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All over the world, food and music go together quite nicely. Different genres may pair better with certain cuisines than other pairings, but for the most part, anyone can associate food with music. Even heavy metal can have its own special pairing that works out well. However, most can agree that punk rock typically has no business dealing with food. The stereotypical punk rock fan cares little for food quality, and eats whatever food they can find, especially fast food. Very rarely does one find punk rock themes in a rather hipster food place. After all, hip food places will generally have people that listen to popular music. However, I discovered one place that embraces punk rock, yet operates a food business highly tailored towards today’s hipsters. Punk rock fans and hipsters alike refer to this place as Donut Friend.

Located smack dab in the middle of Highland Park, Donut Friend has combined two unlikely worlds to fuse something so unusual that the general populace cannot get enough of this place. As the business name suggests, this place specializes in donuts, but not like any old donut shop – nothing old about Donut Friend. The Donut Artists at Donut Friend handcraft all donuts to order. Like at a Subway, customers can fully customize what goes in and on their donuts, or they can simply order with all the stated ingredients on the menu. Because they care about the local/sustainable movement, Donut Friend utilizes local ingredients in their donuts and their homemade toppings. To avoid alienating those with dietary restrictions, everything at Donut Friend does not contain dairy or eggs, so vegans can rejoice!

So how does Donut Friend tie in with punk rock? Simple – they name all of their donuts after punk rock bands or songs. All of their donuts have some sort of donut pun on an existing name. Some examples include:

  • Jets to Basil = Jets to Brazil
  • Rites of Sprinkles = Rites of Spring
  • Cherry 3 = CH3
  • Dag Nutty = Dag Nasty
  • Cro-Magnut = Cro-Mags
  • Jimmy Eat Swirl = Jimmy Eat World
  • Minus the Bear Claw = Minus the Bear
  • Drive Like Jelly = Drive Like Jehu
  • Gorilla Biscuit = Gorilla Biscuits
  • Fudgegazi = Fugazi
  • GG Almond = GG Allin
  • Chocolate From The Crypt = Rocket From The Crypt
  • Jane Dough = Converge’s album “Jane Doe”

The list of donut puns goes on and on, especially with their seasonal items. I could think of a few names they could potentially use, such as At The Jive-In for a coffee-inspired donut (At The Drive-In), Tropical-ducer for a citrus donut (Sonic Reducer), Narcoleptic Rhub for a rhubarb donut (Narcoleptic Youth), or Minor Treat if they decide of make donut holes (Minor Threat). If they want to go into milkshakes, they can even call one a Nervous Milkshake-down (Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag)! Local punk bands: takes notes.

People always say to never judge a book by its cover. Even the scariest neighborhoods can hide diamonds in the rough. When a friend recommended to me to explore her neighborhood of Highland Park, at first I felt skeptical about visiting what I perceived as a desolate and dangerous city. Undaunted, I sought out those recommendations, and one of them landed me at Donut Friend. The discovery of Donut Friend has altered the shape of my punk life to come. If you love donuts and feel tired of the same old donuts you find at a local donut shop, trek on up to Highland Park and locate Donut Friend, and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of punk rock donuts.