Commercials In Real Life at the 2017 Orange County International Auto Show

Posted: October 3, 2017 in Cars, Events, Orange County
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The annual Orange County International Auto Show returned to the Anaheim Convention Center this past weekend. This all-ages car show basically represented a huge trade fair, with most of the major automobile manufacturers all present to not only showcase all the current and new models, but to garner some sales from the thousands of attendees. Admission only cost $12 and granted attendees full access to the entire floor to scout out all the cars, trucks, exotics, parts, accessories, and more. Besides all the cars on display, attendees could test-drive some of the cars too.

The OC Auto Show returns every year to the Anaheim Convention Center some time in October. Bookmark it for next year, as this event makes for a great way to spend a few hours of your weekend with friends and family. Give them a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter to show your love of cars.

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