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Father’s Office’s Office Burger

Vizzi Truck’s Bacon + Bacon Beef Burger

I have really high standards for burgers. For example, unless it has to (such as turkey), I will not eat a burger cooked beyond medium rare. If a server does not ask me how I want my burger cooked, I ought to question the quality of the meat, since, for all I know, I could be consuming pink slime instead of a burger made of real meat. When I do find an amazing burger, I make sure to inform everyone I know to seek out that particular burger. This time, I have stumbled upon two burgers that are so similar yet so different. Granted, neither of these burgers take the #1 spot in my top list of burgers (which will be posted soon), but they are definitely in the top 5. Without further adieu, here is the breakdown of the two contenders:

Father’s Office‘s Office Burger (FO)
Dry-aged beef patty, (double) caramelized onions, applewood-smoked bacon compote, Gruyère & Maytag Bleu cheeses, arugula

Vizzi Truck‘s Bacon + Bacon Beef Burger (BBB)
50/50 beef & bacon patty, spicy dijon-onion-bacon marmalade, blue cheese mornay, greens (probably arugula)

A side-by-side comparison shows that these two are very similar. After you break it down piece-by-piece, you will begin to see the differences. Let us now examine what these differences are.

Burger Patty

The FO Burger uses the finest dry-aged beef for their patty, which is cooked medium rare by default. This yields a beef patty so juicy and succulent for a classic all-beef experience. Being pure beef though, that is all you get out of the patty – just the flavor of beef.
The BBB Burger takes a page out of the Slater’s 50/50 book and creates a patty that is 50% beef & 50% bacon, then cooked medium rare. No need to worry about the bacon being undercooked – it is cooked prior to meeting the beef, such that the beef will remain medium rare while the bacon is cooked thoroughly. First off, if you have not tried Slater’s 50/50, then you are missing out. Back to this burger, you will get more than your standard beef flavor thanks to the addition of bacon in the patty. The patty is also slightly thicker than the FO patty, meaning that the BBB patty holds more juice and produces a thicker, meatier bite.

Game: Vizzi Truck


The FO Burger features a applewood-smoked bacon compote, a sauce derived from the bacon and its drippings. The amount of actual bacon is dwarfed by the compote and all other ingredients in the burger.
For a burger with the word Bacon in it twice, this burger lives up to its name. The BBB Burger not only has bacon in the patty, as described above, but bacon in the marmalade, which is comprised of spicy dijon and caramelized onions. These flavors are all quite different: bacon, spicy dijon, and caramelized onions create a sweet, salty, and spicy sauce – the trifecta of sauces.

Game: Vizzi Truck


The FO Burger contains Gruyère & Maytag Bleu cheese. Gruyère is a wonderful and versatile cheese that goes great on many dishes. It can be eaten cold a la carte, or enjoyed hot such as in grilled cheese, mac & cheese, or a burger. Unlike typical bleu cheese, Maytag Bleu is not a stinky cheese, nor does it have as many blue markings. You get the sharp taste of the bleu without having the sharp smell clog up your nose. The lesser amount of blue markings may be hit or miss – I personally like that there is fewer of the blue coloring.
The BBB Burger has blue cheese mornay, a bleu cheese sauce that may contain butter, flour, milk, salt, and pepper. Although not a classic stand-alone cheese, the mornay synergizes well with the rest of the burger because it creates a base for the other ingredients to blend with. Imagine a pasta white sauce compared to alfredo sauce to get an idea of what mornay is compared to bleu cheese.

Game: Draw


The FO Burger has been nicknamed by locals The Crack Burger mainly because of the onions. The description reads simply as ‘caramelized onions,’ but one bite of these onions will reveal more to it. The Father’s Office staff do not reveal what goes on with the onions, but I describe them as ‘double caramelized onions.’ Essentially, you are eating solid sugar (or crack) since all of the onion flavor has been caramelized out.
The BBB Burger contains their caramelized onions within the marmalade. You can still taste the caramelized onions in the marmalade, but it is mingling with the spicy dijon and bacon. This is an acquired taste, since not everyone will like the dijon. Personally I love all the aspects of the marmalade, but the onions are not a major act in the burger compared to the FO Burger.

Game: Father’s Office


Both burgers contain arugula. This one is a no-brainer.

Game: Draw


The FO Burger comes on a hoagie roll. Nothing special about this bun, just the shape.
The BBB Burger comes on a hamburger bun from a specialty baker of indeterminate origin. The bun is buttered and grilled, adding more flavor to compliment the mornay and burger.

Game: Vizzi Truck


The FO Burger is $12.50 plus tax and tip.
The BBB Burger is $12 straight up. Tip optional.

Game: Vizzi Truck


The FO Burger is always available at their two locations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. However, you must be 21 or over to enter and order.
The BBB Burger is available from the truck that roams the Greater Los Angeles Area. This burger is only available for Summer 2012.

Game: Father’s Office

Match: Vizzi Truck

Comparing the two burgers by themselves, Vizzi Truck comes out on top of Father’s Office by two points. However, the most important factor to look at is availability. Father’s Office is here to stay, while the BBB Burger is only available from Vizzi Truck while the Summer 2012 menu is up. That being said, I highly advise you to seek out Vizzi Truck as soon as possible to secure a Bacon + Bacon Beef Burger for yourself before it is no longer available. While you are there, take a look at the rest of their menu – with quality as superb as that burger, you cannot go wrong ordering something else from their menu, especially since there are also vegetarian and vegan items, so you have nothing to complain about. If you are ever in the Santa Monica or Los Angeles area, make sure to check out Father’s Office too. Once you order the Office Burger, you will realize why the locals dub it The Crack Burger.