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Millennials have gotten wiser about the consumer world around them. The days of corporations dictating how people should live their lives have long passed, as wise people unearth corporate truths (for example, Fast Food Nation). With corporations feeling the heat of the people demanding better quality, the demand for better products has surged over the past decade. The people no longer want “pink slime” or other artificial ingredients in their food – they want things natural. The fewer processes that occur between a food’s natural state versus its prepared state, the closer people feel to its intended natural state. For example, many people grew up with processed candy bars from Hershey, Mars, and other big corporations that used chocolate with other filler ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup. These bars saw lots of machine/factory time from the time they go from raw beans to chocolate bars. Sometimes a good piece of dark chocolate will really hit the spot since they taste more natural than milk chocolate. While corporations produce dark chocolate, the smaller companies that produce dark chocolate in small batches usually come out with higher quality products, such as Stivii.

Stivii has a mission to deliver top quality goods using the most natural ingredients available. As their company name suggests, Stivii relies on Stevia to sweeten their products. Unlike other zero-calorie sweeteners, Stevia does not increase the body’s craving for sugar, so food and drinks using Stevia help to curb cravings (in moderation, as always). This means you can fully enjoy a Stivii product with reduced guilt, such as their recently launched line of Dark Chocolate Bars. Comprised of 55% cacao, these dark chocolate bars contain 25% fewer calories than the leading dark chocolate bar brands. These all-natural dark chocolate bars contain no dairy, soy, or gluten, so they satisfy the gluten-free and vegan crowds. Along with Stevia, these bars contain other natural ingredients such as real fruit pieces instead of juices or other artificial flavoring. Speaking of real fruit pieces, Stivii’s line of Dark Chocolate Bars contains five varieties:

  • Original Dark Chocolate
  • Pomegranate Dark Chocolate
  • Blueberry Almond Dark Chocolate
  • White Peach Dark Chocolate
  • Chili Dark Chocolate

At the same time that Stivii has launched their Dark Chocolate Bars, Stivii has joined the UTZ Certified program for cocoa. Supporting UTZ products means supporting sustainability and the local farmers that put in countless hours towards the cocoa beans used for the chocolates that people all over the world enjoy. To get your hands on a Stivii Dark Chocolate Bar, check with your local gourmet grocery store, such as Gelson’s Markets. Stivii has more varieties planned for 2016, so to stay connected, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for news and updates.

With Halloween right around the corner, why not start preparing yourself for what may transpire? Whether you will indulge on sweets, booze, or other like-minded individuals on such a holiday, the lucky visitors to L.A. Foodie‘s Treatoberfest could partake in a preview of all sorts of adult Halloween celebrations rolled into one. This past Saturday night, the L.A. Foodie crew strutted into Angel City Brewery, where the crew and a slew of great chefs, bakers, and caterers from all over Southern California set up along the back to prepare for a night of serving up all the delicious sweet treats that attendees could handle. L.A. Foodie encouraged attendees to don their best costumes and have some fun among the crowd, as well as take photos in front of the green screen. All throughout the night, attendees could go trick-or-treating by visiting all of the tables and selecting any treat they desired. General admission cost $12, and included unlimited food & dessert samples from all the vendors while supplies lasted. As an added bonus, L.A. Foodie provided to-go boxes so that attendees could take home as many treats as they could fit into the to-go box. Talk about sweetening the deal!

As L.A. Foodie’s second run at this event, they made some changes to go in a different direction this time around. First off, they nixed the $40 VIP package, which included all of the general admission goodies, plus a goodie bag, an LA Foodie t-shirt, a fashionable wristband, and Angel City Brewery goodies. Second, this year’s event utilized the new private space adjacent to the brewery, as opposed to last year’s event in the open tasting room. Most importantly, admission did not include beers this time – last year, admission included three beer tasters. Personally, I noticed fewer dessert vendors than last year… or at least fewer vendors with food we could take home in our provided to-go boxes. Last year, I took home more than could fit in the box. This year, we really could only take home goodies from one of the vendors, as all the other treats likely would not make the ride home due to spilling or melting. This year’s vendors included some from last year, but otherwise mixed it up to include:



When L.A. Foodie throws an event, they do it right. Although they have not held an event since April, know that they all constantly search for the best of Los Angeles, whether they record podcasts, scout out new restaurants or bars, or put random food in strangers’ mouths. They currently do not have plans for another event, but when they do, they will blast it out to all of their followers. Make sure you like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter to ensure you will know firsthand when they will hold another event.