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Despite the turn of the season, Southern California’s heat wave rages on. Temperatures had hit record highs in the past few weeks, causing many people to desire something cold to cool down. Of course, some people may not have a sweet tooth like I do, but you have to treat yourself occasionally. Sometimes, your body just craves it – when you feel hot, your body tells you to go find something cold to eat or drink. If you plan on powering through this heat wave, I now bring to you five cold treats in the Los Angeles area to get you through this hot fall season.

5. Top Round Roast Beef‘s Frozen Custard Milkshakes

Everyone loves ice cream, whether they will admit it or not. The creamy texture plus the sweet sensation brings comfort and joy to anyone munching through it. But have you heard of ice cream’s cousin that walks in ice cream’s shadow? Some places may have already heard of it, but frozen custard has risen as a popular choice for cold treats, a feat that Top Round Roast Beef has capitalized on. Ice cream contains a lot of air in it, which lends to its preservation of sitting in a freezer for a long time. On the other hand, frozen custard contains a greater ratio of eggs and milk compared to ice cream, giving the frozen custard a denser feel with less air. Since the folks at Top Round churn their frozen custard daily without ever freezing it for storage, it will never have ice crystals in it, lending to its smooth, velvety texture. This small diner in Mid-Wilshire near La Brea may have claimed fame with their signature roast beef, but actually their Frozen Custard Milkshakes keep the locals returning back. Every cold treat has a certain coldness factor to it, and boy can this milkshake really cool you down on a hot day. These milkshakes come in four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio. For the adventurous, I highly suggest the pistachio for a one-of-a-kind treat rarely found elsewhere. But honestly, you cannot go wrong with any flavor, even plain vanilla (pictured above). At just $5 a cup, you get more than your money’s worth here.

4. Shave It‘s Hawaii 5-Oh

Have you ever heard of the classic song (These Are A Few Of) My Favorite Things? This song lists a handful of things, tangible or not, that fill a person with joy despite bad times. Though the singer lists individual things in the song, why not skip the hassle and combine some of those things? Whenever I can have one of my favorite things, I eagerly look forward to it. Whenever I can have more than one of my favorite things at the same time, my heart fills with glee. Enter Shave It, the brilliant business capturing the hearts of many with their approach to combining two individual items together to form something even better. As their name suggests, Shave It does the shave ice thing, and yes – pronunciation makes a huge difference. Shaved ice with a D typically refers to ground ice, like that of a snow cone. Shave ice without the D refers to how native Hawaiians see it – finely sliced ice so smooth that it feels like ice cream. Upon hearing that comparison, the folks behind Shave It decided to mash the two up by serving up cups of shave ice WITH ice cream – a match made in heaven I tell you! The list of combinations stretches all the way around their store, since any customer can mix and match ice cream and shave ice flavors, such as with the Hawaii 5-Oh. This homage to the television show of the same name contains what the name would suggest – coconut ice cream with Hawaiian Punch shave ice. The fruitiness of the shave ice combined with the creaminess of the ice cream almost gives it a strawberry milk effect, something that any kid can enjoy. For less than $5, you too can experience the childhood joys of combining two of your favorite things into one cup.

3. Fluff Ice‘s Coffee Cake

Recently, a new study discovered that a person’s genes strongly determine how that person’s body reacts to coffee. Common perceptions make us believe that drinking coffee nearly daily helps to build a tolerance to coffee. While this may hold validity in those with the genes to build such a tolerance, those without this set of genes may approach coffee differently. A few individuals may forever fully absorb all coffee for life, while others may never react to coffee at all. The abundance of coffee shops today all gauge the strength of coffee based on what the customer desires. More often than not, customers simply seek the flavor of coffee, not the energy boost that it provides, which Fluff Ice satisfies quite well. One of Los Angeles’ original shaved snow shops, Fluff Ice has generated quite a Southern California empire as of this upcoming weekend. From storefronts to food trucks, Fluff Ice has a mission to deliver authentic shaved snow to the people of Southern California and, sometime in the near future, the rest of the world. The truck’s menu generally carries a condensed version of what the stores offer; after all, they primarily use the truck as means to promote the stores rather than make pure profit from mobile sales. If you visit one of their stores, you may discover their Coffee Cake combination of coffee shaved snow, crushed graham crackers, crushed Oreos (pictured without it above), and choice of condensed milk or chocolate syrup. If you know you cannot consume caffeine, worry not, as a $4 medium serving of this contains less than five grams of caffeine, indicating that Fluff Ice utilizes decaf coffee for the flavor base. After all, the sugar already gives kids their sugar rush, so why add fuel to the fire?

2. Tierra Mia Coffee‘s Mexican Chocolate Frappe

People all over the world love their coffee. Many people consume coffee for its caffeine content. Many others consume coffee for its flavor. Some drink coffee as means of socializing. Some drink coffee just to keep occupied. Regardless of why any sole individual would consume coffee, we can now find a coffee shop in almost any given square mile in any urban area. Many joke that you can cross the street from a Starbucks only to find another Starbucks, but honestly this only happens in Seattle, home of the first Starbucks. Here in Los Angeles, many other brands exist that occupy many street corners, such as Tierra Mia Coffee. Imagine a Southern California version of Starbucks with Southwestern influences, and you have Tierra Mia. Anyone walking into a Tierra Mia shop for the first time with no prior knowledge of the business would assume a Mexican version of Starbucks, which holds absolutely no truth to the matter. Tierra Mia gains their unique advantage by giving back to local communities and providing a space for starving artists to display their work. That aside, their menu contains many foods & beverage flavors unique to them. While you may have familiarity with a Frappuccino, Tierra Mia also serves their own lineup of Frappes, such as their Mexican Chocolate Frappe. If you love chocolate milkshakes, then you will love this blended beverage that tastes like a dark chocolate smoothie with hints of coffee. You gain more of a chocolate taste from this than the coffee in it, and the use of Mexican chocolate gives this beverage a bolder, richer chocolate flavor. The Mexican chocolate also lends to the antioxidant content in this blended beverage, so not only can you satisfy your sweet tooth and cool yourself down for under $5, but you can slightly improve your health by consuming some polyphenols.

1. The Iron Press‘ Cap’n Crunch Berries & Milk Waffle

How many cereal mascots can you name? As a child, television and supermarkets exposed us to countless cartoon characters that represented cereal brands. From Toucan Sam to Count Chocula to Flintstones to Snap/Crackle/Pop to Tony the Tiger to the Trix Rabbit, big companies used whatever cute characters they could muster in order to entice kids into eating their cereal. On a side note, no female cereal mascots exist – you only have male mascots for cereal. Anyways, no other mascot resonates within the memory more than Cap’n Crunch. Oh yes, this creepy midget sailor appears on everyone’s minds when they think about cereal because of the way he stares into your soul through your eyes. Those hollow eyes can capture any soul with a gesture as simple as eye contact, a fact that the people at The Iron Press can testify to. The Cap’n loves more than just cereal – he loves waffles, he loves beer, and swiggity swooty, he loves pirate booty. Nothing grabs tail better than waffles with the open seas and a pint of Windansea Wheat in hand, and the Cap’n sure loves to dip his hands wherever he can fit them, such as in the Cap’n Crunch Berries & Milk Waffle. The waffle contains actual Crunch Berries cereal in it, which gets further dusted with crushed Crunch Berries, then drizzled with a milk glaze, followed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Have you followed a diet? The Cap’n cares not about said diets. Bring forth your empty gut and devour this mound of sugar and carbs for $7, lest you fear the inevitable belly swell. So grab yourself a nice pint of wheat ale and raise it in the air. Knock them up, slap them down, and never want to care. After that, order another one for me. Down it quick, and allow your inhibitions to roam free!

8th Annual Team Crash MS Fundraiser
11:00 am – 10:00 pm, October 9
Beachwood BBQ, Seal Beach

$1 of every pint of beer sold the ENTIRE DAY will go towards research and support for those affected by MS.

Business & Beer @ King Harbor Brewing
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, October 9
King Harbor Brewing, Redondo Beach

This monthly networking event for small business owners visits a South Bay brewery every second Thursday of the month. This week, they will hit up King Harbor Brewing in Redondo Beach. If you have involvement with a small business, love craft beer, or both, then stop by this Thursday night.

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk (Second Thursdays)
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, October 9
Downtown Los Angeles

This free monthly event takes place over many blocks in Downtown Los Angeles. Many galleries will open late, and some parking lots will contain more art, vendors, food trucks, entertainment, and more. Unless you know business owners, free parking barely exists in Downtown LA, although some meters only operate until 8pm. First-time visitors should attend with someone who has gone here prior.

Anaheim Harvest Festival
10:00 am – 6:00 pm, October 10-12
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim

Shop thousands of handmade American arts & crafts in hundreds of booths over the weekend. Find beautiful jewelry, clothing, specialty foods, photography, hand-turned wood, ceramics, and more. Admission costs $9 for Adults, $7 for Seniors, $4 for Youth, and 12 & under get in free.

10th Annual Ocean Beach Oktoberfest
4:00 pm – 10:00 pm, October 10
9:00 am – 10:00 pm, October 11
Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego

Enjoy Oktoberfest on the beach this weekend with this two-day Oktoberfest celebration. For just $3 admission, gain access to this event filled with beer, pretzels, sausages, and other typical Oktoberfest festivities.

Art Night Pasadena
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, October 10
Old Town Pasadena, Pasadena

This free festival celebrates local art with art exhibits, live music, entertainment, and more as Pasadena’s local artists open up their studios to the public. For free street parking, check Corson Street.

The 2nd Scott Pilgrim Picture Show
9:00 pm – 1:00 am, October 10
The Frida Cinema, Santa Ana

Come together for a movie screening, lights show, sing along, food & drinks, and more. Tickets for this event cost $15.

Eddie & The Hot Rods @ Characters Sports Bar
9:00 pm – 2:00 am, October 10
Characters Sports Bar, Pomona

UK rockers Eddie & The Hot Rods return to America for a two-week tour. Catch them in Pomona this Friday night for $13. No one under 21 may enter.

5th Annual Santee Car Show & BBQ Festival
9:00 am – 5:00 pm, October 11
Santee Trolley Square, Santee

This Saturday, come and check out over 200 hot rods, classic cars, motorcycles and muscle cars all available for your viewing pleasure, absolutely free of charge. This all-ages event allows visitors to gaze upon all of the classic cars and browse through the hundreds of food vendors and merchandise booths. Live music, a beer garden, and a carnival area will keep everyone entertained all day.

6th Annual La Jolla Art & Wine Festival
10:00 am – 7:00 pm, October 11-12
Girard Ave, La Jolla

This free and all-ages street fair takes over the streets in La Jolla. Visitors will find hundreds of booths containing artists, merchandise, vendors, food & drinks, arts & crafts, live entertainment, and more.

2nd Annual Asian Pacific Festival
10:00 am – 10:00 pm, October 11-12
Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina, Newport Beach

This festival celebrates the culture of various Asian countries, from India up to Japan, to the islands of the Pacific. Attendees will find cultural exhibits, art, folk dances, fashion shows, music, entertainment, martial arts, cooking challenges, alcohol garden, and plenty of authentic food. General admission costs $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under.

6th Annual Taste of North Park
11:00 am – 3:00 pm, October 11
30th & University, North Park, San Diego

Explore the many restaurants, pubs, and bars in North Park this Saturday afternoon at the 5th Annual Taste of North Park. Presale admission costs $35, while admission on the day of the event costs $40, and admission comes with unlimited tastings of food and drinks from all participating businesses until they run out, so arrive early to get the most out of the taste! No one under 21 may receive any alcoholic drink.

Taste of South Lake 2014
11:00 am – 4:00 pm, October 11
Corporate Center Pasadena, Pasadena

At this free outdoor festival, enjoy mouth-watering offerings from over 25 South Lake Avenue restaurants, live cooking demos with celebrity chefs, music performances by internationally known bands, a vendor village, and more.

9th Annual Pasadena Artwalk
11:00 am – 5:00 pm, October 11
Colorado & El Molino, Pasadena

This free all-ages event highlights Southern California’s aspiring artists looking to make an impact with their creations. Artwork will include paintings, sculptures, watercolors, photography, mixed media, ceramics, jewelry, drawings, printmaking, and more.

Fall 2014 Artisanal LA
11:00 am – 6:00 pm, October 11-12
LA Mart, Los Angeles

Find the latest trends in food, drinks, fashion, accessories, and more at this designer fair this weekend. See dozens of artists, chefs, bakers, designers, and more from across the world showcasing their goods and selling their wonderful products. Admission to this all-ages event costs $12 presale and $15 at the door. Parking at the venue costs $15 per vehicle, but visitors can either search for other parking lots or street meters, or take public transportation to save on commute costs.

5th Annual Redondo Beach Taste of the Pier
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm, October 11-12
Redondo Beach Pier

This food fest will include food tastings, bands, balloons, face painting, arts & crafts, and more. Enjoy a variety of small bites, live music, and fun while you tour the pier. Each restaurant will feature a different menu item and non-food retailers will offer other discounts and items in support of the Cancer Support Community and Redondo Beach Educational Foundation. Free to attend, tasting tickets cost $1 each.

Fluff Ice Irvine Grand Opening
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm, October 11
Fluff Ice, Irvine

Fluff Ice opens yet another store in Orange County this Saturday. Visit the shop before 3pm to receive a FREE small serving of Fluff Ice. Get 50% off all beverages until 5pm.

2014 Dana Point Oktoberfest
12:00 pm – 7:00 pm, October 11-12
Sea Terrace Park, Dana Point

South Orange County gets their own free & all-ages Oktoberfest celebration this weekend. Expect to find all of the typical Oktoberfest festivities here: chicken dancing, German music, stein holding, beer chugging, sausages, pretzels, normal bar beers, and more.

OC Roller Girls – OC vs. OC Showdown
5:00 pm – 10:00 pm, October 11
OC Roller Skates, Santa Ana

Watch intense & brutal girl-on-girl action at this roller derby bout this Saturday night in Santa Ana. Tickets to this roller derby bout cost $15.

2nd Annual Promenade Beer & Wine Festival
5:00 pm – 10:00 pm, October 11
The Promenade, Downtown Long Beach

Following last year’s success, Downtown Long Beach brings back their beer & wine festival this weekend, complete with lots of drinks, local food, and live music. For $30 presale or $40 at the gate, guests will receive unlimited 3oz beer or wine tastings, 10 food tastings, and a souvenir glass. No one under 21 may enter.

Taste of Italy 2014
5:00 pm – 10:00 pm, October 11
Italian American Museum, Los Angeles

Sample the best of Italian in Los Angeles at this tasting gala this Saturday evening in Downtown Los Angeles. Samples food & drinks from dozens of restaurants & wineries, enjoy the live entertainment, and more. General admission tickets cost $55, while children 12 and under get in for $25.

JFA in La Jolla
7:00 pm – 1:00 am, October 11
Porter’s Pub, La Jolla

Legendary skate punk band JFA will headline an all-ages show this Saturday night in La Jolla. Tickets to this show cost $11 presale or $13 at the door.

Zombie Fashion Show & Creature Art Exhibit
8:00 pm – 2:00 am, October 11
Lot 613, Los Angeles

It returns! Dozens of Hollywood makeup artists will transform models into the undead at this Saturday night fashion & art show. While the models strut their deathly stuff, attendees can check out zombie-themed artwork from dozens artists from all over the country. The $10 admission grants access to all these exhibits, plus all-you-can-eat pancakes courtesy of the Pancakes & Booze Art Show. No one under 21 may enter.

Narcoleptic Youth and The Voids @ Doll Hut
8:00 pm – 2:00 am, October 11
The World Famous Doll Hut, Anaheim

Legendary female-fronted punk band The Voids come out of their hiatus to perform at this epic show this Saturday night in Anaheim. The cover for this show costs $10. No one under 21 may enter.

The Independents @ Five Star Bar
9:00 pm – 1:30 am, October 11
Five Star Bar, Downtown Los Angeles

Rock out this Saturday night in Downtown LA with some great bands. The cover for this show costs only $5. No one under 21 may enter.

Slaughter & The Dogs @ Characters Sports Bar
9:00 pm – 2:00 am, October 11
Characters Sports Bar, Pomona

Catch a great punk rock show this Saturday night in Pomona. The cover for this show costs $13. No one under 21 may enter.

2014 Long Beach Marathon
6:00 am – 3:00 pm, October 12
Shoreline Village, Long Beach

The annual Long Beach Marathon takes place this Sunday. Please note the street closures for that day, and adjust your day accordingly.

Re:Imagine Garden Grove
11:00 am – 4:00 pm, October 12
Streets of Downtown Garden Grove

Explore nearly three miles of car-free streets in Downtown Garden Grove for walking, biking, skating, and playing. Visitors will find food, music, art, workshops, and more at this free and all-ages street fair.

Slaughter & The Dogs in Long Beach
5:00 pm – 2:00 am, October 12
Blacklight District Lounge, Long Beach

Many local punk bands will play in Long Beach this Sunday evening. Check out this massive punk show for just $15. No one under 21 may enter.

The word “Moody” best describes the weather in Southern California. One day, you can lay out in the warm sun on the beach. The next moment, you could get rained on for a few minutes. Suddenly, the sun may pop out again. Southern Californians have learned to not trust weather forecasts so much, but to simply stick their heads out their windows in the morning to get a feel of the daily weather. We never can accurately predict the weather, so Southern Californians usually prepare for the middle range temperatures. For those hot days this season, finding a cool treat may hit the spot to keep you cool. When traveling around the greater Los Angeles area, stay vigilant for these five cold treats that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth while cooling you down.

5. Chunk N Chip‘s Ice Cream Sammiches (any flavor)

Soft oven-warm cookies with hand-scooped ice cream best describes how people should eat a real ice cream sandwich. Chunk N Chip does just that with their simple yet unique design. With Chunk N Chip, you get to build your own ice cream sammich by selecting up to two cookie flavors and up to two ice cream flavors. They offer between three to six different kinds of cookies, and four to eight different kinds of ice cream at any given time. The best part? Chunk N Chip comes to YOU. They either roll out in a little ice cream truck, or they bring a booth to set up. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a handmade ice cream sammich.

4. Fluff Ice‘s Peach Me

So the picture may not do it justice, but I tried this one first, and I always go back to it. What do you get when you cross ice cream with shave ice? You get Fluff Ice! Known as shaved snow to the common world, Fluff Ice can really quench your thirst with their refreshing take on flavored shave ice. Much like how slicing prime rib turns into roast beef, slicing whole ice cream/sherbet/sorbet blocks turn into Fluff Ice. Sure you can design your own, but of all the pre-made creations, the Peach Me stands out as the crowd favorite. They use peach fluff and top it with egg pudding (similar to custard or flan), lychee jelly, and sweetened condensed milk. This sweet and sour creation keeps you cool and cools you down further with its tartness. You can find Fluff Ice in Monterey Park, Arcadia, or Costa Mesa, or you can wait for their truck to swing by you!

3. Pono Burger‘s Salted Caramel & Niman Ranch Bacon Bits Milkshake

Traditionally, people never think to add savory elements into dessert. The turn of the century has shattered that old perception, and we now can encounter said savory elements in dessert, such as the one at Pono Burger. “If you blog about burgers, why mention them in a dessert post?” Why yes, I have written about Pono Burger in the past. They craft some of the most amazing burgers west of the Mississippi River. But I have an irk about one-trick ponies, and I generally tend to avoid them. Luckily, Pono Burger does more than just one trick, as evidenced in their Salted Caramel & Niman Ranch Bacon Bits Milkshake. Caramel milkshakes exist all over the place, but have you drank one with sea salt and bacon bits in it? Add some zing to your meal by ordering this baby the next time you visit Pono Burger for one of their yummy burgers. This milkshake will bring YOU to the yard.

2. Lazy Ox Canteen‘s Butterscotch Pudding

For you fancy people out there, Downtown Los Angeles has all you could fathom to throw your money at. But if you could throw your money at one place, choose the Lazy Ox Canteen, the wise choice. This small upscale restaurant just outside of Little Tokyo chooses quality over quantity when they prepare their powerhouse dishes. Aside from their stellar entrées, Lazy Ox also whips out fancy drinks and desserts, such as their Butterscotch Pudding. This simple yet effective chilled treat comes with a dollop of crème fraîche and a mini biscotti cookie. Wholesome, filling, and low on guilt, the Butterscotch Pudding takes comfort food to a new level, and will remind you of dessert from your childhood.

1. Hula Girls Shave Ice‘s Pineapple Dole Whip Shave Ice

Southern Californians recognize Disneyland for not just the amusement aspects, but for their food as well. Disney kitchens have churned out some of the most unique foods the world has seen, so when other places can produce similar products they may even taste better, the locals flock to it. I used to swear by Disneyland’s corn dogs until I discovered The Viking Truck. Finally, locals can now find the beloved Pineapple Dole Whip at Hula Girls Shave Ice. Hula Girls serves Hawaiian shave ice and soft serve ice cream out of their little shop down in Huntington Beach. What makes them stand out relates to Disneyland, as Hula Girls serves Pineapple Dole Whip soft serve. Combining their products together, you get a Pineapple Dole Whip Shave Ice, where shave ice with the flavors of your choice sit on top of a swirl of Pineapple Dole Whip soft serve. Enjoy this classic that Disneyland fans rave about without having to pay the exorbitant price to enter the theme park by visiting Hula Girls Shave Ice.

The San Gabriel Valley’s favorite iced treat bar has finally set foot in Orange County! As a favorite treat among locals in Los Angeles County, Fluff Ice has come quite a long way with their spin on shave ice. Popularly referred to as shaved snow, Fluff Ice makes their Fluff Ice slightly different than the shaved snow shops you might spot around the world. Fluff Ice makes their product light as a feather, yet packed with the flavor of each kind. On hot summer days, you can expect constant lines at their shops in Monterey Park and Monrovia, ans also at their truck that roams Los Angeles County. Even during the cold seasons, Fluff Ice will continually see a steady stream of customers. Now Orange County residents can get their fill of fluffy goodness at their newest location in Costa Mesa!

The Fluff Ice shop in Costa Mesa just had their grand opening this past Saturday, and to celebrate, they gave out a free small Fluff Ice to the first 100 customers to the shop. In addition, the staff also revealed plans to open another shop at the Irvine Spectrum, as well as more potential locations based on availability of spaces. Those already familiar with Orange County’s Flurries Shaved Snow Bar and ShareMii will find something similar at Fluff Ice, but now with extra fluffiness! For its small size, this location still sells all the popular flavors of the other locations, such as Green Tea or Thai Tea. They did mention a nearby space in the same complex that contains only chairs and tables for their customers, but I did not spot it. Still, do not underestimate this Fluff Ice location based on its small appearance from the outside – what they lack on the outside, they pack on the inside. Check them out on the northwest corner of Harbor and Adams seven days a week. Like their page on Facebook to see what they may come up with next.

October 31

Happy Candy Day! Have fun, and stay safe on this night.

Trick or Treat on 2nd Street
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, October 31
2nd Street, Belmont Shore, Long Beach

Trick or Treat with the family in Belmont Shore for free! Local businesses will participate by handing out samples and candy during the evening.

Dim Sum Costumed Crawl
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm, October 31
Chinatown, Downtown Los Angeles

Dress up in costume and explore local food in Chinatown in Downtown Los Angeles. Pair the local food with local craft beer, and enjoy the nightlife that Chinatown has to offer. Admission costs $70, and includes tastings from four restaurants and four breweries. Guests can find free parking east of Spring Street.

5th Annual San Diego Beer Week
November 1-10
San Diego County

This 10-day festival celebrates the prominence of craft beer in San Diego County. During these ten days, restaurants, bars, breweries, and other businesses will host special events and hold special deals all pertaining to craft beer. Check the website for a list of all events and businesses participating in San Diego Beer Week.

First Fridays
5:00 pm – 10:00 pm, November 1
Various locations
Long Beach:

This monthly artwalk occurs on the first Friday of every month. Each location offers different activities, but most will contain food & drink specials, art exhibits & displays, street performers, and more. Venice and Long Beach have the two largest gatherings of all First Fridays. Other locations include Westchester, Fullerton, and City of Industry. Most First Fridays locations cost nothing to attend, while the local businesses uphold their standard rules (e.g. bars 21+ only).

San Diego Brewers Guild Festival
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, November 1
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, November 2
Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier, San Diego

This beer festival coincides with San Diego Beer Week annually. This year, they have split the festival into two parts. On Friday, a special VIP reception will take place that will have brewers and business owners in San Diego meet together to discuss and enjoy beer. On Saturday, the standard beer fest will take place, which includes a souvenir tasting glass and 15 3oz beer tasters. Prices vary depending on attendance – the VIP reception costs $75, the Saturday beer fest costs $40, an hour early access to that one costs $55, and a two-day pass costs $100. No one under 21 may attend.

Blackmarket Cookie Throwdown
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, November 1
Blackmarket Bakery, Costa Mesa

Blackmarket Bakery needs your help in deciding what cookie they will add to their menu next. No purchase necessary – come sample four different cookies, then submit your vote.

The Avengers @ Los Globos
7:00 pm – 1:00 am, November 1
Los Globos, Silverlake, Los Angeles

Tickets to this local all-ages punk rock show cost $15. Guests should park in the neighborhood down Vendome Street.

Oppressed Logic @ El Corita
7:00 pm – 2:00 am, November 1
El Corita, Los Angeles

Tickets to this local all-ages punk rock show cost $5 before 9:30, and $6 afterwards.

Free Punk Show in Lomita
8:30 pm – 12:30 am, November 1
The Firehouse, Lomita

Check out this free punk rock show in the South Bay this Friday night. No one under 21 may enter.

The Secret Affair – 60’s Night
9:00 pm – 1:00 am, November 1
Alex’s Bar, Long Beach

Occurring on every month’s first Friday, this 60’s night at Alex’s Bar will play all vinyl music of motown, northern soul, boogaloo, 60’s pop, and more. Feel free to dress up too, as the bar staff will hold costume contests and dance contests.

Fullerton Pumpkin Launch
10:00 am – 2:00 pm, November 2
Discovery Science Center, Cal State Fullerton

At this FREE event (requires registration at their website), witness hundreds of pumpkins getting thrown, launched, catapulted, and more from the Discovery Science Center on the CSUF campus. Food trucks will open their windows to serve food to guests.

Fluff Ice – Costa Mesa Grand Opening
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm, November 2
Fluff Ice, Costa Mesa

The San Gabriel Valley’s favorite cold treat makes its way down to Orange County starting this Saturday! The first 100 customers receive a FREE Fluff Ice; after that, receive buy one get one free deals until 5pm.

14th Annual Dia De Los Muertos
12:00 pm – 12:00 am, November 2
Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood

Celebrate this cultural holiday at this all-ages festival this Saturday in Hollywood. Attendees will find arts & crafts, art exhibits, costume contests, music, live entertainment, food, drinks, and more. General admission costs $15 per person.

Jughead’s Revenge @ Five Star Bar
7:00 pm – 2:00 am, November 2
Five Star Bar, Downtown Los Angeles

This local punk rock show only costs $8 to get in. No one under 21 may attend.

Glassjaw @ The Observatory
8:00 pm – 1:00 am, November 2
The Observatory, Santa Ana

Glassjaw returns to performing this Saturday night at The Observatory in Santa Ana. If they have not already sold out, tickets to this all-ages show cost $25. Arrive early and park for free in the venue’s parking lot. Arrive too late, and pay $10 for parking further down the street.

The Dirty Little Secrets Rock Burlesque – Live at Malone’s
9:00 pm – 12:00 am, November 2
Malone’s, Santa Ana

The sexy ladies of the Dirty Little Secrets will perform their burlesque routine this Saturday night at Malone’s in Santa Ana. The cover charge will range from $7 to $10, so have cash available for that. When entering, mention that you came to see the Dirty Little Secrets. Guests can park for free down Halladay Street.

Punk Rock Closeout
9:30 pm – 2:00 am, November 2
Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, West Hollywood

Local punk rock bands hit up Hollywood this Saturday night. Admission costs $5 before 10pm, and $10 afterwards, but costs $15 flat for anyone under age 18.

Subhumans @ Los Globos
8:00 pm – 1:00 am, November 3
Los Globos, Silverlake, Los Angeles

Tickets to this local all-ages punk rock show cost $15. Guests should park in the neighborhood down Vendome Street.

Kitchen Nightmares @ Nino’s Italian Restaurant
Now through July 12
Nino’s Italian Restaurant, Long Beach

Chef Gordon Ramsey is filming his show Kitchen Nightmares at Nino’s Italian Restaurant in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach now through July 12th. The restaurant is closed to walk-ins during this period – you must make reservations using the provided link above if you want to dine there during filming.


2012 Orange County Fair Opening
12:00 pm, July 13
OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa

The OC Fair this years runs Wednesday through Sunday each week starting July 13 with the final day on August 12. The fairgrounds are open from 12:00 pm – 12:00 am on weekdays, and 10:00 am – 12:00 am on weekends. Click this link for special promotions for tickets. Click this link for info on the Super Pass.

Every year, a new fried food gets introduced. Last year, it was deep-fried Kool Aid. The year prior, deep-fried butter. This year, they are mixing it up by allowing YOU to decide what gets friend next. All the info is on the OC Fair website, but I can tell you now that of whatever you bring, if it can be fried, it will get fried.

Avenue Q by 3D Theatricals
July 13 – July 29
Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton and Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

This award-winning Broadway musical has finally returned to Southern California! Avenue Q can be thought of as Sesame Street for adults, as they sing about unemployment, homosexuality, and internet porn addiction. The play will run on weekends at both locations starting July 13 and ending on July 29.

This is a must-see for everyone. I have seen it twice already, and it never gets old, especially with all the ad-libbing.

LBC Tweet Up Brunch
11:00 am – 2:00 pm, July 14
Tavern On 2, Long Beach

Join us for bottomless mimosa brunch in Belmont Shore at Tavern On 2. RSVP required by Friday so we can book the correct amount of seats. Free parking is available in the adjacent neighborhoods.

Fluff Ice Grand Opening in Monrovia
12:30 pm, July 14
Fluff Ice, Monrovia

The first 200 customers receive a FREE Fluff Ice! Also, Milk Tea with Blue Honey Boba will be given out to customers all day. Fluff Ice is a cross between shave ice and ice cream. The ice is very fine that it feels creamy. On top of that, you get a wide variety of toppings to accent your Fluff Ice.

MBYP’s 2nd Annual Beer & Music Festival
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm, July 14
Raleigh Studios’ New York Street, Manhattan Beach

This massive festival will feature live music, over 30 craft beer breweries, a home brewers competition, numerous food trucks, samples from local restaurants, charity raffles, and much more. During the first hour, you can sample small bites from local restaurants for free. The first 400 attendees receive a souvenir glass. Tickets are just $35 each, $25 if you are a Manhattan Beach Chamber member.

This fest will be mostly outdoors, and the weather is expected to be HOT. Be prepared with sunscreen, summer clothes, etc.

Bixby Knolls Dragster & Car Expo
3:00 pm – 9:00 pm, July 14
Atlantic Blvd between San Antonio Dr & Roosevelt Rd, Long Beach

Come check out numerous show cars, special dragsters, live music, BMX demos, vendors, celebrity appearances, The Factory‘s beer garden, and more! This expo is free to attend and open to all ages. Free parking is available in the neighborhoods around the area. The expo is mainly outdoors, so be prepared for the weather and sun.

For those 21 or over, there will be an exclusive beer garden/tent on Atlantic & Carson starting at 3pm and ending promptly at 8pm. The cost is $15 to enter, and comes with a souvenir glass and four taster coupons for the craft beers being served. For more information, see: