Beer Up – Lost Coast Brewery’s Pennywiser

Posted: August 31, 2017 in Beer, Los Angeles
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Many famous people have started to branch out into products to sell under their namesake. While many people will instantly think of clothing or jewelry lines, this also applies to consumable goods, especially foods and drinks. Actors and musicians alike have come up with foods and/or drinks that represent them. Last year, I covered a line of hot sauces called Gringo Bandito released by Dexter Holland, the vocalist for the band The Offspring. Other such products include Stone Cold Steve Austin’s beer from El Segundo Brewing and Hanson’s beer called Mmmhops. Now, we can add another entry into the list of famous people or groups of people that have released something other than their known line of work – in this case, the band Pennywise has released a beer called Pennywiser.

Making its public debut in just over a week from now, Pennywiser has arrived to deliver a taste of what Pennywise represents. Strangely, a Southern Californian band partnered with a Northern California brewery, Lost Coast Brewery, to bring this beer back to Southern California. Pennywiser acts as a great stepping stone to get the band’s fans that do not normally drink beer into the IPA world. As a session IPA, Pennywiser sits at an easy 4.8% ABV, and contains some of the more common hops used in brewing: cascade, crystal, chinook, and citra hops. The hops do not attack the palate, but give the beer enough bitterness to allow the drinker to fully enjoy the citrus flavor and aroma present in the beer. Beer drinkers will appreciate the combination of hops, and music fans will appreciate a beer that they can enjoy without having to worry about its strength and boldness.

Pennywiser will see limited release in the South Bay starting the week of Labor Day 2017. This will primarily test the market to measure its popularity, as well as allow the brewery to fine-tune the recipe if necessary. Following the initial release, Pennywiser will see greater distribution as the brewery starts to bottle and ship it out. To stay updated on when and where you can taste some Pennywiser, make sure you follow Pennywise on Facebook and Twitter to see their posts and updates.

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