Perusing the Halls of McFadden Public Market, Orange County’s Latest Food Hall

Posted: June 2, 2017 in Bar, Beer, Breakfast, Drinks, Food, Orange County, Restaurant
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Food and dining trends change very often, especially in larger metropolitan areas. Trends and fads have their phases where they have immense popularity but then fade away slowly after its peak. For example, take a look at the gourmet food truck trend. This trend started in 2008 with the introduction of Kogi BBQ. From there, many more aspiring chefs started their own gourmet food truck as a lower-cost method of jumping into the restaurant industry. It proved a success for many of them, with a lot of the more popular food trucks eventually making the jump over to a brick & mortar restaurant once the gourmet food truck fad started to die down. After this trend faded down, gastropubs claimed the spotlight for a time. However, while gastropubs catered to a few types of people, it did not do well to attract everyone, as everyone has different tastes and want more varieties. Nothing has more variety than a food court, and thus the idea of food halls started up. Food halls represent the modern contemporary version of food courts, kind of like what gourmet food trucks did for the traditional food truck. Today, food halls do a great job of attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to dine there daily, as these food halls provide culinary variety and a comfortable environment for visitors to relax in, such as at McFadden Public Market.

McFadden Public Market officially opened their doors to the public on Monday, May 15th, 2017. The latest food hall to join Orange County, McFadden Public Market represents the creative genius of Orange County entrepreneur Leonard Chan, the mastermind behind popular restaurants such as The Iron Press and Hatch. Unlike other food halls in Orange County, Leonard basically owns everything within McFadden Public Market. Every “business” here falls under the ownership of Leonard, while at other food halls, each business belongs to its respective owners. McFadden Public Market consists of two floors. The first floors contains all the food, plus a bar at the front. Currently, food offerings include Latin/Filipino, fried chicken, ice cream, and Vietnamese. The first floor still has a handful of openings, so one can expect more food variety here in the future, including a coffee bar. The second floor represents the fun or leisure side of McFadden Public Market. The second floor not only has a full bar, but also has an arcade, which features many pinball machines and old-school arcade games. Between the food, the drinks, the games, and the free WiFi, visitors can easily make a great afternoon or night here.

McFadden Public Market has lots of room to grow, as they will soon add more food, drinks, and games to their lineup. Stay updated with what happens here by liking them on Facebook.


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