TwitchCon Represents Something Any Video Game Fan Must Attend Once, But Not More Than Once

Posted: October 25, 2017 in Events, Long Beach
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The highly anticipated TwitchCon took place at the Long Beach Convention Center this past weekend. This all-ages convention represents one of the biggest annual video gaming events worldwide, attracting tens of thousands of international attendees. As a convention that focuses on Twitch, a livestreaming website, many of the booths, vendors, and programs pertained to video games and streaming. As a major event, the convention contained so many activities, programs, booths, and more that one could not easily access everything in one day. From gaming tournaments to video game demos to streaming services and more, TwitchCon more than earns its place as one of the world’s top video game related events to attend.

TwitchCon took over the entire Long Beach Convention Center, using up every single room and hall. TwitchCon dedicated some of the major rooms to its own programs, such as the Glitch Theater for screenings, or the H1Z1 Arena for H1Z1 tournaments throughout the weekend featuring some of the world’s top players of that game. On the other side of the convention center from the aforementioned rooms, attendees could find all the rooms for the seminars (all of which you can find recorded and uploaded on Twitch), as well as the Twitch Store, where attendees could purchase official Twitch apparel and accessories. Of course, who can forget about the expo hall? Nearly all of the action took place within the expo hall, which contained too many things going on that I could possibly list. A variety of stages, video game demos, exhibits, gaming vendors, and more covered the floor of the expo hall, spread out just enough to give attendees room to walk through. If an attendee wanted to check out every single booth and play every game demo available, that would definitely take more than one day at TwitchCon. But what about for those who did not care to play all the demos?

TwitchCon sold 3-day passes in addition to single-day passes. Does one truly need more than one day at TwitchCon? Once you have seen all the booths, you have seen them – no need to return another day to see them again. Since the booths and stages remain the same, what changes daily? The programs change daily, and the people you may encounter change daily. As mentioned earlier, you can watch all of the programs that you may have missed – all of the seminars got recorded and uploaded to Twitch. As for the people, exactly what I predicted occurred – much like VidCon, the “celebrity” streamers constantly had a swarm of people following them. Nobody ever saw a “celebrity” streamer alone – they always had a posse with them. The majority of attendees only wanted to see these famous gamers and streamers, so the popular got more popular while many attendees did not care much about the lesser streamers. It felt like TwitchCon represented a platform for top streamers to show off their fame, rather than a convention to actually help small streamers grow their audiences. Oh, and the plague that has befallen Twitch known as “IRL”? What happens in IRL happened at TwitchCon too, especially with the female streamers. Put it this way – LOTS of female streamers present at TwitchCon essentially wore clothing that they would never wear to visit their grandparents, and like the famous streamers, one would never see them alone.

Some people have already asked me, “How did you like TwitchCon?” To each person, I always gave a short and concise response: “I thoroughly enjoyed TwitchCon, but I would not go back again.” TwitchCon represents an event that you must attend at least once, but not need to attend multiple times. Any fan of video games and/or streamers ought to attend TwitchCon just to say that they did it and went. I compare TwitchCon to Coachella – I believe everyone should go to Coachella once just to say that they went. I will say the same thing about TwitchCon – I believe everyone should go to TwitchCon once just to say that they went. However, do not just jump the gun and flat out buy tickets to next year’s TwitchCon. If you have some favorite streamers that you follow, ask them if they plan to attend TwitchCon, and if they do intend to go, then by all means purchase a ticket so that you can meet them. If you do not visit Twitch already. I encourage you to create a Twitch account (if you do not already have an account) and start finding streamers to follow. Twitch has evolved beyond video gaming streams – Twitch now contains livestreams for almost any aspect of life, such as art, cooking, music, fitness, activities, events, travel, and more. If you have used Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Instagram Live, or Snapchat, then you already have the knowledge of livestreams.

Check out my photos from TwitchCon 2017 below, and watch my videos from TwitchCon from each day: Day One, Day Two, and Day Three.

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