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Southern California bustles with life and activity of all sorts. The great diversity nestled in the greater Los Angeles area means that anyone with just about any interest can find something there to stimulate daily life. From food to music to the arts to local hotspots, many different aspects exist to keep anyone fulfilled. Since everyone has such different and unique tastes, densely populated areas such as Downtown Los Angeles need all that variety to stay relevant as a popular area to visit. One can find all sorts of things to do in Downtown LA, perhaps too much. With so much to do, one may not have enough time to catch it all. As such, it makes sense to combine things into one locale, such as music with food & drinks. You can find something like that this weekend at Iron Triangle Brewing Company in Downtown LA’s Arts District.

Further emboldening the craft beer presence of Downtown LA, Iron Triangle Brewing Company has cemented themselves as one of the big dogs that virtually every craft beer enthusiast must visit when traveling in the area. Iron Triangle officially opened their doors to the public earlier this year (January 23rd marked their grand opening), and has since gained tons of traction and fame in less than a year. With a massive brewing facility and expansive tasting room, Iron Triangle surely has what it takes to live on as one of the top spots for Downtown LA. Although their grand opening took place in January earlier this year, Iron Triangle will celebrate their first anniversary this weekend at their tasting room with beer and live music. On Saturday night, they will close to the public to allow only those in the beer industry to attend. On Sunday night, the public may purchase tickets to attend this event that will have beer and live music. Tickets cost $20 presale or $25 at the door for Sunday night.

Expect to see great things from Iron Triangle Brewing in the coming years. Check out Iron Triangle Brewing on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.