Preview: The 17th Annual US Sumo Open

Posted: June 13, 2017 in Events, Long Beach, Sports
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The annual US Sumo Open returns to CSULB’s Walter Pyramid for its 17th year running this Saturday afternoon. This spectacle features dozens of professional sumo wrestlers from around the world competing for the prized trophy and bragging rights. This tournament features men’s and women’s lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight competitors, all of which contain wrestlers from multiple different countries. Across all the competitors, Mongolia and Russia appear to have the most competitors. The day usually starts with individual divisions, and the day usually ends with the Open Weight tournament, where all competitors of a gender compete. This means that someone weighing 160 lbs may end up facing someone weighing over 500 lbs. Surprisingly for the women, the heavyweights do not always outperform the lighter competitors, as these competitors have appeared more brutal and vicious than the men. Throughout the day between sets, attendees got treated to a musical performance featuring dance and drums.

The US Sumo Open makes for an interesting event to attend and bring friends & family to. Southern California does not get sumo wrestling events like this often, so when one does come around, many people flock to it. General admission to this event costs $25 presale or $35 at the door for the upper bleachers, or $40 presale or $55 at the door for the lower bleachers. If you cannot make it to this event, they will have a live stream of the event available on their YouTube page, which they will link on their website once they start streaming. The US Sumo Open returns every year around this time, so if you cannot make it this year, bookmark your calendar for next year’s 18th Annual US Sumo Open. In the meantime, check out USA Sumo on Facebook for future updates and related events, such as the Sumo Sushi Show if they intend to bring it back this year.


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