Mother’s Day Shopping at the 50th Annual Sunset Beach Art Festival

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Art, Events, Orange County
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The 50th Annual Sunset Beach Art Festival wrapped up this past weekend along Pacific Avenue in Sunset Beach. Completely free to attend for all ages, hundreds of local artists, designers, and vendors travel to this small town art fair to exhibit their wares in a family-friendly setting. Historically occurring on Mother’s Day weekend annually, visitors could find affordable yet thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day, ranging from apparel to accessories to household items, like wind chimes, soap, candles, signs, and more. Running from Broadway all the way down to 7th Street, it would take quite some time to make it from one end of the fair to the other while gazing at both sides of the walkway for trinkets and other neat items to purchase. Visitors love fairs like this because of the emphasis on locally made products. Guests could find all sorts of handmade and homemade items here, including paintings, hung ornaments, tabletop decorations, fashion apparel, accessories, kitchen supplies, lawn ornaments, candles/incense, wall/door decorations, and more.

A portion of the proceeds made at this fair go back towards supporting the local community’s growth. Sunset Beach wants to keep its heritage as a small town nestled on the California coast. In the past few years, Sunset Beach locals have faced opposition from adjacent cities to merge with those cities, thus eliminating Sunset Beach altogether. The locals’ petition to retain Sunset Beach appears to have worked, as Sunset Beach still stands strong with this art festival attracting thousands of visitors over the weekend. Big cities like the neighboring Huntington Beach always get so much attention all the time that we often lose sight of the small towns so close to us. These small towns often house hidden gems such as this art festival, and by occasionally traveling off the beaten path, we may discover something extraordinary like what Sunset Beach has going on. Get out there and explore, because you never know what you may discover and like.

  1. I just love a great festival! One of my favorites is at our Sunset Beach in NC during the fall… Oyster Festival. But look at all of that art! Wonderful!

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