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Fame: a status that people all over the world desire to attain. In one degree or another, people desire some level of fame that they themselves define. Everybody defines fame differently to a different scope, so one person’s idea of fame can exist on an entirely different plane than another person’s. Local fame can exist when the local community looks up to a person, group, or business. Wider scopes of fame can exist when brought to the attention of all those other people, such as through marketing, advertising, radio, television, and more. Of course, landing a spot on an outlet that reaches many people faces tough competition, and not everyone can attain that. Local fame helps in that regard, and can bolster the spread of that fame. Getting on television usually represents one of the greatest forms of broad advertising, so opportunities to get on television have high competition. Luckily, Grill ‘Em All had what it took to get on television, and since then, everything has gone up for them.

Back in 2010, the Great Food Truck Race debuted on Food Network, which featured a handful of gourmet food trucks that included Grill ‘Em All as a contestant. The Grill ‘Em All crew emerged victorious, claiming the coveted $50,000 grand prize, which went towards a restaurant that they would eventually open in Alhambra in early 2013. Now two years in business, Grill ‘Em All has cemented a solid foundation. Locals cannot stop talking about them, and travelers from across the world anticipate visiting this legendary heavy metal restaurant. In fact, many influential figures in music, metal or not, have appeared at Grill ‘Em All for meet & greets, or just to dine in. Grill ‘Em All has more than just the music theme going for them – their food deserves to sit on the top shelf, a testament to the high caliber set by all the other trendy hip restaurants in Southern California. The transition from food truck to restaurant allowed them to increase the menu items offered, but they still kept the fan favorites on the menu, including the legendary Behemoth. If you could choose one menu item to represent the flagship of Grill ‘Em All, everyone would choose this mammoth grilled cheese burger. When I say grilled cheese burger, I do not refer to a patty melt – I mean a burger placed between two grilled cheese sandwiches used as the “buns” of the burger. Basically, you have four slices of bread with this burger, bacon, BBQ sauce, grilled onions, pickles, and three layers of cheddar cheese: one on the all-beef patty, and a layer in each of the grilled cheese sandwiches. This basically represents a western-style cheeseburger with the BBQ sauce, onions, and cheese, except that instead of hamburger buns, you hold onto two grilled cheese sandwiches to devour this burger. I hope you have a monstrous appetite to down this – all that bread will make this burger a tough foe to thwart.

If you still have yet to visit Grill ‘Em All, why not start with their flagship burger? You can challenge this monster for just $12. Come glimpse at the beast that gave rise to the legacy known as Grill ‘Em All.

Who can say No to tender meat? Meat eaters vastly agree that tender meat always hits the spot. Whether it comes in the form of a medium rare filet mignon to fall-off-the-bone ribs to juicy brisket to flaky short rib, a tender cut of meat always leaves us satisfied. Sometimes this comes to us as an entrée, while other times it comes in something else, such as a sandwich. For example, take a look at the 38 Degrees Ale House menu, and you will discover a section reserved for Exotic burgers/sandwiches. Of particular note, the Pork Cheek Sandwich stands out the most with its braised pork cheek, grilled onions, poached quince, mesclun, and herbed aioli. The combination of the onions and quince give this a sweet and slightly tart topping to go with this amazing tender pork cheek. One bite, and you can just imagine sinking your teeth into a perfectly braised short rib sandwich, except this contains pork cheek.

As this sandwich resides in the Exotic section, the Pork Cheek Sandwich does not have permanent residency on 38 Degrees Ale House’s menu. Head on over to 38 Degrees soon and savor this sandwich for $15, which comes with house fries that you can upgrade to sweet potato fries for $2. While dining, check out their extensive craft beer selection!

Music knows no boundaries. From the melancholy three chords of punk rock to the rocking beats of EDM, music transcends boundaries and translates universally across the world. Even genres that have a heavy regional fan base may have artists of that genre across the world. For example, I recently discovered a death metal band from South Korea. No body of water can separate music from spreading across the world. Speaking of bodies of water, as a popular musician once said, “Fish don’t gots no good metal to listens to.” The ocean holds many vast mysteries, yet never get any good music for listening to. Nobody ever really has to worry about that though, since the ocean holds so much delicious food. Except for those with specific food allergies, people all over the world appreciate seafood, but do not get to enjoy it as often as they would like. Luckily this month, Grill ‘Em All gives you the chance to savor their food while munching on some underwater eats.

Breaking down all borders, even the nonexistent ones, Grill ‘Em All takes no prisoners when deciphering new burgers to serve up. They come up with burgers so off-the-charts that they can only serve it for a month. Some of their ridiculous burgers with enough favor from the fans remain on their menu permanently. Take the Behemoth, for example – a bacon cheeseburger where grilled cheese sandwiches replace the buns, totaling four slices of bread total in this thing. Grill ‘Em All has taken that concept and stepped up their game this month for this month’s feature burger, The Leviathan A.K.A. The Face Melt A.K.A. The Shark Boy. This reimagined patty melt starts with a half-pound beef patty cooked medium rare, topped with beer-soaked onions and Swiss cheese, then sandwiched between two tuna melt sandwiches made with albacore tuna, cheddar cheese, and marble rye bread. Basically, take the concept of using sandwiches as buns from the Behemoth, and throw that concept onto a patty melt, except add some tuna in the sandwich buns. If ordered unaltered, I highly suggest requesting extra tuna in the melts such that the melts resemble actual tuna melt sandwiches, as one can barely detect the default amount of tuna. They claim to purposely put little tuna as to not overwhelm the palate. However, if you plan to vanquish this Deep Sea Behemoth, you might as well go big, or not go at all.

Think you have what it takes to conquer this menace of the deep? Trek on over to Grill ‘Em All in Alhambra this month and put $14 down on the table for your shot at this trophy for your wall.