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When out in the warm weather for a prolonged period of time, people start to crave cold things to eat and/or drink. This can range from chilled beverages to iced treats, such as shakes, shave ice, or ice cream. Many cold foods tend to warm up fast once exposed to the weather, especially the frozen ones. Shave ice and ice cream will usually melt away starting at one minute upon receiving it, so you typically would have to consume it fast, which could lead to brain freeze. Thus, these foods need to get colder to last longer in the heat. But how cold can you get? While traditional methods of preparing cold treats can only make something last so long, chemical methods have proven very successful in making cold treats last longer. Liquid nitrogen has proven very valuable in getting fresh ice cream to remain frozen for quite some time, and many places now do the liquid nitrogen-infused ice cream thing that many people have fallen in love with, such as at Cauldron Ice Cream.

Lots of newer ice cream places use liquid nitrogen to make fresh firm ice cream, but Cauldron Ice Cream takes it a step further. Located in southeast Santa Ana north of South Coast Plaza just on the border of Costa Mesa, Cauldron Ice Cream uses liquid nitrogen for their made-to-order ice cream for fresh customized ice cream that remains firm for a long time, even in warm weather. They did not innovate this method, as the method of utilizing liquid nitrogen to make ice cream has existed for many years already. However, Cauldron Ice Cream does not simply serve just ice cream – they kick things up with their signature Puffle cone, a bubble waffle that they roll into the shape of a cone. Known as the Egg Waffle in its origin of Hong Kong, this specialized waffle has surged in popularity recently thanks to the advent of the numerous night markets throughout the country. By rolling one up as soon as it leaves the waffle iron, Cauldron Ice Cream brings a unique spin on the classic waffle cone that pairs well with their rotating ice cream flavors, such as their Sea Salt Caramel Crunch ice cream. Cauldron uses caramel ice cream for the base and mixes pretzel bits into the ice cream for a crunchy texture. They then top the ice cream with sea salt and a caramel drizzle.

For just $6, you can enjoy this unique treat at Cauldron Ice Cream between Santa Ana and Costa Mesa. Check out Cauldron Ice Cream on Facebook for updates and listings of their current ice cream flavors.