Preview: The 5th Annual Heritage of Aloha Festival

Posted: May 16, 2017 in Events, Los Angeles, Music
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The Heritage of Aloha Festival returns to Heritage Park in Santa Fe Springs for its fifth year running this weekend. Free to attend for all ages, this Hawaiian/Polynesian cultural fair contains numerous cultural vendors, food, treats, games, music, dance, entertainment, and more. Most of the action revolves around the main stage, where they have the music, dance, speakers, occasional comedians, actors, and more. Spread throughout the park, visitors can stroll through the dozens of vendors selling things from accessories, apparel, house goods, food, treats, trinkets, souvenirs, and beyond. At the far end of the park, visitors may find the food stalls plus the games for the children to win toys at. Due to the small size of the park, the organizers tend to fit everything in to a tight space, meaning that visitors can stroll through the entire festival within ten minutes or so. Regardless, anyone who visits surely will have a great time checking out all the different cultural goods around. Support this local festival by liking them on Facebook.


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