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What does a typical person seek in a dessert? Does dessert have to taste sweet? Can that dessert come in liquid form? Does dessert automatically exclude some ingredients? Depending on the palate, people define a dessert in an endless amount of ways. Many people prefer a traditional sweet and solid dessert, such as cake or pie. Some prefer a liquid dessert, such as a milkshake, coffee, wine, or even beer. Would you ever consider a dessert that contains components found in the main course of the meal? Chefs and cooks have toyed around with this idea for the past few years, often adding meat or other odd ingredients to their desserts – sometimes it works, often times it does not. In the case of the former, I have discovered a restaurant that struck gold playing with this notion – adding bacon and liquor to dessert. One can find this interesting dessert at Chapter One: The Modern Local in Downtown Santa Ana.

Chapter One: The Modern Local cuts no corners when it comes to quality; in fact, they shave it down to a perfect 90° angle. Using the best in local and seasonal ingredients, they craft each plate and drink with remarkable precision. Their food menu can leave anyone overwhelmed at the choices of amazing dishes to select, but the dessert menu can leave anyone bewildered. Dessert at Chapter One consists primarily of donuts with the Chapter One twist. Customers can witness this twist best in their Bourbon Bacon Banana Donut. This banana doughnut gets a heaping coating of bourbon maple frosting, marmalade, and cocoa nibs. A brûléed banana half sits on top of this doughnut, covered with candied bacon bits. It goes without saying that anyone ordering this has to get a little of everything in each bite. Take some of the banana and bacon, and dive into the doughnut, scooping some of the marmalade along the way.

Who said meat only belongs on the entrée? Any willing diners can obtain this Bourbon Bacon Banana Donut at Chapter One in Downtown Santa Ana for just $6. Head on over there and tantalize your taste buds with this superior take on bacon donuts.