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The Best of the West Chowderfest took place at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach this past Saturday. This small food fest focused on chowder constructed with various seafood, as chefs competed for the title of Best of the West. A simple clam chowder would not win this competition. Californian cuisine demands progressive and inventive dishes, so chefs had to enter the kitchen thinking like a Californian. Even more, since the fest emphasizes sustainable seafood, all participating chefs had to utilize sustainable seafood in their chowder, such as crab, tuna, urchin, lobster, sablefish, sardines, mussels, and more. During the fest, two different cooking demos took place on how to prepare certain seafood, such as squid.

For just $10 to enter, guests could sample as much chowder as they liked. For a busy Saturday afternoon, the nearby parking structure charged $8 to park, while public transportation to this location costs nothing. Some of the highlights include Chef Michael Poompan’s Chowder w/ Fried Onions and Chef Paul Buchanan’s Curry Chowder. Interestingly, one vendor served not chowder, but a tuna pasta mix, which surprisingly tasted great thanks to the fresh pico de gallo in the mix.

Keep in mind Downtown Long Beach’s campaign towards spreading the word about the great places to eat at in & around Downtown Long Beach. Almost half of the participating chefs hail from a Downtown Long Beach business, and Chowderfest proved that the local businesses have stepped up their game. Chowderfest shall return next year, but fret not – Downtown Long Beach will see many food events in the coming months. Stay tuned this blog every week to discover upcoming events in this area and your area too!

Enjoy the rest of these pictures from around Chowderfest: