Heating Things Up at the 1st Annual East LA Comic Con

Posted: May 24, 2017 in Art, Events, Los Angeles
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The comics industry has grown quite substantially over the past year or two. Recent movies have helped with that, between all the sequels and reboots on the big screen and on television. The influx of independent and small artists & writers have also helped with the rise in the popularity of comics. Local art & comics events, such as the one coming up this weekend in Los Angeles, bring together the local community to meet and discover local art and writing talent. Fans do not always need to pay big bucks to enter such events – many events often attract hundreds of fans for little or no cost, such as the East LA Comic Con.

East LA shows that they love comics too at the 1st Annual East LA Comic Con. Taking place at the El Gallo Plaza this past Saturday, this free and all-ages event attracted over a thousand fans throughout the course of the day to come check out dozens of artists, writers, vendors, and exhibitors. For a small venue, the organizers managed to stuff many people into these tight quarters. Unlike a lot of the bigger comic cons, this event felt more like a zine fest than a full comic con. This event did not have the typical video games, screenings, panels, or outdoor exhibits that other events have. Like a zine fest, this event focused solely on the vendors and what they had to offer – the enclosed space and lack of electricity did not allow for much else.

As an event’s first year operating, of course one would expect to encounter beginner’s problems. From my experience at this event, many of the problems will vanish with the acquisition of a bigger, better venue. Main concerns involved the long line to get in, lack of space, and lack of air conditioning. The organizer can resolve all of this with a venue better capable of housing so many attendees. With the first year wrapped up, the organizers now have a firm grasp on the popularity of this event, and hopefully they can fix it for next year. Check out what they have planned coming up by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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