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Orange County mainstay brewery Cismontane Brewing recently turned seven years old, a feat in this competitive microbrewery market. As they do every year, Cismontane holds a party to celebrate their anniversary. However, this year brought about many new changes for Cismontane. Notably, Cismontane has relocated to a new facility in Santa Ana, departing from their original location in Rancho Santa Margarita. This marks Cismontane’s first time holding an anniversary event ever at this new Santa Ana location. To also mix things up, Cismontane changed the way they structured their anniversary event. In previous years, Cismontane held their anniversary like a beer festival. Guests would pay for a ticket to receive a set amount of beer pours as well as an anniversary glass. This year, Cismontane did away with the ticketing fees. Instead, they tapped a handful of barrel-aged beers for guests to enjoy. With no tickets or cover charges to worry about, guests could enter freely and simply pay for beers as they went. With this setup, guests would only pay for beers that they wanted to drink instead of paying for a set amount of beers that they may not get to enjoy. Unfortunately, Cismontane did not have an anniversary glass this time – they just had their regular merchandise for sale. Historically, Cismontane held their anniversary at the end of April or the beginning of May. Due to the sheer amount of beer events during that time this year, Cismontane kept postponing their anniversary to a more suitable date with the fewest amount of conflicting beer events.

Check out Cismontane Brewing at their new location in Santa Ana just off the 55 freeway. See what they have brewing up here by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Their new location can accommodate more guests than their previous Rancho Santa Margarita location (which Laguna Beach Beer Company has acquired after Cismontane moved), so check them out behind Pep Boys (enter on the west side).

The craft beer scene in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County has surged quite a bit in the past year or two, and the scene will continue to experience rapid growth for an indefinite amount of time. This trend saw another spike this past Saturday when Absolution Brewing Company celebrated their third anniversary. Located across the ExxonMobil Refinery from the Torrance microbrewery core (which consists of Smog City Brewing and Monkish Brewing), Absolution Brewing represents another fine member of the South Bay craft beer collective. While they may not yet appear as widespread as Smog City or Monkish, the brews of Absolution live up to the expectations of any brewery from the South Bay.

At their third anniversary celebration, guests could still enter the tasting room and order beers right off the menu. To add to the celebration, Absolution employed a handful of additions, which included cask ales, games, mobile food vendors, and live music. Guests could still purchase beers as normal at the counter, but to those looking for a festival experience, Absolution offered just that in the form of beer packages. A general package cost $25 and came with three full beer pours, a souvenir glass, and one meal ticket from the food vendors. The VIP experience took place from 11am to 1pm, which consisted of unlimited beer pours for those two hours, plus everything that the $25 package gets.

Expect lots of hype and excitement from the South Bay in the upcoming weeks. This upcoming Saturday, Phantom Carriage in Carson will celebrate their second anniversary. The following weekend, Redondo Beach’s King Harbor Brewing Company will celebrate their third anniversary as well. The Monkish anniversary already happened the previous week, but one can expect that Smog City should have an anniversary event before summer starts. Regardless, one cannot go wrong with breweries in the South Bay, so head on over and check out some breweries!

Southern California bustles with life and activity of all sorts. The great diversity nestled in the greater Los Angeles area means that anyone with just about any interest can find something there to stimulate daily life. From food to music to the arts to local hotspots, many different aspects exist to keep anyone fulfilled. Since everyone has such different and unique tastes, densely populated areas such as Downtown Los Angeles need all that variety to stay relevant as a popular area to visit. One can find all sorts of things to do in Downtown LA, perhaps too much. With so much to do, one may not have enough time to catch it all. As such, it makes sense to combine things into one locale, such as music with food & drinks. You can find something like that this weekend at Iron Triangle Brewing Company in Downtown LA’s Arts District.

Further emboldening the craft beer presence of Downtown LA, Iron Triangle Brewing Company has cemented themselves as one of the big dogs that virtually every craft beer enthusiast must visit when traveling in the area. Iron Triangle officially opened their doors to the public earlier this year (January 23rd marked their grand opening), and has since gained tons of traction and fame in less than a year. With a massive brewing facility and expansive tasting room, Iron Triangle surely has what it takes to live on as one of the top spots for Downtown LA. Although their grand opening took place in January earlier this year, Iron Triangle will celebrate their first anniversary this weekend at their tasting room with beer and live music. On Saturday night, they will close to the public to allow only those in the beer industry to attend. On Sunday night, the public may purchase tickets to attend this event that will have beer and live music. Tickets cost $20 presale or $25 at the door for Sunday night.

Expect to see great things from Iron Triangle Brewing in the coming years. Check out Iron Triangle Brewing on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

The concept of a flagship product can make or break a business. When a business or company wants to go big, they want the people to generally recognize a specific product. Specialization in a certain product leads to the development of a signature item or a flagship product. Sometimes, a company will make ONLY that item and make it well. Other times, a company will make a variety of products, yet the public will generally recognize only one. For example, a few years ago, I once overheard a stranger ordering a beer called Orange 24. Any Southern Californian craft beer enthusiast will immediately recognize that specific beer. Elsewhere, other breweries carry flagship beers too, such as San Diego’s Belching Beaver.

As one of San Diego’s larger breweries, Belching Beaver has crafted quite a name for themselves ever since their grand opening four years ago. They possess a massive lineup of different beers, and have since expanded to at least four locations. Despite all this, people perhaps recognize Belching Beaver most for their Peanut Butter Milk Stout. Most breweries have a beer that the people know the brewery for, and Belching Beaver has just that with the flavorful sweet stout. Belching Beaver delivered that beer and many more at their 4th Anniversary Party this past Saturday at their Oceanside production facility. Those who attended received two 8oz beer pours, two 8oz specialty pours, one raffle ticket, and a 16oz “Das Boot” anniversary glass. Along with all the strong beers they served up, Belching Beaver had a few food vendors too, including a dessert vendor that used the beers in the desserts.

In addition to this Oceanside production facility, Belching Beaver has their first production facility in Vista, a tasting room in North Park, and a restaurant in Vista. See what else Belching Beaver has in store by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Craft beer has boomed substantially in the past few years across the nation, and it has boomed just as much in Orange County. These days, microbreweries pop up everywhere you can think of, but generally in geographical clusters for closer proximity and because some cities do not want breweries at all. In recent years, some areas have seen quite a number of breweries popping up, such as the South Bay, the San Gabriel Valley, and now Huntington Beach. While Huntington Beach has not seen any new breweries pop up since last year, the current breweries stand strong, such as Four Sons Brewing, who just celebrated their second anniversary this past weekend. All weekend, Four Sons celebrated with a handful of rare beers available only for the weekend and only at their tasting room plus the new extension of their tasting room directly next door. In the past couple of years, Four Sons has established quite a name for themselves with their usage of unique ingredients on their brews, such as coconuts or raspberries. They have gained exposure at recent beer festivals, such as OC Brew Ha Ha and OC Beer Fest, providing them with an ample fan base prior to their opening. Their bold approach of in-your-face beers has people stirring about Four Sons’ brews, and the quality of beers does not appear to go down a decline any time soon.

Craft beer fans should not hesitate to check out Four Sons Brewing at 18421 Gothard Street in Huntington Beach. Four Sons joins the ranks of the few Orange County breweries with a tasting room open seven days a week (Bootlegger’s, The Bruery, and Noble Ale come to mind), so you can visit them at your leisure. Remember to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to receive updates on new brews and events when they occur!

When thinking about the originals of the South Bay beer scene, Smog City Brewing Company usually comes to mind. Having just celebrated their 3rd anniversary this past weekend, Smog City has a concrete plan about how to operate a brewery, and they do such a great job at it. People all over Southern California feel Smog City’s presence, from beer festivals to restaurants to bottle shops and more. Aptly named for their proximity to the Exxon Mobil Refinery, Smog City’s location essentially marks them as a hub for most of the South Bay breweries. Most people who conduct a South Bay brewery tour tend to start at Smog City as a result, not to mention the generous business hours of the tasting room. With a large portfolio of beers available at any given time, visitors to the tasting room will always find something new to try, and something new to take home.

New this year, Smog City has advanced over to the space adjacent to its left. This space not only holds over a hundred more visitors, but it houses dozens of barrels all quietly and slowly aging until ripeness. Smog City also had their private VIP tasting from 11am to 1pm where they sampled some of their rare exclusive brews. I could not attend that session, but I still got to try some of their other anniversary ales, and believe me, Smog City has still got it.

Smog City’s popularity precedes them, and their anniversary event proved just that. Wall to wall full of people, it appeared that this South Bay powerhouse could not contain every single visitor present. This bears no indication that they cannot handle a crowd – this measures just how significant a name they bear in the craft beer market. If you ever find yourself with free time on a weekend or just find yourself somewhere near the Torrance area, stop on by Smog City Brewing. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates from Smog City.

Coincidentally landing at the end of American Craft Beer Week, Hangar 24 Brewery celebrated their 8th anniversary with their inaugural AirFest and beer festival at Redlands Municipal Airport this past weekend. This anniversary celebration took place just across the street from the Hangar 24 tasting room, allowing guests to roam much of the airport grounds to view all the airplanes on exhibit, and check out all the food and beer available. All around the festival area, all of the attractions evenly spread out, from the food vendors to the beer tents to the airplanes on display and more. Throughout the day, live music would occur on the main stage, and various aerial acrobatics would occur overhead, demonstrating cool stunts performed in airplanes.

Although physically organized similarly to previous years, a clear separation of two halves of the airport existed. Guests entered on the eastern side, which basically represented the “all-ages” side what with the kids’ zone, activities, entertainment, and aviation exhibits. Upon moving over to the western side, we start to see a clear depiction of a typical crowded beer festival what with the crowds and the empty beer cups littered across the ground. With thousands of people gathered mostly to this western side, I could barely manage enough time to get one beer from the limited release booth, which had already run out of most of their beers.

After dredging through the waves of people on the beer side, I return back to the east side to enjoy some aerial acrobatics.

At around 5:30pm, we got treated to a special performance by the Just In Time Skydivers.

Following the skydiving spectacle, we got to see some more aerial acrobatics.

As a special treat, we got to see a muscle bi-plane race against a jet car. As Mythbusters once proved, the plane wins because the car has to face friction, which slows it down tremendously. No surprise here: the plane won the race.

Lastly, the Patriots Jet Team treated everyone to a magnificent air show complete with dazzling red, white, and blue trails.

Coincidentally coinciding with the end of American Craft Beer Week, Hangar 24 Brewery will celebrate their 8th Anniversary this Saturday with their inaugural AirFest taking place at Redlands Municipal Airport. Located across the street from the tasting room, this all-ages gathering covers almost the entire airport area, sans the runway, with dozens of tents & trucks pouring lots of beer. Admission starts at $8, with various tiers and prices that offer different amounts of beer and other perks, including a VIP tent that sits right up front for the viewing of the air show. Strewn throughout the area, in addition to the various tents and trucks pouring beer, the airport crew sets out vintage planes that guests can inspect and gaze at, and they also open some of the hangars so guests can tour the airport. Guests can climb into some of the planes for photo opportunities as well. Throughout the day, local bands play live music, and pilots put on aerial acrobatics shows, providing more than enough entertainment for the crowd. A kids’ play zone will keep the little ones busy while the adults go to drink elsewhere. Free parking means that guests can leave and return at their leisure, provided that they leave their wristbands on. With so much ground to cover, so much beer to drink, and so much else going on, no guest should ever feel bored the entire day.

If you have ever attended the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, you will surely remember the beautiful sunset over the mountains and palm trees. While this airport has no palm trees, its location by the mountains yields a spectacular sight as night falls and the sun produces an entrancing glow over the horizon. This almost makes you want to go to Hangar 24 one day in the evening just to witness the sunset from the tasting room.

The brave can conquer anything. It takes guts to stand up to the colossal giants in this world. It must feel daunting when in a situation of feeling like a small person in a big crowd. When 1% of the world holds 99% of the wealth, corporate megalomaniacs can influence multiple aspects, from the top levels of government down to the common populace. To stand out from the crowd, you need something to set you apart from the rest. Society tends to conform to what the media feeds the people, listening to what they deem good or bad. When people snap out of the brainwashing, they break their creative chains to unleash their potential and dreams. Everybody has different goals, but when you want to go big, look at how Valiant Brewing approaches their craft.

Three years ago, Valiant Brewing opened their doors to the public to ravishing reviews. Last weekend, the folks behind the brews celebrated the third year of their brewery with lots of beer at their tasting room. With over 40 different beers available to the public, many of which the public have not yet seen, Valiant brought out their big guns to this party. Frequent guests may have noticed a handful of barrels missing from their normal corner of the brewery, which could finally see daylight and reach the glasses of every guest. Last year, Valiant celebrated their anniversary like a beer festival, charging folks a flat admission fee to enjoy a set amount of beer tasters. This year, they spread the celebration out across three days, each with separate timed releases. Visitors only needed to pay $5 for a glass, then needed to buy drink tickets each day to start drinking. Anyone who visited all three days and saved their wristbands could access an exclusive brew Saturday night.

During a season full of beer events, Valiant held up their own, and proved that they have garnered a solid following over the past few years. Perhaps we will see more of Valiant around Southern California this year, as they aim to distribute to a wider geographical area, both in bottle shops and in restaurants/bars. Until then, check out their tap room in Orange, open Thursdays through Saturdays, for a full glimpse of what they have brewing up.

In the pursuit of hoppiness, countless people across the world continue to crave craft beer. The demand for craft beer grows so much that corporations actively try to shut them down. In order to keep the craft beer industry strong, entrepreneurs need to continually grow their brewery or company. But how does one find trained professionals to handle the work? Pretty much every brewery would only hire individuals with prior experience in the industry, not even giving the chance to hire fresh people to give them experience. So how does one get experience if a brewery will not give experience? In a world where experience matters the most over education, certifications, and proficiency, sometimes it helps to go back to the basics, and the basics start in the classroom. To learn more about the craft beer industry, we look to the institutions that provide training and education to willing individuals, and for that, we turn to Innovation Brew Works.

Located within the Innovation Village Research Park at Cal Poly Pomona, Innovation Brew Works represents the campus building that not only serves pizza and beer to the public, but functions as a full-size brewery where students can learn hands-on about the brewing process as part of the curriculum. While certainly not the first institution to offer a curriculum to major in brewing, Cal Poly Pomona represents one of the few to do so. As an added bonus, the beers produced here do not go to waste. Thanks to the setup of the brewery, a head brewer makes the main batches in the primary equipment to serve in the café, while students utilize small batch pilot systems to test their brews. If a student produces something worthy, they may feature it as a special cask in the café. Otherwise, nothing goes to waste, and the public can walk in to Innovation Brew Works and enjoy a cold one or two.

This past Saturday, Innovation Brew Works celebrated their one-year anniversary, although since they opened in fall 2016, this marked their 1.5-year anniversary. They kept the prices down, ranging from $10 to $30 depending on how much a person wanted to drink, and each admission included raffle tickets. During the anniversary celebration, Innovation Brew Works expanded the area to the outdoor spaces around it to accommodate for the increased attendance and for the live music. While the café remained open for business, they also provided free popcorn. In the late afternoon, guests could meet the head brewer and learn about the brewery, the curriculum, and the background of Innovation Brew Works. Despite the rain, this brewery’s anniversary ran smoothly with no problems whatsoever, a perfect way to enjoy a visit to a brewery without the fuss of crowds and pricey admission fees.

I do not know if they distribute their brews, as I have not seen them anywhere else, not even beer festivals. If you want to see and learn more about Innovation Brew works, check them out on Facebook. If an education in brewing sounds interesting to you, check out their curriculum page linked above for information about how to attend Cal Poly Pomona.