Preview: The 2017 Long Beach Comic Con

Posted: August 29, 2017 in Art, Events, Long Beach
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The 2017 Long Beach Comic Con returns to the Long Beach Convention Center this upcoming weekend. This two-day all-ages expo of comics, video games, anime, manga, and toys brings together fans, artists, designers, and more from around the world to meet with like minds and share interests. With plenty of speakers and workshops, the expo ensures that any attendee would find something to stay occupied. The Long Beach Comic Con has plenty more information to share on their website, as well as all their social media, such as their Facebook and Twitter pages. For those posting about the event, use the hashtags #LBCC #LBCC17 or #LBCC2017 since all three will refer to the event.

The convention runs on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend: starting at 10am to 7pm on Saturday, and 10:30am to 5pm on Sunday. Purchase your admission by 5pm this Friday to gain access to the convention half an hour earlier. Presale admission costs $40 to attend on Saturday, $35 to attend on Sunday, or $60 for the entire weekend. Admission passes at the door will cost $5 extra. Parking at the convention center costs $10 per vehicle. Those looking for free parking will not find much in Downtown Long Beach, so either park in the neighborhood east of Alamitos Ave, or take public transportation from elsewhere. This expo takes place mainly indoors, so most visitors will not have to worry about sunlight or excess heat; however, anyone intending to remain outside for prolonged periods for photographs should apply sunscreen just in case.

What comic convention can rightfully call themselves a Comic Con without cosplay? Hundreds of attendees always display their creativity and craftsmanship with the various costumes donned to this expo. Sure the majority wear costumes less original than anticipated (such as Star Wars characters – sorry Slave Leia fans), but for those who put on something new or different, I salute them all. Check out some of the better costumes from last year:

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