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Over time, human tastes change due to exposure to new things, new experiences, and new knowledge. Starting off as a child, we consumed basic foods mainly for nutrition, not for enjoyment. Once we left our toddler stage, we start to eat common foods like hot dogs, pizza, and hamburgers, as well as crave sweets. From that point on, we would slowly start to like new and different foods and different tastes. For example, most kids and teenagers love ketchup, but cannot stand mustard. Conversely, adults tend to prefer mustard over ketchup due to its flavor complementing meat products, as well as having no sugar. Once we get older, we tend to stick with what we have come to eat on a regular basis. Sometimes, we start to crave what we once had as children. This concept of eating what we did as children, known as comfort food, has recently gained popularity with today’s society, but with gourmet twists to satiate our adult needs. Sure we may want basic macaroni & cheese sometimes, but order it while dining out, and you may receive it with bread crumbs, truffle oil, and/or some kind of meat in it, like bacon. Sometimes, you just want the original thing, and you want it to taste good. Fried chicken also falls into the comfort food category, and while most other people will think about Kentucky Fried Chicken, set your sight towards Beachwood BBQ for their fried chicken.

Known as a purveyor of special dinner nights such as Mac & Cheese Night and Chili Night, Beachwood BBQ has redefined the pop-up concept. Credited as the world’s first rotating tap restaurant, Beachwood BBQ strays away from routine by offering food and drinks for only a limited time or while supplies last. In the case of beer, once a keg runs out of beer, the folks at Beachwood BBQ take that keg out, and replace the spot with a new beer. As kegs run out on a daily basis, customers will likely see a different selection of beers every time they come in. In the case of food, while Beachwood BBQ does serve a standard menu, they also host special dinner nights centered around a particular dish. These special dinners occur every one to two months, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Last night, Beachwood BBQ traveled down a different path by crafting a Fried Chicken Night. For this occasion, customers may order a leg & thigh, breast & wing, or all four, and choose between regular or spicy. All plates come with green beans, smoky mashed potatoes with rosemary gravy, and an herb biscuit with hot honey dipping sauce. I could not decipher how they prepared their batter and seasoning, but I can safely say this: KFC, eat your heart out. One bite into this clucker will make you forget about KFC in a heartbeat. The spicy chicken did not taste that spicy at all – I cannot handle any level beyond medium, and this chicken tasted rather mild to me. In fact, the honey sauce for the biscuit tasted intensely more spicy than the chicken. For a plate like this containing many savory items, a beer would go great in washing this down. Although an IPA does a great job at cutting through bold savory flavors, this fried chicken went best with something fruity or almost sour, like a saison, fruit beer, or even a sour.

Beachwood BBQ always does great things at their tiny little location in Seal Beach, and they do even greater amazing things at their brewpub in Downtown Long Beach. Want to see what they cook up next? Follow Beachwood BBQ on Twitter, and Like their page on Facebook for the latest updates. I recommend checking back next month – albeit these nights normally run once every two months, Beachwood BBQ has ran special dinner nights on consecutive months in the past. With their string of success, you would miss out on a fantastic opportunity if you skip their next dinner night.