Pokémon Sword & Shield – An Easy Way to Evolve Farfetch’d Into Sirfetch’d

Posted: November 26, 2019 in Gaming
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This method works best with a freshly-caught Farfetch’d, as a higher-level Farfetch’d may do too much damage.

  1. Catch wild Farfetch’d in Route 5 until you catch one holding a Leek. A Large Leek will not work – that item only works for cooking. Feel free to give the Leek to another Farfetch’d of a close level.
  2. Return to a nearby Pokémon Center, heal Farfetch’d, put it in the lead spot of your party, and make sure it still knows Fury Cutter (do not replace or forget it for now).
  3. Go back to Route 5, save your game, and look for a level 19 Stufful. Level 20 Stufful has a move that hits hard, potentially taking out your Farfetch’d in one hit.
  4. Use ONLY Fury Cutter until you land three critical hits.
  5. Once you land the third critical hit, use Rock Smash to finish the battle.

If you own a higher-level Farfetch’d from either Giant’s Mirror or a raid, this method can still work, but with greater difficulty. Find a foe that resists Fury Cutter and does not threaten Farfetch’d much, such as Shuckle.

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