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In today’s civilized society, people no longer have to hunt for their food – they either go to a restaurant or grocery store to obtain their food. While this brings a huge convenience to our lives, this eliminates the notion of fresh food. After all, hunting for your own food basically guarantees freshness, as you know the timing of the ingredient. When going to a grocery store, you have no idea how long the ingredients have sat on the shelves. Fresh food means low to no preservatives, and who wants artificial ingredients in their food anyways? Certain styles of cuisine utilize fresh ingredients more than others, such as many European cultures. We classically think of Greek and Mediterranean food as very fresh, and lots of people love that food because of how fresh and healthy their food tastes. For the freshest and healthiest of Mediterranean food, we turn to D’Vine: A Mediterranean Experience.

Greek restaurants exist all over the place, but D’Vine: A Mediterranean Experience stands out from the crowd as a more authentic experience. While their name claims to boast Mediterranean food, the cuisine at D’Vine aligns more with Lebanese cuisine than anything else. Between all the styles of Mediterranean cuisine, a lot of the dishes share similar qualities and ingredients. Customers can expect the usual pita bread/chips, extra virgin olive oil, hummus, baba ganoush, kebabs, shawarma, and garlic sauce. D’Vine pays careful attention to all of their dishes and bring out the best of the food’s natural flavors. For example, their garlic sauce contains simply garlic, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and a dash of salt – no dairy at all despite the white appearance. Their signature item, the lamb, carries the natural meat flavor so well that you really do not need to sauce or season it. Regardless, D’Vine crafts their garlic sauce so well that you might as well enjoy the lamb with the garlic sauce. They even sell jars of their garlic sauce that you can take home. Garlic lovers absolutely must try this sauce.

One rarely stumbles upon a place with delicious, healthy, and affordable eats. Each entrée contains enough food to feed at least two people, yet a dish such as the lamb chops only costs $15. D’Vine currently has two locations: one in Brea and one in Downtown Fullerton. If you have a hankering for fresh food at a great price, head over to D’Vine and savor a taste of the Mediterranean.