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The food truck fad may have died a while ago, but that should not stop you from seeking these delectable meals on wheels. Food trucks may prosper more during the summer, but the with the heat wave continuing onwards through fall, they remain a popular visit for locals and travelers alike. If you have not yet tried all five food trucks that I recommended at the beginning of summer, shame on you for not doing so already, and go find them while the weather still suits it. For now, I have selected five food trucks that I recommend trying food from at least once this fall. I pick these based on the quality of their food and their relative popularity, which I measure as their number of Twitter followers divided by how many trucks they operate. I feel that I should not have to recommend a popular truck, as most people will have already tried food from that truck, or heard of them.

5. No Jodas Kitchen

Pan Con Lechon Preparada

An old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Thinking about food now, sometimes when a type of food works, you want to stick with that, and keep improving it. No Jodas Kitchen follows this concept by serving traditional Cuban food with minor tweaks that greatly enhance the taste experience. No Jodas serves Cuban hot-pressed sandwiches with different meats and combinations, such as roasted pork, ham, and steak. The No Jodas twist comes with their No Jodas Sauce, a bold yellow garlic spread. Personally, I love garlic, so that strong of a spread on the sandwich flies well with me. For others, too much garlic may not fit the bill – in that case, No Jodas also carries terrific sides, such as Papas Rellenas and Croquetas. The food truck culture may favor new creations and thinking outside the box, but sometimes you have to fall back to basics, and No Jodas does that well.

4. Taco Maria

Left to Right: Mole de Pollo, Carnitas a la Naranja, Arrachera

To the typical bloke, you can only order tacos from a food truck, nothing else. A food truck can have BURGER in the name, yet common blokes still will ask for tacos. Drunks will not even pay attention to the menu, and simply walk up and ask for tacos. To all those blokes who still bear a bad perception of food trucks, Taco Maria has your solution. Taco Maria cooks fine-dining restaurant quality meats right on their truck, and serves it in a taco or burrito. After one bite, you may wonder why they choose to operate out of a truck rather than a brick & mortar, because honestly, I would love to order just a plate of the meat and consume it a la carte. Taco Maria has boldly carried foie gras on their truck before, and served it a week prior to the ban. Besides this, they also featured limited-time specials, so checking that list usually yields something else favorable. If you have not sought Taco Maria after finding out that they served foie gras, go find them this fall!

3. Truck Norris

Kickin’ Chicken

It can stop a bullet with its grill. It does not drive – the road pushes it forward. Thousands of other food trucks currently operate because it allows them to do so. It helped jump-start another vehicle, and that other vehicle later became Optimus Prime.
Meet Truck Norris. No kidding, this food truck truly exists. However, shatter all your expectations right there, because Truck Norris serves fine Hawaiian and Filipino food. Yeah, that confuses me too – I mean, Chuck Norris represents an American icon from Texas, yet a food truck clearly named after him serves food that has nothing to do with him. But hey, all around the world, people know Chuck Norris. Luckily, Truck Norris can live up to the expectations of bearing that name with their mighty fine fusion cuisine. As far as islander street food goes, Truck Norris perfects it. With a menu of traditional and fusion foods, some customers may not find the focus immediately. In fact, the menu even carries Shepherd’s Pie, a traditionally English food. In the end, no one can complain about the quality present in both the food and the people behind the food.

2. Alebrije’s Grill

Taco Acorazado

One can dispute the validity of this entry on my list. Does a stationary food truck still count as a food truck? Although it parks and serves in the exact same spot everyday, Alebrije’s Grill has operated out of the same food truck (with renovations over the years) in the exact same spot since 2000. Why they do this remains a mystery to many, but customers find no mysteries behind their food. Alebrije’s Grill crafts some of the best Mexican food ever for what many consider a hole-in-the-wall… that happens to have wheels. If you think you know carne asada, you will think twice after trying their carne asada. Perhaps the food pictured above makes Alebrije’s Grill popular all this time – the Taco Acorazado, or “Battleship Taco.” Alebrije’s Grill irons out their stand on quality by hand-pressing the mountainous torilla per order ON THE SPOT. Next they add tomato-infused rice, milanesa (beef dipped in egg, breaded, then fried), cactus, onions, tomatoes, avocado, and cotija cheese. Do not bother starting this like a normal taco – pick away at it with a knife and fork before finally picking it up to eat. Nothing shouts Mexican comfort food louder than a Battleship Taco. Go find Alebrije’s Grill (not hard since they always park at the same spot), order the Battleship Taco, and do battle. Whose battleship will sink first?

1. Frysmith

Sous Vide Pork Chops, Stone Brewery’s Smoked Porter Gravy, Dubliner Cheese, Diced Granny Smith Apples, Natural Fries

Frysmith does not joke around when it comes to raising the bar then breaking it. Crafting plates of fries that eat like a meal, these monstrous plates feature their twice-fried fries, or “frites” colloquially, topped with various meats and other goodies. In addition to natural-cut fries, Frysmith also utilizes sweet potato fries, as in their Sweet Po Fries – free-range chicken in tomatillo-tamarind sauce over sweet potato fries topped with cashews. For $1, customers may substitute sweet potato fries to any plate that does not originally come with it. Just like the nature of food trucks of never staying in the same place for long, Frysmith creates daily specials as well, such as the plate pictured above. That way, you should never get tired of trying the same food, as they will just keep coming up with more! Would you share your plate with someone else though, or eat it all yourself?