One Day Could Not Contain All the Excitement at Nerdbot-Con 2017

Posted: October 4, 2017 in Art, Events, Los Angeles
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Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Since the beginning of time, civilization has always asked what came first. While the public can typically attribute tangible items with an origin, everything else requires documentation to pinpoint an origin, unless generally accepted. For example, the gourmet food truck trend started in early 2009 with Kogi BBQ, which everyone will say started it all. When you look at expos for comic books, all fans will tell you that the San Diego one started it all. But with the San Diego Comic Con selling out in seconds every year, what else can fans do? Sure they can shell out the cash for super inflated after-market passes, but why not travel up the coast two hours to Los Angeles County? LA County hosts a handful of comics events and cons, some of which can appear as large as the San Diego one, such as Nerdbot-Con.

Nerdbot-Con 2017 returned to the Pasadena Convention Center this past Saturday to a massive crowd easily in the thousands. For as large a turnout that appeared, this expo consumed the entirety of the conference center, the entire east building, to hold that many fans. Taking place in all rooms of the conference center, dozens of comic book writers and artists traveled here to exhibit their merchandise, art, books, toys, and more. In addition to the expo on the show floor, various workshops and seminars took place in the surrounding meeting rooms for those who registered ahead of time. Throughout the day, various activities took place on the show floor to keep attendees entertained, such as live bands, scene reenactments, karaoke, dancing, and more.

Even to those not interested in comics, everyone should attend a comic expo/con just to see everyone dressing up in costume. At any expo involving comics, video games, anime, manga, and more, any attendee cannot avoid seeing another guest participating in the inevitable cosplay for the duration of the event. Cosplay has turned into a staple for any sort of expo in this industry, and the fans proudly donned their best gear for this expo. Watch in amazement the best of the best of this year’s Nerdbot-Con.

Missed out on Nerdbot-Con? Keep an eye out for other similar expos, such as Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con in late October, BlizzCon in early November, and Anime Los Angeles in late January. You have plenty of time to work up that unique and amazing DIY costume that everyone will want to take a picture of.

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