Swaying in the Sand at the 17th Annual Tiki Beach Festival in Long Beach

Posted: August 25, 2017 in Dance, Events, Long Beach, Music
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The 17th Annual Tiki Beach Festival returned to the Granada Launch Ramp in Long Beach this past weekend. This all-ages event allows all guests to experience various Pacific Islands inspired food, arts & crafts, vendors, games, music, dancers, and more. Situated right on the beach, the festival required no admission, so anyone could walk up and begin enjoying the sights and sounds right away. Dozens of themed vendor booths lined the main walkway leading up to the sand, selling apparel, accessories, trinkets, home goods, and more. Further down, we found all the food booths, selling lots of Pacific Islander food as well as American or Californian street food. However, the main attraction of the festival lie just beyond those booths on the right. Hundreds of guests flocked to the sand to gain a view of the main stage, where all the music and dancing resonated in everyone’s bodies. Every performance contained traditional music accompanied by dance performances, appealing to the eyes and ears. The hot sun and sand did not keep guests away, for the performers kept the action even hotter.

Come back next year! The Tiki Beach Fest occurs around mid-August annually and lasts two days, which gives you ample time to plan to show up at the beach.

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