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The age of craft beer reigns supreme now more than ever. The popularity of it does not appear to descend at all, and will only go up everyday. While larger metropolitan areas will have greater concentrations of craft beer and microbreweries, the desire for craft beer has now expanded to smaller cities throughout the country. Thousands of microbrewery owners recognize this rise, and have banded together in order to form a more perfect union of craft beer. Sierra Nevada recognized this camaraderie and established Beer Camp Across America, a cross-country collaborative effort spanning seven major cities with every brewer along the way invited to join in the festivities. In each of those cities, Sierra Nevada hosted a Beer Camp beer tasting festival and invited almost every nearby brewery possible. A retail Beer Camp 12-pack exists that contains a 12oz beer bottle from 12 different breweries across the nation, including Sierra Nevada’s own contribution to the mixed pack.

As the organizer of this major feat in craft beer, you can bet that Sierra Nevada will throw their own chips into the pile. Who would organize an event only to not participate in it? Sierra Nevada calls their finished ode to their festival simply Beer Camp Hoppy Lager. This 7.0% abv Imperial American pilsner got brewed with Palisade and El Dorado hops for bitterness, and Citra and Equinox hops for aroma and taste. As a result, Beer Camp Hoppy Lager ends up with just 55 IBUs, giving this a medium bitterness. Beer Camp Hoppy Lager pairs great with mild to medium spicy foods such as curry and salsa verde. Beer Camp Hoppy Lager exists as a spring seasonal brew, so as spring basically has reached the halfway point of this year, you ought to act fast and look for this bottle at your local bottle shop. Enjoy this with food, enjoy this with friends, or enjoy this on its own – you cannot go wrong with Beer Camp Hoppy Lager.