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Modern desserts look a lot different than they did a few decades ago. While a lot of traditional desserts still exist, their appearance and method for making them have gradually changed over time. Thanks to the prevalence of social media, food appearance matters more than ever. On top of people wanting food that looks good, methods for creating such food has changed much over time as well. For example, decades ago, very few thought to create instant ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Makers had to make a batch of ice cream and store it in a freezer of an ice cram machine. Now with the spread of liquid nitrogen, lots of places can now create fresh ice cream instantly, such as at Scoops N Scoops Creamery.

The use of liquid nitrogen in cuisine has spread far by now, and Scoops N Scoops Creamery utilizes that technique to get creative. Scoops N Scoops Creamery has all the necessary tools that one would expect of a place that does liquid nitrogen ice cream – they can create any flavor on their menu that a customer requests, and they can add toppings to any order. However, Scoops N Scoops Creamery does something a little different at their little shop – they can put their ice cream inside a macaroon to create a Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich. The name says it all – you get Scoops N Scoops Creamery’s fresh ice cream, and place it between two macaroon halves to create a giant ice cream sandwich. The small size costs $5 but grants you two heaping scoops of the ice cream flavor of your choice. At just a small, you would still need a spoon to eat one of the scoops before you can think of eating this like an actual sandwich and picking it up by hand.

Scoops N Scoops Creamery currently has two locations: Irvine and Chino Hills. If you seek a fun and delicious dessert to sate your sweet tooth, head on over to Scoops N Scoops Creamery and try their Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich today. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to see what else they have to offer.

History has shown us that certain food ingredients go very well together. For example, resources show that the idea of the sandwich originated in the 18th century. The simple notion of using bread to hold meat and other fillings in place led to a massive food revolution of using some solid ingredient to hold in various other ingredients that typically do not hold on its own. These fillers include meat, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings. Over time, the sandwich has evolved and branched out into various other means of holding food, such as hot dogs, wraps, tacos, burritos, (pita) pockets, filled pastries, and more. While historically these forms have mainly applied to savory foods, these forms can also apply in a dessert manner. The ice cream sandwich has appeared the most common, while we have also seen desserts like cannolis, ice cream tacos, cookie sandwiches, among others. If you want to know more about these “others,” look no further than Churro Borough.

Here to deliver something new to the millennials that crave unique finds, Churro Borough has the goods to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. As their name suggests, Churro Borough specializes in churros, that sweet cinnamon dough stick that many children across the country recognize as an awesome warm affordable treat. Churros exist almost anywhere, especially at Costco food courts where each one costs only a dollar and measures almost two feet long. Churro Borough makes their churros fresh to order, so customers know that they will receive a churro made just for them. Even better, Churro Borough does more than just make traditional churros – they can weave the churros into shapes, which lends well to their Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches. Since Churro Borough makes their churros fresh, they can tuile the churros into a circular spiral shape to create what looks like a churro cookie. From here, one can guess how they form the next step: a heaping scoop of your choice of hand-churned ice cream meets two of the aforementioned churro cookies. This creates a sweet, soft, messy treat sure to please anyone’s dessert cravings. Take note: fresh churros means heat, so these sandwiches cannot sit very long until the ice cream starts to melt, so enjoy these treats immediately!

Does your sweet tooth feel tempted by now? Head on over to Churro Borough in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles to see what everyone has raved about. You can score your own Churro Ice Cream Sandwich for just under $5. To see what else Churro Borough has concocting in their kitchen, check them on out Facebook and Twitter for further news and photos.

The word “Moody” best describes the weather in Southern California. One day, you can lay out in the warm sun on the beach. The next moment, you could get rained on for a few minutes. Suddenly, the sun may pop out again. Southern Californians have learned to not trust weather forecasts so much, but to simply stick their heads out their windows in the morning to get a feel of the daily weather. We never can accurately predict the weather, so Southern Californians usually prepare for the middle range temperatures. For those hot days this season, finding a cool treat may hit the spot to keep you cool. When traveling around the greater Los Angeles area, stay vigilant for these five cold treats that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth while cooling you down.

5. Chunk N Chip‘s Ice Cream Sammiches (any flavor)

Soft oven-warm cookies with hand-scooped ice cream best describes how people should eat a real ice cream sandwich. Chunk N Chip does just that with their simple yet unique design. With Chunk N Chip, you get to build your own ice cream sammich by selecting up to two cookie flavors and up to two ice cream flavors. They offer between three to six different kinds of cookies, and four to eight different kinds of ice cream at any given time. The best part? Chunk N Chip comes to YOU. They either roll out in a little ice cream truck, or they bring a booth to set up. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a handmade ice cream sammich.

4. Fluff Ice‘s Peach Me

So the picture may not do it justice, but I tried this one first, and I always go back to it. What do you get when you cross ice cream with shave ice? You get Fluff Ice! Known as shaved snow to the common world, Fluff Ice can really quench your thirst with their refreshing take on flavored shave ice. Much like how slicing prime rib turns into roast beef, slicing whole ice cream/sherbet/sorbet blocks turn into Fluff Ice. Sure you can design your own, but of all the pre-made creations, the Peach Me stands out as the crowd favorite. They use peach fluff and top it with egg pudding (similar to custard or flan), lychee jelly, and sweetened condensed milk. This sweet and sour creation keeps you cool and cools you down further with its tartness. You can find Fluff Ice in Monterey Park, Arcadia, or Costa Mesa, or you can wait for their truck to swing by you!

3. Pono Burger‘s Salted Caramel & Niman Ranch Bacon Bits Milkshake

Traditionally, people never think to add savory elements into dessert. The turn of the century has shattered that old perception, and we now can encounter said savory elements in dessert, such as the one at Pono Burger. “If you blog about burgers, why mention them in a dessert post?” Why yes, I have written about Pono Burger in the past. They craft some of the most amazing burgers west of the Mississippi River. But I have an irk about one-trick ponies, and I generally tend to avoid them. Luckily, Pono Burger does more than just one trick, as evidenced in their Salted Caramel & Niman Ranch Bacon Bits Milkshake. Caramel milkshakes exist all over the place, but have you drank one with sea salt and bacon bits in it? Add some zing to your meal by ordering this baby the next time you visit Pono Burger for one of their yummy burgers. This milkshake will bring YOU to the yard.

2. Lazy Ox Canteen‘s Butterscotch Pudding

For you fancy people out there, Downtown Los Angeles has all you could fathom to throw your money at. But if you could throw your money at one place, choose the Lazy Ox Canteen, the wise choice. This small upscale restaurant just outside of Little Tokyo chooses quality over quantity when they prepare their powerhouse dishes. Aside from their stellar entrées, Lazy Ox also whips out fancy drinks and desserts, such as their Butterscotch Pudding. This simple yet effective chilled treat comes with a dollop of crème fraîche and a mini biscotti cookie. Wholesome, filling, and low on guilt, the Butterscotch Pudding takes comfort food to a new level, and will remind you of dessert from your childhood.

1. Hula Girls Shave Ice‘s Pineapple Dole Whip Shave Ice

Southern Californians recognize Disneyland for not just the amusement aspects, but for their food as well. Disney kitchens have churned out some of the most unique foods the world has seen, so when other places can produce similar products they may even taste better, the locals flock to it. I used to swear by Disneyland’s corn dogs until I discovered The Viking Truck. Finally, locals can now find the beloved Pineapple Dole Whip at Hula Girls Shave Ice. Hula Girls serves Hawaiian shave ice and soft serve ice cream out of their little shop down in Huntington Beach. What makes them stand out relates to Disneyland, as Hula Girls serves Pineapple Dole Whip soft serve. Combining their products together, you get a Pineapple Dole Whip Shave Ice, where shave ice with the flavors of your choice sit on top of a swirl of Pineapple Dole Whip soft serve. Enjoy this classic that Disneyland fans rave about without having to pay the exorbitant price to enter the theme park by visiting Hula Girls Shave Ice.

When people think about dessert, they often imagine sweet treats. Where does this conception of sweet dessert derive from? Upon searching for definitions of dessert, the word usually appears quite often. One dictionary defines dessert as a usually sweet dish usually served at the end of a meal. Why do you suppose civilization has come to the acceptance of sweet desserts? Sources say that humans wanted to balance meals that almost always contained salt or savory flavors, so they added something sweet to follow up. Any respectable health and/or fitness person will tell you not to balance salt with sweet, but instead to chug water to balance the pH levels in the body. Basic science experiments in school teach us that salt absorbs water, which dehydrates humans, while sugar inflates water, which bloats humans. Conclusively, if humans consume a savory meal without drinking adequate water, a sweet dessert would attempt to inflate the water in our bodies, but since the salt absorbed the water, the sugar will inflate other fluids, leading to fat gain. Lesson learned: always drink water with every meal. However, I now digress – you probably now crave something sweet after taking all that in. Continue reading to discover five bacon desserts in the Greater Los Angeles Area that you ought to seek out this season.

5. Chunk N Chip‘s The Elvis

Desserts date back to ancient civilizations, when humans consumed raw products like fruit, honey, and nuts. Over time, as foods evolve, taste evolves too. Time gets to a point where we finally get to do and try things we always wanted to as children, but could not due to age restrictions. When Elvis Presley grew up, he finally could eat peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwiches to his heart’s content. Those who have not heard of The Elvis may not immediately find this type of sandwich appetizing, but the folks at Chunk N Chip have discovered a fun way of delivering the legacy. Their version of The Elvis consists of bananas foster ice cream and candied bacon sandwiched between two warm peanut butter cookies. The bacon carries a texture similar to candied pecans, or pralines, but with its trademark salty meaty flavor. In this ice cream sandwich, the bacon adds a crunchy texture to an otherwise soft and gooey treat. Chunk N Chip changes their daily selection, so if you crave The Elvis, contact them on Facebook or Twitter and ask when they plan to carry this. Who says no to bacon for dessert?

4. Suite 106 Cupcakery‘s Pancakes N’ Bacon Cupcake

Shown on right

Some time after the frozen yogurt fad took off around 2004-2005, the cupcake trend emerged thanks to the opening of Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills. After their success, hundreds of pastry chefs across the nation followed that trend and soon opened up their own cupcakery. Many have tried, yet many have failed due to bad cupcakes. However, some cupcake stores have proven that they deserve to remain in the business. While Suite 106 Cupcakery lacks their own independent storefront, they make up for it with their moist and delicious cupcakes. Located inside the Victoria Gardens food court in Rancho Cucamonga, Suite 106 utilizes organic and all-natural ingredients to give their cupcakes the texture, moisture, and sweetness that makes a cupcake worth it. Prominently, their frosting does not taste overwhelmingly of butter, which many other cupcakeries seem to not pay any attention to. This allows their cupcakes to portray more of the true flavors of the cupcakes rather than the richness found in most other frostings elsewhere. On weekends, their cupcake rotation includes the popular Pancakes N’ Bacon Cupcakes, a buttermilk spice cake topped with spiced bacon buttercream, real bacon bits, and maple syrup. The concept of bacon cupcakes started just a few years ago, yet many of those so-called bacon cupcakes fail to accurately balance the saltiness of the bacon with the sweetness of the cupcake, not to mention all the terrible frostings I have attempted to taste. Suite 106 understands the art of baking, as evident in their little packages of goodness. Make a road trip to Suite 106, and you will not regret it.

3. Chapter One: The Modern Local‘s Bourbon Bacon Banana Donut

I blame the saturation of generic donut shops across the nation for the poor conception of donuts. In a similar vein to old food trucks, generic donut shops cause most people to view donuts as cheap sugar foods that police like to eat out of convenience. No one ever took donuts seriously until Krispy Kreme expanded in the late 1990’s. Their significant improvements on donuts paved the way for chefs and restaurant owners to attempt their skills at further improving the donut. If you seek one of these superior donuts, look no further than Chapter One: The Modern Local. This little restaurant in Downtown Santa Ana pushes the limits of quality in food, drinks, and service. With an amazing selection of eats & drinks, they constantly hold a full house on weekends. Perhaps everyone crowds around the bar because of their infamous Bourbon Bacon Banana Donut. Take a banana donut, layer it with bourbon maple frosting, marmalade, and cocoa nibs, then brûlée a banana with candied bacon bits, and sit it on top of the donut. This treat attracts eyes everywhere, which will envy anyone ordering this epic donut. The rich donut carries more density than standard donuts, so I suggest splitting the donut if possible. Once you do finally get to dig in to this donut, remember to scoop a little of every ingredient in each bite. All ingredients contribute to the dish, so you do not want to miss any feature of it.

2. The Factory Gastropub‘s Breakfast For Dessert

The media does an evil job of portraying sweets for breakfast. When kids watch commercials saying “Trix are for kids,” they program into their minds that they should eat that sugary cereal for breakfast. Sadly, many cereals oriented towards kids carry more sugar than a candy bar. I mean, how can anyone consider Lucky Charms an acceptable breakfast? Marshmallows have no place at the breakfast table. Real people eat bacon for breakfast! But what if you want to enjoy your bacon breakfast later in the day? If you so please, you can have your bacon breakfast and eat it later in the day too at The Factory Gastropub in the Bixby Knolls community of Long Beach. In this quaint neighborhood, The Factory attracts gourmet food and craft beer lovers from all over to soak in the smooth atmosphere in a quiet setting. The taps pour local brews, while the kitchen cooks up local organic and sustainable ingredients. They love to experiment with food often, and will host special dinner nights every now and then as test plates for customers to try. When an experiment works, it earns a spot on their menu. In the case of Breakfast For Dessert, this genius idea easily won hearts and a permanent spot on the dessert menu. This plate receives a scoop of peanut butter ice cream, sea salt focaccia French toast, stout-chocolate-covered bacon, and maple syrup. With as much butter as they use in the French toast, you would swear Paula Deen made this dish. The stout they use for the bacon depends on the current stout on tap. Fast food has capitalized on the idea of breakfast any time of the day, so when a local restaurant seizes this idea, one can expect great things to churn out of the kitchen. To get your bacon, breakfast, and dessert all on the same plate, head to The Factory and order the Breakfast For Dessert.

1. Animal Restaurant‘s Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar

If it moos, oinks, baas, clucks, coos, or swims, you can eat it. Only the brave can stomach what the public does not accept as “normal” food. But when has conformity stopped anyone from doing what they want to do? The media explains the acceptance of eating chicken, pork, and beef, but at the same time, the media loves to display groups like PETA, providing a contradictory stance of survival of the fittest. As such, most people find it unacceptable to eat meats like lamb, venison, wild boar, and more. In addition, most people do not consider all parts of an animal as food, and thanks to the media, the general public shuns the notion of eating animal parts like offals, guts, and other appendages. When cooked right, people have nothing to fear, and the lads at Animal Restaurant boldly go where no chef has gone before – into the hearts of the animals. A legendary institution of Fairfax, the folks at Animal treat every party of an animal’s body with utmost care and equality. They do not discriminate against which part of the animal goes into a dish, believing in reducing waste by consuming everything. The main menu changes monthly depending on the market’s offerings, but the dessert menu remains fairly consistent. When you carry something famous like the Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar, you would think twice about modifying that section of the menu. This dense bar of chocolate and bacon gets served with salt & pepper ice cream and vanilla bean powder. Take a moment to understand the constituents of the plate. First off, look at that Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar. They carefully layer the bar to appear like a glorified bacon strip after slicing it. No term can accurately describe the bar, since its high density makes it beyond a cake. Now look at that ball of ice cream… Salt & Pepper ice cream. They took it a step beyond vanilla bean ice cream and made their own unique ice cream flavor, tasting like a cold creamy treat of salt and pepper. I dare you to find salt and pepper ice cream like this anywhere else in the world. Just to bring things back into perspective, the plate gets topped off with vanilla bean powder. Do not underestimate the small stature of this plate – this dense bar will easily fill up one person, so take care of yourself and whoever else you bring here by splitting the bar and ice cream. Everybody wins in this case.

Eat dessert first.