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If one thing has remained unchanged throughout history, ice cream has held on as one of the most popular desserts for people around the world. Many people love ice cream and the many forms of it. Ice cream can come to us a la carte, on a cone, or in something else. What does something else mean? In the past decade or so, thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, people share their food with the rest of the world, and that has led to other people trying to create something fancy to show off. The Instagram culture means that one place would try to one-up others by delivering something that looks different or unique. As such, we have seen ice cream served in almost every imaginable way possible, from churro ice cream sandwiches to ice cream donuts to ice cream burgers. This time, we can feast our eyes on ice cream inside croissants at Churned Creamery.

Churned Creamery aims to make their mark in the ice cream business in Orange County with their creative take on serving up everyone’s favorite dessert, ice cream. Churned Creamery opened their first location in Tustin but should have seven locations open in Southern California by the end of the year. So what makes Churned Creamery stand out among all the other ice cream places in Southern California? While other places may give you something like a donut or a churro with your ice cream, Churned Creamery will give you your ice cream inside a croissant. Has anyone else done this yet? Perhaps. However, this combination remains relatively unknown to the public, and Churned Creamery has taken a step forward in getting croissant ice cream sandwiches into the limelight. They will do so by opening up more locations, such as the Cypress location that had its grand opening this past Saturday. At the grand opening, the first 200 customers received a free CroCream (Churned Creamery’s name for the croissant ice cream sandwich), a Churned Creamery tote bag, and a raffle ticket to win an iPad.

At the time of this post, Churned Creamery has four locations open, with a fifth location opening this Saturday in Irvine. According to their website, two more locations should open up sometime afterwards. Keep up with what Churned Creamery has opening up by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

A handful of locals got to check out the official grand re-opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of ReAmp Recording Studios, centrally situated in Orange County in Tustin close to Santa Ana and Irvine. Now under new ownership, ReAmp aims to continue its legacy and push forward to shape the future of the music industry. Some of today’s top artists got their start at ReAmp Recording Studios, such as pop singer Bryan Lanning, rapper Chamillionaire, rapper Fetty Wap, and many contestants from reality television shows such as The Voice and American Idol. While this may appear as only pop or rap artists, ReAmp does not discriminate – they serve all types of music genres and musicians, whether a solo artist or a group or band. ReAmp hopes to serve any aspiring musician, singer, artist, or band wanting to go bigger with their music careers. All of the past owners of ReAmp have had huge careers in the music industry, including founder Krazy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony fame. New co-owners Sharifa Dickenson and Bobby Dorsainvil possess years of “behind the scenes” experience in the music industry, so they walk into ReAmp Recording Studios fully knowing what to expect and how to operate the business. The local music scene can rely on them to continue the legacy of ReAmp Recording Studios for years to come, and the local music scene can also rely on ReAmp Recording Studios as a home away from home.

Interested in checking out ReAmp Recording Studios for your musical productions needs? Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what they have churning up in their comfy studio. Hit up ReAmp by contacting them via their website linked above to schedule a free walkthrough of their studios as well. Though not as physically large as one would expect, size does not mean everything, as ReAmp provides more than enough to launch your music career.

When people go to visit a microbrewery, what do you think people look for? Do they simply want good beer, or do they want more of an experience? All sorts of breweries cater to their crowds differently, so some breweries will have a minuscule tasting room where they offer only their beers, while other breweries will have a larger tasting room with other things to see and do for customers to pass the time and enjoy their experience, such as at Boomtown Brewery. Located on the northern end of Downtown LA’s Arts District, this brewery has laid dormant for quite some time, brewing and distributing beer without a functioning tasting room. That all changed this past Saturday as Boomtown Brewery finally officially opened their doors to the public with the grandest of all grand openings. On their launch day, Boomtown had more than enough beer to last the entire day, and had multiple mobile food vendors throughout the day to keep the masses fed.

Take one step into Boomtown Brewery’s tasting room, and you will see that they mean business over here. From the outside, you will see two separate buildings for Boomtown Brewery – the tasting room to the left and the brewing facility to the right. While their brewing facility has lots to see for the brewing enthusiast, the tasting room has much more in terms of keeping the people happy and entertained. The massive tasting room allows for over a hundred customers at one time, which extends into an annex to the left of the entrance. This annex to the left makes for a great rental space for private parties or more. Each section of the tasting room contains multiple things to keep customers occupied besides the beer, such as billiards, shuffleboard, table tennis, darts, chess, foosball, and more.

Whether a craft beer enthusiast or just someone who likes to find neat local places like this to hang out with friends, you owe it to yourself to check out Boomtown Brewery, which opens for business Thursdays through Sundays each week. Check out what Boomtown Brewery has brewing up by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

The craft beer scene in Downtown Santa Ana has grown substantially from almost nothing to booming the past year. At the start of 2014, places like The Playground, C4 Deli, The Copper Door, and Chapter One existed that served local craft beer; however, most of Southern California’s craft beer enthusiasts never truly regarded Santa Ana as a craft beer destination. This all turned around in 2014 with the introduction of places like The Good Beer Company and Native Son Alehouse, which essentially got the snowball rolling to transform Downtown Santa Ana into a bustling scene where millennials can rampage all they want. The gentrification cycle appears strong in Downtown Santa Ana, and at least its introductory phase shows its progress with these new bars and artisanal shops popping up before the tech businesses move in. For now, we can enjoy these new places to spend our time, such as at the recently-opened Mission Bar.

Nestled right in the heart of Downtown Santa Ana, Mission Bar marks the perfect hideaway for any craft beer fan that ends up in the neighborhood. Mission Bar officially opened their doors to the public a week ago, replacing an old ranchero dive bar. After taking the spot over, the folks touched up the place, spruced it up a little, and added dozens of fresh beer taps all containing a plethora of craft beers. Mission Bar stands out from the rest of Orange County by also carrying beers from out of the area. While lots of Orange County places will only serve local beer. Mission Bar extends a hand to breweries across the country and taps their beers here as well. Some out-of-town breweries seen here include Bell’s, Epic Brewing, and Great Divide. Of course, catering to the local crowd, Mission Bar still has a large selection of local beers. While Mission Bar does not serve food, patrons can bring food in from elsewhere if they so choose. Multiple pool tables and televisions will keep patrons occupied as they enjoy their brews. In the future, Mission Bar plans to implement tasting flights and tap takeovers. Who knows – they may one day host a bottle share here!

This past Saturday, Burger Boss officially opened the doors to their fourth (unconfirmed?) location in Cypress right next to Cypress High School. This location used to hold an old strip mall with small shops, which included the former Furnace Skate Shop location. This center has since then undergone reconstruction into new shops, possibly gentrifying the area to better attract locals to the area, especially teenagers of the nearby Cypress High School. Residing alongside popular businesses such as 85°C Bakery and Pieology, Burger Boss has come to deliver good food and good-for-you food with their local and sustainable ingredients. Burger Boss allows customers to build their own burger from the base up by selecting all of the ingredients that go into their sandwich. Starting with the bun and protein, customers then choose the cheese(s), sauce(s), and toppings. This concept also applies to the fries at Burger Boss, where customers can select the sauce(s) and toppings that go with the fries. As far as the full menu goes, it ends there for Burger Boss, as they do not offer much else aside from fountain drinks. While a lot of other burger joints provide milkshakes, Burger Boss foregoes that to opt for a healthier approach to dining, since milkshakes go against healthy dining. The presentation of the food in those steel baskets greatly resembles other well-known burger joints, such as Smashburger and The Habit Burger Grill.

Burger Boss has other locations in Riverside/Moreno Valley, Lake Forest, and Mission Viejo, with more locations planned for Tustin and Newport Beach (which may have already opened by the time you read this post). All locations boast the same menu, so stop on in and experience the all-natural flavor that food should taste like. Check out what Burger Boss has going on, including updates for their upcoming locations, by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Nothing can stop the big boom of craft beer in the country. Times have changed, and the people want quality over quantity. During the 20th century, mass production and the advent of media and advertising meant that the big corporations got word of their mass-produced products out to the public, overshadowing the local mom & pop shops. As time passed, preferences changed to the local goods, and the big corporations started to buy out the little guys. We now enter the 21st century, where the internet reigns supreme as far as advertising and information trading goes. As such, people want something different and unique, not the same things seen everywhere. So when a new local establishment pops up, people will surely flock to it, such as with Gunwhale Ales in Costa Mesa.

Saying hello to another microbrewery in Orange County, we arrive at Gunwhale Ales. Located in Costa Mesa just across the street from Barley Forge (another microbrewery), Gunwhale Ales has arrived to dish out their take on craft beers. They already have an expansive facility with a spacious brewing area and plenty of seating, including an enclosed patio. Upon taking a step into the building, we discover an entirely different world than the urban sprawl on the outside. Gunwhale Ales follows a hunting theme, complete with decorations that would remind one of the outdoors, woods, and woodsmen. Similarly, the brews follow a sort of trend with the saisons and farmhouse ales offered. To add on to the outdoors theme, instead of the typical brown glass growlers that most other breweries offer, Gunwhale Ales carries crowlers instead. They function just as well as traditional brown glass growlers, but will not break due to its aluminum build.

Check out Gunwhale Ales in Costa Mesa open Tuesdays through Sundays starting at 11am. In the meantime, check out Gunwhale Ales on Facebook and Twitter to see what else they have in store.

Southern California truly represents a mecca for unique eats. As a huge melting pot, Southern Californians can find almost any type of food from all over the world here. Aside from the variety, we can find all sorts of levels of cooking skills as well. From the cheap fast food spots to the fancy pricey joints, a restaurant exists for just about anybody. You can have a place with something fancy like lobster tacos that cost a few dollars. On the other hand, you can have a place with something common like a hamburger that costs a bit more for greater quality. For the latter, these restaurants that serve up common foods of higher quality typically fall under the moniker of a gastropub, and a lot of these have popped up across the nation in the past handful of years. In fact, another one popped up in Downtown Santa Ana last week under the name Eat Chow.

Last Wednesday, Eat Chow opened the doors to their third location in Downtown Santa Ana to the public. This humble restaurant has garnered a huge following ever since their discovery by the Orange County locals. Eat Chow does not boast too much, perhaps because their foods speaks for itself. Eat Chow takes common foods and makes them well, from their burgers to the sandwiches to the entrées and more. Clearly a lot of care has gone into the dishes, evident by how much of the food’s natural flavor one can taste. In addition to the heightened food quality, Eat Chow doles up generous portion sizes too. Their Ancho & Coffee Crusted Petite Filet plate costs $18 and gets you a lot on the plate. Filet Mignon normally costs a lot more than that, so you get great value at Eat Chow with anything they serve, even their drinks. With a vast lineup of beverages, it would take someone months to sip on everything that Eat Chow has to offer.

See what other things Eat Chow has in store by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Craft beer continues to rise up across the nation, despite the efforts of big corporations trying to stomp out the competition. This year’s Great American Beer Festival proved just that because, relative to the total amount of medals awarded, macro beers accounted for the lowest percentage of medal winners in the last decade (according to beer industry folks who attended this year’s festival). The growth will not stop as long as aspiring minds and entrepreneurs strive for their dreams. Craft beer reigns supreme in Orange County, as over 40 breweries now exist in this geographically small county, which includes the recently opened Stereo Brewing.

Further strengthening the brewery scene for Orange County (especially North Orange County), Stereo Brewing has opened their doors to the public this past Saturday. Located at the southeastern end of Placentia near where Yorba Linda meets Anaheim Hills, Stereo Brewing joins the prestigious ranks of other local microbreweries, such as The Bruery and Bottle Logic, that have a good-size tasting room that can accommodate food trucks. Take one step into Stereo Brewing and you will see that a lot of attention went into the detail of decorating and designing the tasting room. Themed after the founder’s love for music, Stereo Brewing not only names their brews after music names and terms, but has various props and items on display in the tasting room that has some significance to the music industry. Southern Californian craft beer enthusiasts may recognize this theme in another brewery, Acoustic Ales. Though unrelated, the breweries share a passion for music, something that anyone can appreciate. I mean, music got me through a tough time in my life, so when others share their love for music, it makes it more comfortable to relate.

Stereo Brewing opens their tasting room five days a week currently, and routinely has events at their tasting room, such as live music, food trucks, and television/sports programs. Check out their website above for a complete schedule, and check them out on Facebook as well.

The Anaheim Packing District certainly has a bold reputation as a food hot spot in Orange County to add on to the many other food hot spots, such as Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market, Tustin’s Union Market, and Costa Mesa’s Bristol stretch. Everyday, hoards of people flock to these locations to spend lots of money for something that they can share on Instagram. From the $5 ice cream bar to the $8 cup of coffee (with foam art!) to the $14 Asian burrito, these places have come up with the right recipes to lire people in to drop loads of cash just so the customers can show off their oh-so unique food. Sometimes, it helps to go back to basics and enjoy something familiar that also tastes great, and the Anaheim Packing District has done just that with the introduction of the Doggone Good Soda Company.

The Doggone Good Soda Company has existed for a few years already and have delivered countless amounts of all-natural sodas all over Orange County and beyond. Though lots of companies can claim the use of all-natural ingredients in their beverages, DGSC takes it a step further by allowing customers to order custom labels on the sodas. This ranges from small batches such as for parties to larger needs such as a company picnic, an organization holding a fundraiser, a mom & pop shop that needs to advertise their business, and more. DGSC has had a location in Old Towne Orange where it functions as a production facility and a storefront, but this past Friday, they opened another stand in the Anaheim Packing District. Taking over the former Buy’n Bulk, DGSC now has a satellite location where they can serve up custom sodas and good comfort food. The food mainly consists of hot dogs and various toppings, providing comfort food in an environment filled with other businesses trying to push the limits of creativity. However, I strongly urge visitors to check out DGSC’s beverage selection – I mean, why not taste what they started the company for?

Support this local business by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Craft beer has remained popular for quite some time now, and will continue to remain popular. With all of the experimentation done by brewers across the world, craft beer fans start to see many different styles, as well as meet old styles reinvented to today’s craft standards. Experimenting with ales has introduced many people to other styles such as the saison, gosé, wild ale, mead, and cider. Corporations have dulled our perceptions of ciders with all the mass-produced stuff on the market, so it comes down to local craft cideries to bring ciders back up to par along with craft beer. Ciders have a lot of popularity in the Pacific Northwest due to the climate and availability of ingredients, but craft cider has not made a huge impact on Southern California yet. Many cideries from the Pacific Northwest have reps down in SoCal, but so far the area had lacked a standing presence. That all changed a few weeks ago with the opening of Great Society Cider & Mead in Long Beach.

In the east section of Downtown Long Beach, you can discover Great Society Cider & Mead on Atlantic & Broadway. Replacing the former Peppercorner across the street from Vons, Great Society Cider & Mead represents a social pub that specializes in ciders and meads. With over 20 different ciders & meads available at any time, Great Society Cider & Mead will always have a wide range of drinks from entry-level to cider connoisseur. Similar to a brewpub, Great Society Cider & Mead allows customers to order drinks individually or as a sampler flight of four drinks. Great Society Cider & Mead also serves food; however, so far, their food has not impressed me – the meat skewers come out lukewarm, and the mac & cheese tastes bland and needs salt. I would say to visit Great Society Cider & Mead primarily for the drinks, not the food. If you intend to partake in a long session of drinking, then by all means order some food to go with all the drinks.

I do expect many new things to occur at Great Society Cider & Mead, since they just officially opened and will likely undergo many changes in the upcoming weeks. Stay up to date with what Great Society Cider & Mead has in store by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.