Bike Walk & Roll
6:00 am – 6:00 pm, September 17
New Harvest Educational Facility, Norwalk

Join in on this community bike fest going on all day this Saturday starting in Norwalk. This celebration features a multitude of events, from bike rides to a 10k walk to a family fun day to a BBQ competition. All active events start early in the morning, and the website features the full schedule of when every single event starts. From 10am to 6pm, check out a FREE all-ages fair in Norwalk, complete with food, music, games, rides, vendors, arts & crafts, and more.

19th Annual Fleet Week Coronado Speed Festival
8:00 am – 5:00 pm, September 17-18
Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado

This all-ages event features fast-paced, thrilling auto racing and exhibitions for car enthusiasts at one of the most distinctive race track locations, Naval Air Station North Island, the birthplace of Naval Aviation. Nowhere else can you see a variety of cars racing on a live runway used by the U.S. Navy! The two-day festival includes a military pit crew challenge, car show, garage tours, test drives, a vendor village, a stunt show, a special appearance by Red Bull’s Geoff Aaron, and more. General admission presale costs $25 for one day or $35 for the weekend, while tickets at the door will cost $10 more.

12th Annual Moompetam: Native American Festival
9:00 am – 5:00 pm, September 17-18
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach

This weekend celebration will feature traditional cultural crafts, storytelling, educational programs, live demonstrations, music, and dance celebrating the indigenous California maritime cultures, including Tongva, Chumash, Acjachemen, Costanoan, Luiseno, and Kumeyaay. All aquarium visitors gain access to this festival, so anyone with regular aquarium admission can check this event out.

2016 Long Beach Comic Con
9:00 am – 7:00 pm, September 17
9:00 am – 5:00 pm, September 18
Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach

Come to the Long Beach Comic Con this weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center. Fans of comic books, pop culture, cartoons, media, anime/manga, and more will find lots to do, see, and buy at this expo. Saturday costs $30, while Sunday costs $25. Downtown Long Beach contains very few free parking, so either park in the neighborhood east of Alamitos Ave, or take public transportation from elsewhere.

International Tiki Market Place
10:00 am – 3:00 pm, September 17
Don The Beachcomber, Sunset Beach

For $10 admission gain access to a plethora of tiki-themed vendors in Sunset Beach this Saturday afternoon. Admission comes with a $10 voucher for food & drink, so technically you get in for free!

3rd Annual LA River Boat Race
10:00 am – 4:00 pm, September 17
Behind Elysian, Los Angeles

Put your rowing skills and core to the test at this rowing race this Saturday along the LA River. They will have a fun course for those who simply want to participate, and a competitive course for those who want to win.

2016 Long Beach Triathlon & Expo
10:00 am – 4:00 pm, September 17
4:00 am – 10:00 am, September 18
Marina Green, Downtown Long Beach

Test your physical prowess with this triathlon as you swim, run, and bike your way around Downtown Long Beach. An expo where visitors can explore and learn about the triathlon will occur on Saturday at Marina Green, and participating athletes can pick up their race packets at this expo. The actual triathlon starts at 7am on Sunday morning. Registration varies in price, with individual registration costing $140. All participants receive a t-shirt, goodie bag, finisher medal, post-race food & entertainment, a swim cap, and exclusive access to online results & professional photos.

Huntington Beach Surf City Days
10:00 am – 4:00 pm, September 17-18
Downtown Huntington Beach

A handful of events will occur in Downtown Huntington Beach this weekend, including a surfing competition, volleyball tournament, CrossFit competition, classic car show, skating demo, and more. These events cost nothing to attend and spectate, while participation requires registration, of which the deadline has already passed.

9th Annual Orange County Pacific Islander Festival
10:00 am – 5:00 pm, September 17-18
Central Library Park, Huntington Beach

Immerse yourself in Pacific Islander culture at this FREE and all-ages festival this weekend in Huntington Beach. Visitors will find food, live music, entertainment, merchandise, activities, and more.

San Diego Ultimate Women’s Expo
10:00 am – 5:00 pm, September 17-18
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego

This two-day expo in San Diego celebrates women’s culture with shopping, fashion, food, entertainment, cosmetics, career development, travel, financial planning, and more. Other activities include spa treatments, massages, martini & wine tastings, retail therapy, celebrity keynote speakers, endless shopping, samples, and more. Admission to the expo costs only $10.

Book Lovers Craft Fair
10:00 am – 6:00 pm, September 17-18
Whimsic Alley, Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles

Free to attend for all ages, check out dozens of vendors selling books, literature accessories, and more.

San Diego Gourmet Pizza Fest
11:00 am – 2:00 pm, September 17
NTC Liberty Station, San Diego

$35 gets you in to this tasting event where you get to try samples of gourmet pizzas from throughout San Diego County while supplies last. Admission also includes seven craft beer samples. No one under 21 may attend.

4th Annual Long Beach Folk Revival Festival
11:00 am – 11:00 pm, September 17
Rainbow Lagoon Park, Long Beach

This all-ages event will showcase over 20 folk and roots music acts. Other highlights include the Port of Long Beach Kids Pumpkin Patch, Polly’s Pies pie-eating contest, and the LB Beard Advocates mustache/beard contest. Local craft breweries and a variety of food trucks will serve food & drinks to attendees. General admission costs $40, while VIP admission costs $75 and includes access to a VIP lounge area. No one under 21 may attend as a VIP.

2nd Annual Sundown Music Festival
11:00 am – 9:00 pm, September 17-18
Huntington State Beach, Huntington Beach

Party on the beach with music, art, booze, wild women, and more this weekend in Huntington Beach. Admission costs $75 for one day or $139 for both days. No one under 21 may attend.

4th Annual OC Fest of Ales
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm, September 17
Center Street Promenade, Anaheim

OC Fest of Ales returns to Downtown Anaheim this Saturday afternoon. The $70 admission grants you access to unlimited food AND beer while supplies last, plus a souvenir cup and bottle opener. Guests will also find all the usual beer festival festivities, such as games, live music, a homebrew competition, vendors, and more. No one under 21 may attend.

Summer Send Off Beer Festival 2016 + Inland Empire Beer Week 2016 Kickoff
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm, September 17
Riverside Municipal Airport, Riverside

A beer festival will take place in Riverside this Saturday afternoon to mark the close of the summer season as well as kick off this year’s Inland Empire Beer Week. General admission costs $35 and starts at 1pm while VIP admission costs $45 and starts at 12pm. All attendees receive a souvenir glass and unlimited beer samples while supplies last. No one under 21 may attend.

3rd Annual Montebello Art Walk
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm, September 17
Montebello City Park, Montebello

At this FREE and all-ages event, find artist, vendors, food trucks, live art demos, raffles, music, and more.

4th Annual Brewer’s Chili Cookoff
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm, September 17
Select Beer Store, Redondo Beach

A handful of Southern Californian breweries will collide at Select Beer Store this Saturday for an all-day chili cookoff featuring chili made by the brewers as well as beers from the breweries on tap. Chili tasting starts at 4pm, while the beers will flow all day.

Grand Opening of Ocean Beach Tasting Room & Sour Bottle Release
12:00 pm – 12:00 am, September 17
Belching Beaver, Ocean Beach

Belching Beaver will open the doors to the public at their new location in Ocean Beach this Saturday, and they will also release a new sour ale as well. This grand opening event has no cover charge – simply show up, and enjoy a cold one or two.

3rd Annual Horton’s Hayride
1:00 pm – 12:00 am, August 22
S. S. Lane Victory, San Pedro

Enjoy live music at this all-day all-ages rockabilly festival from the great sets of the Reverend Horton Heat, The Bouncing Souls, and more, and check out the great food, classic cars, and pinup models. Tickets to this event cost only $25.

Downey International Food & Music Festival 2016
4:00 pm – 11:00 pm, September 17
Downey Ave & 3rd St, Downey

Downtown Downey will bustle with activity this Saturday evening. On Downey Avenue in downtown, visitors of all ages can walk the street for free to check out local restaurants serving food here, plus a beer & wine garden, kids’ zone, live music, and an outdoor movie at night.

78th Annual LA Chinatown Moon Festival
5:00 pm – 11:00 pm, September 17
Chinatown, Los Angeles

Chinese Thanksgiving celebrations continue this Saturday in Chinatown with their annual Moon (Cake) Festival. Free to attend for all ages, participants celebrate by eating mooncakes, mini pastries that may contain up to 2,000 calories each. In addition, guests can see kung fu demos, lion dancers, live music, food trucks, ping pong tournaments, and more. Guests can find free street parking beyond Spring St. or close to LA State Historic Park.

OC Roller Girls – School of Hard Blocks
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, September 17
The Rinks, Huntington Beach

Watch intense & brutal girl-on-girl action at this roller derby bout this Saturday night in Huntington Beach. Tickets to this roller derby bout cost $15.

3rd Annual Taps & Tapas Craft Beer & Food Festival
1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, September 18
Fiesta Hall, Uptown Whittier

Savor the local flavor of Uptown Whittier at this food & beer tasting event this Sunday afternoon in Uptown Whittier. At this event, attendees will get treated to eats from over 20 local restaurants and sips from over 30 different craft beers from over 20 different breweries. General admission costs $60 and starts at 2:30pm, while VIP admission costs $80 and starts at 1pm. All attendees receive unlimited food and beer samples while supplies last. No one under 21 may attend.

1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, September 18
Alpine Village, Torrance

This Sunday afternoon, instead of the usual German beers, Torrance’s Alpine Village will have a handful of craft beers for their Oktoberfest event. Admission costs $15 presale or $20 at the door, and gets you ten 2oz beer pours plus admission to the Oktoberfest celebration. No one under 21 may attend.

The Vandals performing Ape Drape at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare in Pomona, CA. Filmed on October 19, 2013.

The Vandals performing It’s A Fact at Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare in Pomona, CA. Filmed on October 19, 2013.