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Fame: a status that people all over the world desire to attain. In one degree or another, people desire some level of fame that they themselves define. Everybody defines fame differently to a different scope, so one person’s idea of fame can exist on an entirely different plane than another person’s. Local fame can exist when the local community looks up to a person, group, or business. Wider scopes of fame can exist when brought to the attention of all those other people, such as through marketing, advertising, radio, television, and more. Of course, landing a spot on an outlet that reaches many people faces tough competition, and not everyone can attain that. Local fame helps in that regard, and can bolster the spread of that fame. Getting on television usually represents one of the greatest forms of broad advertising, so opportunities to get on television have high competition. Luckily, Grill ‘Em All had what it took to get on television, and since then, everything has gone up for them.

Back in 2010, the Great Food Truck Race debuted on Food Network, which featured a handful of gourmet food trucks that included Grill ‘Em All as a contestant. The Grill ‘Em All crew emerged victorious, claiming the coveted $50,000 grand prize, which went towards a restaurant that they would eventually open in Alhambra in early 2013. Now two years in business, Grill ‘Em All has cemented a solid foundation. Locals cannot stop talking about them, and travelers from across the world anticipate visiting this legendary heavy metal restaurant. In fact, many influential figures in music, metal or not, have appeared at Grill ‘Em All for meet & greets, or just to dine in. Grill ‘Em All has more than just the music theme going for them – their food deserves to sit on the top shelf, a testament to the high caliber set by all the other trendy hip restaurants in Southern California. The transition from food truck to restaurant allowed them to increase the menu items offered, but they still kept the fan favorites on the menu, including the legendary Behemoth. If you could choose one menu item to represent the flagship of Grill ‘Em All, everyone would choose this mammoth grilled cheese burger. When I say grilled cheese burger, I do not refer to a patty melt – I mean a burger placed between two grilled cheese sandwiches used as the “buns” of the burger. Basically, you have four slices of bread with this burger, bacon, BBQ sauce, grilled onions, pickles, and three layers of cheddar cheese: one on the all-beef patty, and a layer in each of the grilled cheese sandwiches. This basically represents a western-style cheeseburger with the BBQ sauce, onions, and cheese, except that instead of hamburger buns, you hold onto two grilled cheese sandwiches to devour this burger. I hope you have a monstrous appetite to down this – all that bread will make this burger a tough foe to thwart.

If you still have yet to visit Grill ‘Em All, why not start with their flagship burger? You can challenge this monster for just $12. Come glimpse at the beast that gave rise to the legacy known as Grill ‘Em All.


Dining out has changed drastically over the past few decades. In the early 1990’s, restaurants had a very homely feel to them, especially since social media and portable media devices did not exist back then. Most restaurants had “safe” menus that generally contained foods that people expected to see, and few chefs in the 90’s dared to serve anything out of the ordinary. Over time, the rise of portable media devices and social media, along with the progressive minds of the current generation of millennials, paved the way for chefs to start experimenting and devising new menu items. Industry news and food trends affected how chefs constructed their menus; for example, many restaurants started serving kale following the rising popularity of it in 2013. Food trends changed constantly, and just like technology, the general populace must keep up with these changes, or fall behind the times. Southern Californian locals never have to worry about falling behind the times when dining at Grill ‘Em All in Alhambra.

Now two years into their restaurant in Alhambra, Grill ‘Em All has cemented quite a legacy over time. Locals cannot stop talking about them, and travelers from across the world anticipate visiting this legendary heavy metal restaurant. In fact, many influential figures in music, metal or not, have appeared at Grill ‘Em All for meet & greets, or just to dine in. Grill ‘Em All has more than just the music theme going for them – their food deserves to sit on the top shelf, a testament to the high caliber set by all the other trendy hip restaurants in Southern California. Anyone can create a list of the best burgers in Southern California, but they bring shame to Southern Californian burgers if they do not list Grill ‘Em All. I can go on and on about this, but to prove my point, just take a look at their rotating burgers of the month. Grill ‘Em All has concocted some crazy inventions in the past, and after going a safe route in February with a classic take on a burger, Grill ‘Em All goes the extra distance with their March burger of the month, The Sadistic Magician A.K.A. The Papa Shango. Named after the song and the wrestler, this burger dips into the breakfast-for-dinner food trend with its creative use of blueberry pancakes for the buns. As for the rest of the burger, a half-pound all-beef patty gets cooked medium-rare and topped with a breakfast sausage patty, bacon, and cheddar cheese, all on a spread of apple butter. You read that right – you get meat three ways in here with the burger, the bacon, and the sausage. The apple butter really helps to accentuate the blueberries in the pancakes, which keeps its form rather well despite holding up a large weight. For best results, flip this burger upside-down the moment you receive it. That way, the bottom pancake will not get too soggy from absorbing the burger’s juices and the apple butter.

Food trends in the past few years dictate that society accepts the notion of breakfast for dinner. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind burger at Grill ‘Em All in Alhambra during the month of March 2015 for just $12. Savor what a heavy metal mind can deliver on a plate.

When you ask Americans what they envision of as “American” food, what do you suppose they think of? Most commonly, responses will include hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, and pizza. Although Americans easily recognize these foods, they all have origins outside of America – hamburgers and hot dogs descended from a German background, while pizza and wings came to us from Italian influences. Instead, Americans categorize food by regions where certain foods reign prominent. For example, Americans often associate barbecue with Memphis, Kansas, or Texas. As another example, a classic food battle exists with pizza between Chicago and New York. Most people who have not traveled to Chicago may not comprehend Chicago’s pizza, which lends way to the dominant abundance of New York style pizza commonly found at your local pizzeria. New York itself exists as a grand mecca for many popular food styles, not forgetting that the infamous Cronut originated there. New York has also served as the inspiration of many different foods all over the world, and Grill ‘Em All certainly has a New York state of mind this month.

Famously known as the winner of the first season of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, Grill ‘Em All has since evolved from a food truck to their very own brick & mortar restaurant in Alhambra. The theme has not faded away in the slightest – they still sling hamburgers with a heavy metal influence, except now with a full kitchen, they can crank up the volume in more ways than one. With more room comes more content coming our way, such as craft beer availability, special guest appearances, and wrestling themes. Grill ‘Em All uses the latter as a component of the inspiration behind their burgers of the month, such as with December 2014’s burger of the month, The Manowar A.K.A. Tommy Dreamer. Paying tribute to heroes of New York, this monumental burger basically contains two meals in one. The burger basics all reside here: a 1/2-pound beef burger cooked medium rare, mozzarella cheese, arugula, and garlic-buttered buns. The New York style comes in with marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, and the kicker: Funyun-coated deep-fried lasagna. Yeah, that sounds like something one would encounter at a state fair. The lasagna by itself qualifies as a standalone meal, but thrown on top of an all-beef patty, then you have a wallop of a burger. Deciphering how to eat this may pose a challenge. I advise against pressing it down to get it to the optimal size to fit in it your jaw, as that will not only squeeze the sauces and juices out, but break the lasagna. You can tackle this any way you want, but I will suggest two primary methods of breaking this down. For maximal enjoyment, cut this burger into slices/wedges to get every flavor in each bite. For minimal mess, split it in half horizontally by removing the lasagna off the beef patty, creating two open-faced sandwiches. Using the latter means that you would either have to make two cuts to get all the flavor in one bite, or taste something different with each bite.

With colder days coming, this gargantuan burger fits the season quite well. Trek on over to Grill ‘Em All in Alhambra this month, where you can smash your own Manowar for $15, and get a taste of New York in your mouth.

While most people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day traditionally on March 17th, a handful of alternative thinkers celebrate Irish culture differently throughout the year. Some people hold an Irish festival in September, and some people hold an Irish festival in June. Other times, people simply rock the heritage. Whether you come from an Irish clan or just love the culture, we can all agree that the general populace appreciates the Irish lifestyle. Big corporations have taken advantage of this by marketing Americanized versions of traditional Irish products, such as Guinness and Irish food. While Guinness tastes like liquid paper here in the United States, the Guinness in Ireland actually resembles craft beer. Much like how corporate fast food chains have destroyed the perception of Mexican and Chinese food, the media has grossly portrayed what Americans refer to as either Irish food or Scottish food as authentic. However, what we have in America bears little to no representation of the real thing; for example, that explains why haggis in America looks and tastes nothing like haggis in Scotland. Few places get it right, and when places get it right, people talk. When Grill ‘Em All gave it a whirl, people definitely talked about it.

It appears that Grill ‘Em All visits a different country each month in a never-ending tour to discover the culinary depths of each destination. Grill ‘Em All rose to fame as the winner of the first season of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, and since then, things have only gone up from there for these guys. Just a little under two years ago, they opened the doors to their brick & mortar restaurant in Alhambra, opening the doors to greater heights. This restaurant allows them to not only produce a greater volume of orders, but also experiment with new potential menu items. This experimentation led to the notion of a Burger of the Month, where they devise something so crazy that they can only serve it for a month before it loses its flame. This month, the guys visit Ireland for the inspiration behind the Thin Lizzy A.K.A. The Vince McMahon. Named after an Irish rock band, the Thin Lizzy basically resembles a shepherd’s pie on a burger. A half-pound burger gets topped with cheddar cheese, while a shepherd’s pie consisting of seasoned mince, peas, carrots, mashed potatoes, and duck gravy cooks on the side. Once the shepherd’s pie component finishes cooking, it jumps on top of the burger, completely smothering it with the gravy and mince juices. Just to add the cherry on top, you still get a hot-buttered bun to attempt to devour this like a traditional burger. I originally anticipated utilizing a fork and knife to plow through this, but I just had to witness a bunch of guys at the restaurant barbarically manhandling this burger with their bare hands. Undaunted, I smashed my face into this hot face mask and never looked back. I would have preferred to add a bit of hot sauce or something to add a zing to it, as this burger has an otherwise mild flavor. Instead, you end up with a hearty balanced meal, perfect for this month when the weather starts to cool down.

No Lizzy would feel thin after conquering this creation. Whether the weather calls for it, you can smash your own Thin Lizzy at Grill ‘Em All in Alhambra for just $13 during the month of November 2014.

Music knows no boundaries. From the melancholy three chords of punk rock to the rocking beats of EDM, music transcends boundaries and translates universally across the world. Even genres that have a heavy regional fan base may have artists of that genre across the world. For example, I recently discovered a death metal band from South Korea. No body of water can separate music from spreading across the world. Speaking of bodies of water, as a popular musician once said, “Fish don’t gots no good metal to listens to.” The ocean holds many vast mysteries, yet never get any good music for listening to. Nobody ever really has to worry about that though, since the ocean holds so much delicious food. Except for those with specific food allergies, people all over the world appreciate seafood, but do not get to enjoy it as often as they would like. Luckily this month, Grill ‘Em All gives you the chance to savor their food while munching on some underwater eats.

Breaking down all borders, even the nonexistent ones, Grill ‘Em All takes no prisoners when deciphering new burgers to serve up. They come up with burgers so off-the-charts that they can only serve it for a month. Some of their ridiculous burgers with enough favor from the fans remain on their menu permanently. Take the Behemoth, for example – a bacon cheeseburger where grilled cheese sandwiches replace the buns, totaling four slices of bread total in this thing. Grill ‘Em All has taken that concept and stepped up their game this month for this month’s feature burger, The Leviathan A.K.A. The Face Melt A.K.A. The Shark Boy. This reimagined patty melt starts with a half-pound beef patty cooked medium rare, topped with beer-soaked onions and Swiss cheese, then sandwiched between two tuna melt sandwiches made with albacore tuna, cheddar cheese, and marble rye bread. Basically, take the concept of using sandwiches as buns from the Behemoth, and throw that concept onto a patty melt, except add some tuna in the sandwich buns. If ordered unaltered, I highly suggest requesting extra tuna in the melts such that the melts resemble actual tuna melt sandwiches, as one can barely detect the default amount of tuna. They claim to purposely put little tuna as to not overwhelm the palate. However, if you plan to vanquish this Deep Sea Behemoth, you might as well go big, or not go at all.

Think you have what it takes to conquer this menace of the deep? Trek on over to Grill ‘Em All in Alhambra this month and put $14 down on the table for your shot at this trophy for your wall.

When talking about something that markets well, people see how well something will perform around the world. Things that people in any country can connect with usually indicate that it works well with or without translation. For example, instrumental music works very well across the world due to a lack of lyrics binding it to one language. Take a look at the history of Lindsey Stirling – she originally appeared on America’s Got Talent, where a judge criticized her that her performance would not market well. Well it turns out that a young attractive violinist that can dance, sing, and mix dubstep could market very well on an international level. The significance of the international market greatly influences any business decision from the top of the corporate ladder all the way down to daily exchanges. Besides music, food translates very well around the world. Everybody around the world has to eat, so food makes for a great way to sell a brand or concept in other regions. When regions clash, you end up with fusion, which Grill ‘Em All has stepped up this month at their restaurant in Alhambra.

Now paying homage to the eastern world this month, Grill ‘Em All continues to ramp up their repertoire of burgers so off-the-charts that they can only serve it for a month. Just like the nature behind the restaurant, expect no formalities at Grill ‘Em All – heavy metal reverberates between the walls here, breaking down any and all barriers, yet accepting all who enter the doors to Valhalla. These doors extend all the way around the world, and this month, those doors greet South Korean death metal band Tokkaebi, roughly translating to goblin. Much like how punk rock has gone global, death metal reaches all corners of the world. To honor death metal around the world, Grill ‘Em All creates this Korean-inspired burger by topping a half-pound beef patty with kimchi (spiced pickled veggies) and Gochujang (savory hot sauce), then placing it over a pajeon (Korean-style pancake), bulgogi (Korean beef), lettuce, and sriracha sauce (really spicy sauce). Although this sounds like a spice attack, everything else in the burger contains the heat rather well. Of particular note, the bulgogi stands out the most. The way that Grill ‘Em All grills the bulgogi makes it crisp with a unique caramelized taste. If you happen to pluck out a piece of the bulgogi to eat by itself, you may find yourself craving only that ingredient.

Grill ‘Em All also calls this the Wing Kanemura, which refers to a wrestler if you Google that name. How a wrestler relates to a death metal band, I have yet to discover; perhaps the wrestler used the band’s music as an entrance theme? But I digress – you have until the end of this month (read: next week!) to snag a Tokkaebi Burger at Grill ‘Em All for just $12! Now that Lent has ended, you have no excuse for bringing yourself, your friends, and your family over to Grill ‘Em All for a taste of the East!

The great American dream typically encompasses owning a business. Everybody holds a different idea of standing at the top. Some want to own a large company, while others simply want to own a local business. Depending on the type of business, barriers to entry exist, thus creating problems for those wanting to jump right into the water without testing it. In the food & beverage industry, anyone may attempt to own a restaurant, but maintaining that business through the initial year poses the greatest uphill climb. With today’s food & beverage infrastructure, for anyone wanting to own a restaurant, starting out with a food truck yields tremendous experience with working with food and staff, while not costing as much as a full-fledged restaurant. While some restaurant owners acquire a food truck later as an extension of the restaurant, more often than not the truck comes before the restaurant, as the truck owner/renter seeks to own a restaurant. To witness a great example of the reward for the perseverance of owning a food truck for years, head to Alhambra tomorrow for the grand opening of Grill ’em All‘s new restaurant.

From the 2010 season The Great Food Truck Race, the winning team from Grill ’em All has finally reached a milestone. The dreams of owners Ryan & Matt of owning a restaurant has culminated into their location in Alhambra, which sees its grand opening tomorrow. A play on Metallica’s first album Kill ‘Em All, Grill ’em All started as a heavy metal themed burger food truck. Upon entering the Food Network show and subsequently winning the competition, the overall popularity of food trucks soared, as well as Grill ’em All’s popularity. As the food truck trend wavered since then, Ryan & Matt bided their time, until they announced plans to open a long-awaited restaurant for their heavy metal hamburgers.

In addition to the truck’s standard menu, the restaurant will carry most of the truck’s past specials, including the Behemoth and the Annihilator (latter upon request). Any item usually in limited supply on the truck can now feed much more people, as they likely will not run out of popular items, such as their H100 Tots. Besides bringing back all their specials, Grill ’em All proudly pours draft beers and sells ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus.

Their series premiere launches tomorrow at 11am. Arrive early, as they will hit capacity early and remain that way all day until closing around 10pm, and will repeat on Sunday. Trying to locate Grill ’em All? Head to the corner of Garfield & Main in Alhambra, where you will find an Edwards movie theater. Go up Garfield towards the back of the theater to find a free parking structure, and park there. Walk towards the fountain in front of the Edwards theater,  then look away from Garfield to discover Grill ’em All, right next to Temptations. Take a look at what you can expect out of this heavy metal kitchen:

Paul Baloff

Pig champion


If you have never ordered any food from the truck, you now have a fixed-location opportunity to try their food in all the glory of the full menu. With all past specials now offered as regular items, it may take the average person weeks to months to run through the entire menu, not including all the future specials Ryan & Matt plan to concoct. You simply have to experience for yourself what allowed these guys to win the first season of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. With heavy metal burgers this awesome, you need not travel to some far out place like Coachella to score some meat. Believe what this sign says: